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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for his appearance in the Comic Series. For other pages with the same name, see: Rudy

—Rudy announcing the Governor's return.[src]

Rudy Warburton is a comic-adapted character first encountered in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor. He is a guard in Woodbury and a member of the Woodbury Army. He is described as a "bearded former tuck-pointer from Savannah". "Rudy is built like a redwood and keeps his dark hair pomaded back in a Dracula widow’s peak."


Savannah, Georgia

Nothing is known about Rudy's life prior to or as the outbreak began except he used to be a tuck-pointer and lived in Savannah.


Woodbury, Georgia

At some point after the outbreak began, Rudy became a guard in Woodbury.

The Fall of the Governor - Part One

"The Gathering"

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The Fall of the Governor - Part Two

Later, while the Governor is recovering from his mutilation at the hands of Michonne, Lilly Caul acts as the town's de-facto leader and holds a small meeting in the courthouse. Outside a loud crash and screams are heard and the group rushes out to find part of the wall collapsed and a guard being devoured by three walkers while his drinking buddies, likely Rudy and a number of others, scatter and zombies enter through the gap.

After the Governor has recovered from his injuries, he decides to finally make his reappearance to the town. At 9:05 AM one morning, most of the residents of Woodbury gather in the Arena to hear what he has to say. Rudy speaks through the public address system with the stilted quality of a script that was just handed to him, likely by the Governor himself, and announces a warm welcome to the town's leader. For a moment nothing happens, until Rudy walks alongside the Governor into the field holding a small grease-spotted cardboard box containing Martínez's severed head, and a wireless microphone. Philip takes the microphone off Rudy and begins to speak to the people. Rudy then leaves the arena.

After the prison survivors blow up the National Guard Station, Bruce Cooper takes a team out to investigate and shortly after, subsequent gunfire is heard at the local Wal-Mart. Gabe goes to inform the Governor and they quickly leave to investigate. Gabe drives an armoured truck with Philip in the passenger seat, and Rudy and Gus Strunk holding on outside the cab on each flank with assault rifles.

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After finding the remains of Bruce, Curtis and two other guards, the Governor fruriously orders the men to find the prison immediately before he climbs into the truck and drives away by himself. The group begin their search and ransack whatever supplies are left inside the Walmart. They find a couple of useable backpacks, a flashlight, a pair of binoculars, a box of crackers, a jar of peanut butter, some notebook paper, pens, batteries, and two boxes of .45 caliber slugs. They load up the backpacks and then head east, at first following tire tracks down a dusty adjacent access road, and then making a sharp turn to the south. They follow the tracks down dirt roads all night, until the tracks take a turn onto a stretch of blacktop and instantly vanish. Refusing to give up, Gabe decides they should fan out. He sends Rudy off to the west, and Gus to the east. They plan to meet back up at the intersection of Highway 80 and 267. While searching, Rudy finds nothing but wrecked cars and empty buildings. He runs into a few walkers but is able to put them down without making much noise. By midday, Gabe finds Rudy and Gus sitting side by side waiting for him at the intersection after both finding nothing. Rudy begins to suggest they try following something when a sudden clap of gunfire from the west catches everyone's attention. The group then follows the sound.

Main Article: Rudy Warburton (Comic Series)

Rudy takes part in the prison assault and drives one of the transport vehicles along with Gabe, Gus and Lilly. He survives the first attack and retreats along with the rest of the militia. During the second assault, Billy Greene throws a grenade which lands on a Buick sedan and explodes, propelling the two-thousand-pound vehicle into the air, tearing shrapnel from its front half and sending every man and woman within a fifty-yard radius falling to their feet. Rudy is caught in the explosion and killed by a constellation of tiny metal shards which tear through his upper body, causing him to momentarily jitterbug in a gruesome death dance. His gun flies out his hands and he lets out a bellowing death wail.


Killed By

During the second prison assault, Rudy is caught in the explosion caused by Billy Greene's grenade detonating a vehicle.


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