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"Aye-aye, Captain. We'll make it out of this thing yet. Like a phoenix."
—Rollie's last words which made Daniel realize that he was a traitor.[src]

Rollie is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He was a member of Logan's crew until the group was wiped out by the Pioneers. He later joined the Outcasts, but became a spy for the Doomsday Cult.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Rollie's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He may have worked for C&L Freight Services.


Season 5

"210 Words Per Minute"

Rollie ambushes Dwight on the road. He holds him at gunpoint and confirms he works with Logan, before knocking him out. After a while, Dwight wakes up in the back of a truck at night. Rollie threatens him but Dwight reveals he knows how this works.

Rollie pistol whips him but Dwight recovers and tells the man he won't tell him where the oil fields are, reminding him he's been through much worse. However, Rollie returns to question Dwight after several minutes but now with the letters from Sherry. He believes those will get Dwight to talk and starts lighting one on fire. As Dwight lunges at him, Rollie pulls his gun at his face. Suddenly, a walker approaches, distracting him. Dwight manages to throw Rollie to the ground, take his gun, and knock him out.

When Rollie wakes up, Dwight walks him to a clearing and tells him he was given a second chance and he's paying it forward by giving him one as well. Rollie is untied and is told to make a choice, before walking away.

"Ner Tamid"

Rollie is among Logan's crewmembers who found the base camp set up in the middle of a field. He and his fellow grunts pursue the caravan and use the radio to taunt Sarah and Dwight as they chase after the tanker. Eventually Rollie and the others catch up with the tanker parked beneath an overpass.

Rollie's car drives up next to the tanker where he locks eyes with Dwight and Sarah. However, the incoming SWAT tank prompts Rollie and his men to drive away. He later pulls over and informs Logan that they located the tanker, and states that they are very far from each other.

"Leave What You Don't"

Rollie and several other members of Logan's crew are en route to Tank Town to regroup with Logan and the others when they encounter a roadblock. After radioing Logan of the situation, he is ordered to remove the roadblock and continue the journey. However, the roadblock was an ambush set up by Sarah and Dwight, who hold Rollie and his men at gunpoint. Sarah and Dwight proceed to take his vehicle and continue to Tank Town, leaving Rollie and his men behind.

Season 6


After the demise of his group, Rollie ended up joining the Outcasts. He stops Oswald from killing Dwight and Althea. Oswald protests that Dwight works for Ginny, but Rollie points out that he did too at one point, and orders Althea to be released. Rollie invites them to join him, as they're preparing to head out. The group arms up, with Rollie and Oswald revealing they plan on ambushing and destroying the SWAT van. Al warns them against this, as the van is designed to withstand explosives. Instead, she suggests that they steal the van, which they agree to.

Rollie and Sherry come up with a plan to have Dwight check in and have Virginia come to them. He accompanies them in hijacking the van and ultimately the group is successful. With newly acquired information as a result of interrogating a captured Reg, Rollie and the others prepare to ambush the Pioneers by calling Virginia to meet them at a rendezvous to locate a newly-discovered settlement. However, their plan is thwarted and the group of rangers led by Hill are spared from an ambush. Rollie and Osward are not happy with result but retreat back to their headquarters to prepare abandoning post now that the rangers have been nearby. With the tank and a hostage, Rollie and the other Outcasts pack up camp and leave for a new home.

"Things Left to Do"

Rollie, Sherry and the Outcasts arrive at Valley Town in the SWAT van where they demand Virginia's head.

"Handle With Care"

Rollie and Sherry arrive at Valley Town to discuss how to deal with the threat of a group that Virginia had been dealing with in the past. Later as Charlie helps Daniel look for the weapons inside everyone's tents. Rollie catches her snooping around. Daniel invents an excuse for her.

"USS Pennsylvania"

As the Outcasts evacuate their home for shelter, Rollie accompanies Morgan's group to Galveston, Texas in an attempt to stop the impending missile launch. Riding in a pick-up truck with Grace, Rachel and her baby, and Rufus, he is among the group of survivors to arrive on a hillside overseeing the beached submarine. While a smaller group heads down to the submarine to stop Teddy and the cult, Rollie stays behind with the others and help search for a nearby naval base that has the potential to serve as an emergency shelter for their group.

"The Beginning"

Rollie arrives at the Texas Naval Base in a truck with Wes and a captured Riley. Rollie reveals that Riley has given up the location of the resort hotel where Alicia Clark is in a bunker and dismisses Daniel's insistence that he has heard a voice on the radio directing them to a safe location. The group decides to allow Rollie to lead them to the bunker and take off in the SWAT van.

While driving, Rollie hits a walker and damages the air breaks. While Sarah works on repairing the van, Rollie, Luciana, Wes and Jacob eliminate a small herd that is drawn to their location. As Sarah calls him back to the van, Rollie comments that "we'll make it out of this thing yet. Like a phoenix." With Riley having also just mentioned a phoenix, Daniel realizes that Rollie is a spy for the cult. Taking Luciana's gun, Daniel shoots Rollie in the head, killing him to the shock of the others. As Daniel explains Rollie's treachery, Riley attempts to attack him, only to be shot by Charlie. Riley confirms that Rollie was in fact working for the cult as a spy, explaining that after the events at Valley Town with Daniel, Rollie had lost his faith in the others. Rollie's treachery is why the cult knew that Morgan's group was coming to the sub to stop them and presumably how they knew Morgan's name and that he had the key. Riley also reveals that he and Rollie were only leading the group to a spot where they would be killed by the nuke.

With Daniel having been proven to be right about Rollie, the group chooses to trust him and head to the coordinates that Daniel had heard instead. Rollie's body is left on the road amidst the herd that they had just taken out.


Killed By

After realizing that Rollie is a spy for the cult, Daniel executes him with a shot to the head for his treason.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims that Rollie has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


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  • As of his death, there are no known living survivors from Logan's Crew.
  • Rollie is the only member of Logan's Crew, albeit a former one, who was killed by a member of Morgan's Group.

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