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Robert Bae Harvey is an extra who portrayed an unnamed resident living in Woodbury.

  • Walk With Me - Seen walking past town hall with a woman, later sitting on bench with another man as military vehicles arrive.
  • Say the Word - Listens to Governor's speech at barbeque, cheering at the gladiator fight.
  • Hounded - Seen walking in street.
  • Made to Suffer - Seen at Arena after Rick's group infiltrates town, demands death for Dixon brothers.
  • The Suicide King - Flees arena after Rick's group attacks, tries to leave Woodbury with townspeople next day, witnesses Richard Foster killed, listens to Andrea's speech.
  • I Ain't a Judas - Carrying plywood in street.
  • Prey - He and another resident hand over their guns to Martinez.
  • Welcome to the Tombs - Apart of prison raid, murdered by the Governor on road.
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