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Rosita's Rescue is the sixth side story mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


"Rosita brings Abraham, Garrett, and Mirabelle on a rescue mission for survivors. After making their way through waves of zombies, it turns out the people Rosita was looking for didn't make it."


Stage Waves Energy


Enemy Expected Rewards
1 3 4 Walkers Basic Tokens x 2
2 3 5 Walkers Grindstone x 2
3 4 6 Walkers Bloody Shirt x 1
4 4 7 Walkers Coins x 20
5 5 8 Walkers Bloody Shirt x 1, Smelling Salts x 1
6 5 9 Walkers Basic Trainers x 1
7 6 10 Walkers Basic Trainers x 2
8 6 11 Walkers Elite Weapon Tokens x1 + Rosita x1 + Basic Trainers x3



  • Numerous amounts of zombies.
  • Many amounts of unnamed survivors.


  • Completing this Roadmap mission would grant the player a free 4-Star Rosita.
  • This is one of the more unique Roadmap missions, as it only allowed players to use Strong and Alert characters.
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