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Romminda Plaza is a location that appears in Season 3 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about this plaza before the apocalypse.


Season 3

"El Matadero"

Alicia spots the woman's car in a supermarket parking lot. She reaches inside to steal the potatoes. The woman, Diana, shows up and threatens to kill her. Alicia threatens to shoot up Diana's gas tank then proposes they instead share the potatoes.

Alicia and Diana eat the potatoes inside an abandoned store. Diana explains that she sells the fingers and teeth to Mexicans at the outpost. Alicia tells Diana that she's traveling alone to a place in the desert. Diana warns her that every town has been picked clean and declares that she doesn't keep company.

Alicia wakes up and finds Diana fixing her car outside. A herd approaches. They decide to take on the herd together.




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Season 3