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Oh my God... he's gonna get his whole group kicked out on their very first day!
―Ron about Carl possibly getting his group kicked out.[src]

Ron Anderson is a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: Small Bites. He is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and a member of the Pirate Club. He is also the son of Pete and Jessie.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Ron's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except he had a father and a mother.


Not much is known about Ron's life following the outbreak, except that at some point, he and his family arrived to Alexandria where his dad began abusing him and his mother.

Life Among Them[]

"Issue 1"[]

Ron will appear in this issue.

"Issue 2"[]

Ron will appear in this issue.

No Way Out[]

"Issue 12"[]

Ron dangles Morgan's freshly amputated arm over a group of walkers and fights with Carl over who's turn it is.

"Issue 13"[]

After walkers break into Alexandria, Ron takes shelter inside a house with his mother, Rick, Carl, Maggie, and Sophia. However, despite being much safer inside, Rick insists that they cover themselves in walker guts and go outside. Ron, Jessie, and Carl go along with Rick's foolish plan, causing Ron, his mother, and Douglas Monroe to all get devoured.

We Find Ourselves[]

"Issue 18"[]

Ron will appear in this issue.

"Issue 19"[]

Carl walks through Alexandria wearing the undead face of Ron as a means to cover up his missing eye. Josh and John chastise him for it.


Killed By

Rick insists that everyone is more safe outside with the herd with no protection, except for walker guts covering them rather than inside. Jessie and Ron go with him, but are swarmed and devoured by walkers. Jessie refuses to let go of Carl's hand, so Rick chops her hand off and leaves her to be devoured further.

According to Denise, both Ron and Jessie turned after being devoured. They were most likely put down by the Alexandria residents.


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Life Among Them
Too Far Gone
No Way Out 👁 👁
We Find Ourselves
A Larger World
Something To Fear
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