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"Shut up, Mary Jean! JUST STOP IT. STOP IT!"
—Rose to Mary Jean as she starts panicking.[src]

Rose is an antagonist first encountered in The Walking Dead: Descent. She is a member of Pentecostal People of God, and is described as "a heavyset woman in a stained Braves T-shirt, Capri pants, and high-top sneakers".


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Rose's life, except the fact that she is 47 years old and was a housewife before the outbreak. 


Rose is one of the members of Jeremiah's group that get trapped in his Church, wearing a stained Braves T-Shirt, Capri pants and high-top sneakers. As Lilly enters the church, Rose asks Lilly if she's bit. As they get trapped in the underground tunnels, Mary Jean starts to panic, thinking they won't make it, and frustrated by this Rose tells Mary Jean to shut up. After being rescued from the herde of walkers by Lilly and the Woodbury survivors, she becomes a member of Woodbury. Jeremiah listed Colby, as being best suited for Day care in Woodbury, as he hands Lilly a chart of the members of his groups best attribute, age and occupation. Later, Rose along with Colby and Cailinn butcher a couple of rabbits, deep fry them and serve them around to the residents of Woodbury.

After the Church group finally decides to all be part of the mass suicide in Woodbury to join with God, Rose is one of the females of the church group that prepare the sacramental food and drink back in the kitchen. After the idea of taking their lives fails, as Bob switched out the poison with water, Stephen blows the Woodbury gates as part of the plan, to let the undead in. However, as they failed to take their own lives, the Church group scatters as the horde arrives in Woodbury.


Killed By

After Stephen blows the gates to Woodbury, Rose, Colby and Cailinn try hiding in the back of the Dew Drip Inn. However the walkers get through the service entrance and devour the women on the kitchen floor.