"He was pushing people around refusing to leave. Caught him weaving like a drunk monkey. Just about took my head off with a tire iron! (...) Nothing that made sense. "Stay away," stuff like that. Sweatin' like he'd been running a marathon. Seems like he may've tied one early."
—Leon radios Shane explaining about Robb (Determinant)[src]

Robb Spanner is a character featured in The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning.


King County, Georgia

Little is known about Robb's life prior to the outbreak. He was living in King County, Georgia at the time and spent some time at the Rusty Nail bar.


"Domestic Disturbance"

Robb ended up at the Rusty Nail, looking drunk and was picked up by Deputy Leon Basset. Shane can say to Leon let him go or lock him.

"Habeas Corpus"

He was taken to the King County Sheriff's Department and placed inside of a holding cell.

"First Blood"

When he reanimated as a walker, he attacked and bit Deputy Don in the neck when he opened the cell. He also attempted to attack Gary Taylor and bit him if Shane shoots Gary. He was eventually shot in the head by Shane Walsh.


Killed By
  • Infection (Alive)

Robb may have been bitten and died from the fever.

Robb was shot in the head by Shane after he had turned into a walker and attacked Deputy Don.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Robb has killed:

  • Don (Infected, Alive)
  • Gary Taylor (Infected, Determinant; Infected, Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Leon Basset (Infected, Indirectly Caused, Alive, Determinant)


Dead Reckoning


  • Robb is the only character in the Dead Reckoning who doesn't have a line.
  • Robb died in a similar way as Paul in this series and Morgan Jones' wife, Jenny Jones, in the TV Series, which was due to high fever associated with the infection.
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