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Take it.
―Rizza giving Ginny's stuffed animal to Maggie.[src]

Rizza is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City. She is a member of the Manhattan Tribespeople.


Although not much is known about her, Rizza was shown to be a brave, helpful, and generous woman who was willing to fight for her allies.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Rizza's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Manhattan, New York[]

Season 1[]

"People Are a Resource"[]

While scavenging in the streets of Manhattan, Rizza finds a stuffed dinosaur near a walker trapped under a car. Using a ski pole, she stabs the walker in the head before picking up the toy and placing it in her bag, unaware that Ginny had just dropped it and was hiding nearby, watching.

Later that evening, Rizza arrives at one of the Manhattan Tribespeople's hideouts and shares a friendly hello with Tommaso, Amaia, and the others in the group. As she begins removing items from her bag, Maggie spots the stuffed dinosaur and questions Rizza where she found it. Rizza replies she found it on the street and questions Maggie about her interest, to which she replies that she knows a child who likes those type of toys. Rizza smiles and gives the toy to Maggie.

"Everybody Wins a Prize"[]

At the hideout, Rizza and the others prepare for their assault on the Croat and his Burazi. Amaia arrives with the news that she has looked everywhere, but she can't find Luther. Tommaso asks if Luther just took off with Rizza noting that she had passed him on her way in the night before. Amaia asks if there was anyone outside the night before who might've seen Luther leave, but Maggie remains silent and two other tribespeople are surprised by the fact that Luther is still missing and ask where he would go. In spite of this, Rizza and the others leave the hideout to carry out their plan.

After a small herd passes by a subway entrance, Rizza, Negan, Maggie, and the tribespeople emerge from a nearby doorway. A disgusted Maggie notices something bubbling up out of a nearby sewer grate and Tommaso explains that it's methane from the sewers. The group enters the subway with Ginny, watching unnoticed from a nearby storefront, following them inside.

Passing through a subway tunnel, the group finds it filled with corpses, some of which are walkers so decomposed that they can't even move anymore and their ribcages are visible. The group carefully picks their way through the corpses, arriving at Penn Station. In the hallway, Amaia outlines their plan for the tribe to wait for a bit so that they aren't discovered while Maggie steals a car and Negan lures the Croat down to the garage so that they can lead the Croat halfway across the city and get him alone. Once they do that, the tribespeople will start killing the Burazi. "You get your kid. We kill the psycho. Everybody wins a prize," concludes Amaia. Tommaso wonders how they'll know if things go sideways for Maggie and Negan and Negan admits that they won't. Amaia orders the two not to screw it up, and the tribespeople leave.

In the main area of the arena Amaia informs Maggie that the Burazi aren't here. A timer reaches 0 and all of the arena's entertainment systems turn on, broadcasting music through the main area. The fuse burns to the end in what's revealed to be a barrel fuel set in one of the arena's doorways. Explosions rock the outside of the arena as the doors are blown open, letting in the herd. Drawn by the music, walkers flood the main area of the arena from all directions, trapping the tribespeople. The strobe lights turn on as the tribespeople get cornered by the massive herd against the ring.

In the main area, Rizza and the tribespeople desperately fight the herd but, severely outnumbered, they are quickly overwhelmed, and the tribespeople fall to the walkers one by one. Much to Maggie and Amaia's horror, Tommaso eventually gets grabbed by a group of walkers and carried away to his apparent death. As the fight continues, Maggie notices that one of the exits is nearly clear of walkers and that Ginny is trapped in the ring in the center of the arena. Rather than escaping and leaving Ginny behind, Maggie leads Amaia and Rizza - the only other survivors - inside of the ring where they barricade themselves in. Maggie and Ginny exchange a look.

In the ring, Rizza and the others stab the walkers through the chain link fence, but there are far too many for them to take out, even from within cover. Maggie has everyone grab the ring's rubber supports as makeshift shields. Maggie's group uses their makeshift shields to force their way through the herd towards the exit that Maggie had spotted earlier, but Rizza gets grabbed and devoured by walkers on the way with the others being forced to press on, unable to help her.


Killed By

After Tommaso betrays the tribe's coming invasion to the Burazi, the Croat and the Burazi flood Madison Square Garden with walkers while the young Buraz activates music and the sound system, drawing the herd into the main area of the arena. While trying to escape from them, Rizza is grabbed and devoured by the walkers.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Rizza has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people





Dead City[]

Season 1[]