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The Route 185 Bridge is a location in Season 4 and Season 6 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is a bridge leading over a river from old Route 185 to McNeill's Bait & Beer.


Nothing of the bridge's history before the outbreak is known except that it connected Route 185 to McNeill's Bait & Beer. Just before the world ended, the road was closed for repairs and Bill and anyone else living in the area didn't return.


Season 4


After the undead begin washing up at his cabin, John Dorie realizes that there is something amiss upriver and travels upriver in his canoe with June to see what's wrong. The two find a hole in the bridge's railing caused by a truck full of walkers going through it and creating an opening that walkers keep wandering through. The two take shingles from McNeill's Bait & Beer and tie them into place over the hole in order to patch it up. A walker approaches as they finish and June quickly dispatches it.

After more walkers wash up at his cabin, John and June realize that the patch on the bridge needs something stronger and June suggests that one of the cars at Bill's still has a charge in it. Hotwiring a jeep parked outside of the store, John and June put down a small herd gathered on the bridge and push the jeep in front of the hole. A walker with a machete through its back arrives and John refuses to shoot it because he is adamant about not using guns. John manages to put down the walker with his knife and later explains his reasons for not using guns to June when she gets angry about the risk that he took.

At night, another larger herd is drawn to the hole in the bridge by the growling walkers in the truck in the water below. When the walkers rock the jeep, the dead walker in the front seat falls over and accidentally hits the gearshift, causing the jeep to roll out of the way. The herd falls through the hole and washes up in front of John's cabin where he and June manage to put them down.

"People Like Us"

After seeing the dead washing up near the new home, John refers to his and June's experience with the walkers getting through the hole on the bridge, telling Al that he's seen it once before and it usually means that there's something they missed upriver. However, June eventually realizes that it's not a bridge that's out but a massive hurricane that's coming.

Season 6

"The Door"

After several walkers wash up at his cabin, John Dorie takes his canoe upriver and discovers a herd on the bridge being held back by a barricade. Spotting a few more walkers outside of McNeill's Bait & Beer, John puts them down and discovers Dakota and Morgan Jones inside who had run into the herd while fleeing the Pioneers and managed to barricade them on the bridge. Although John refuses to join them, he agrees to help the two deal with the herd as the bridge is the only way north.

After fixing an old truck, Morgan, John and Dakota affix doors and chain link fencing to the front of it. With Dakota driving and Morgan and John covering from the rear of the truck with John's rifle and Morgan's battle axe, the three slowly make their way through the herd. However, as they make their way through, a walker gets caught under one of the wheels and the truck gets stuck and stalls out while trying to get free. As Morgan continues holding off the walkers, John works on the engine, but gets grabbed by a walker. Dakota manages to shoot the walker through the front window and John gets the truck started again. Dakota then floors it and drives into the bridge railing, sending a few of the remaining walkers into the river below with John kicking another off. The last few walkers approach the back of the truck, but are quickly dispatched by Morgan, leaving the herd completely destroyed.

As Morgan heads off in search of a better radio signal, John makes his way through the corpses and puts down a few walkers that weren't dead yet. While helping John search for a part that fell out of the truck, Dakota is grabbed by a surviving walker but is able to kill it with a knife, inadvertently revealing her murder of Cameron in the process. Confronted by John over her actions, she shoots him in the chest with one of John's guns and shoves him off of the bridge and into the river where he dies and reanimates. Returning, Morgan discovers what Dakota did and confronts her. Dakota reveals that she was the one to save him when Virginia shot Morgan as she believes Morgan to be the only one capable of stopping her sister. Morgan contacts Virginia and urges her to save John while also calling Dwight to warn him that the fight may be coming to their own doorstep.


Following June and John Dorie Sr.'s trail, Dwight and Sherry arrive on the bridge where they find the bodies of the herd that John, Morgan and Dakota had fought and the truck still parked where Dakota had crashed it. Sherry discovers that the truck is still running if only barely and the two reminisce about their experiences in a similar truck before hearing June yelling for help from the store. The trio subsequently retrieve the truck and use it and Dwight's horse to reach the cabin just in time to save John from Hill.



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