Rob Fitts is an extra who portrayed Mr. Richards, a survivor living in Woodbury.

He has appeared in the following episodes:

Season 3
  • "Made to Suffer" - Cheers on at death match between Merle and Daryl.
  • "The Suicide King" - Cheers on at death match between Merle and Daryl, tries to leave town next day.
  • "I Ain't a Judas" - Carries plywood in street as townspeople board up windows of buildings.
  • "Welcome to the Tombs" - Though unseen, stayed behind in Woodbury, brought to the prison to live with Rick's group.
Season 4
  • "Infected" - Dies and reanimates during the walker attack on Cell Block D, put down by Glenn.
  • "Indifference" - Mentioned when Daryl is talking about how Mrs. Richards wants a jasper stone to mark his grave.
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