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"Good boy, Rufus."
Emile to Rufus after catching up with Walter.[src]

Rufus is a dog that appears in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He was Emile LaRoux's pet. After his death at the hands of Morgan Jones, Rufus was his pet until he was taken away by Emile's twin brother Josiah.


Location Unknown

Before the outbreak, Rufus worked as a search and rescue dog for Emile and Josiah LaRoux during their time as park rangers. When a forest fire trapped a group of hikers, Josiah became lost in the flames trying to rescue them. Despite that Emile was told Josiah could not have possibly survived, Rufus eventually found him in the smoke, saving his life.


Rufus at some point became trained by Emile LaRoux to be used in his bounty hunting work.

Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

While Emile is preparing dinner, Walter, who is being chased by Rufus, comes to him asking for help from the people tracking him. Rufus soon catches up, and is described by Walter to have been following him for days. Rufus is greeted and pet by Emile, though before Walter is able to understand the situation, Emile tells him that Rufus is his dog and kills Walter. Rufus briefly licks Walter's severed head.

When Emile accepts the bounty after Morgan Jones, Rufus is used again to track down Morgan's scent, eventually leading Emile to Morgan and Isaac's place of hiding in a town. Rufus urges to go inside, though when let in finds no trace of Morgan.

Rufus eventually tracks Morgan down again to a water tower, yet Emile fails to kill Morgan.

When Emile and Morgan have their final encounter, Emile is left dead, with Rufus seemingly staying in the valley with Rachel and Morgan.

"The Key"

Rufus is seen waiting in the truck after Morgan picks up supplies left by Daniel. Morgan unsurely shows Rufus a jacket belonging to Grace in an attempt to see if he can pick up a trail.

While driving back to Humbug's Gulch to see if Rufus can pick up a scent in the last place Grace was seen, the car is struck by another. Morgan checks on Rufus, who is seemingly okay.

"The Door"

Rufus runs around town as Dwight welcomes Charlie and Alicia to the dam community.

"Things Left to Do"

Rufus will appear in this episode.

"Handle With Care"

Rufus will appear in this episode.

"USS Pennsylvania"

When Morgan's Group arrives at the USS Pennsylvania, Rachel has Rufus at her side.

"The Beginning"

Rachel has Rufus with her when she gets a flat tire and then a broken leg. After realizing that she won't make it to safety in time, Rachel gags herself, ties herself to Rufus and then commits suicide, asking the dog to find people for her daughter.

Later, Rufus leads a zombified Rachel to the USS Pennsylvania where Morgan and Grace hear the baby's cries and emerge. Grace unties Rufus as Morgan puts Rachel down and recovers the baby. When a nearby nuclear explosion occurs, Rufus takes cover in an abandoned vehicle from the shockwave.

Season 7

"Six Hours"

Rufus accompanies Morgan, Grace, and Mo on their attempt to leave the area. During the conflict with Bea and Fred, a van approaches from the end of the road, catching Morgan's attention, who posts up with a rifle. When an armored man steps out of it and begins walking toward Morgan, he shoots him several times before he collapses. When Morgan later looks down the road, the man is gone, as well as Rufus.

Later, at a campsite, the man sits down, observing the box Emile's head was delivered to Virginia in. Rufus is seen sniffing the ground surrounding the campsite. As the man removes the still-zombified head of Emile, he removes his mask to reveal he is Josiah, Emile's twin brother, giving the reason why Rufus would have followed him.

"Breathe With Me"

While looking for clues of Wendell's whereabouts, Sarah stumbles upon Josiah's parked car. While examining it, she is greeted by Rufus, joyfully asking how he ended up there. After seeing Emile's decapitated head in a box, she is held at gunpoint by Josiah. The two eventually make a deal to have Sarah help Josiah get Morgan in exchange for Josiah helping her to find Wendell. Josiah has Rufus sniff Wendell's cap and then sends him off to find Wendell, explaining that Rufus is a cadaver dog and that he can find anyone living or dead.

The two are later alerted to the scene of Rufus barking at a man with a truck full of walkers. When the truck opens, walkers begin approaching Rufus before he is saved by Sarah and Josiah. Josiah angrily threatens to kill the man for putting Rufus's life at risk.

When Sarah and Josiah hurriedly leave the barn in Josiah's van, Rufus is seen in the back seat. After Sarah enters a panic attack, trying to push Josiah out of the speeding truck, the two inevitably get into a wreck in a ravine. Upon waking up, Rufus is luckily uninjured in the back. When the two come to their senses, Sarah describes her dismay over the likelihood of her brother being dead. Josiah describes that, during his time as a park ranger, he was trapped in a forest fire, and Emile insisted he was still alive because he did not 'feel' his brother was gone, and that Rufus was the one to find him in the flames.

When Morgan arrives, he is attacked by a still revenge-filled Josiah. During the struggle, Josiah eventually pins Morgan, preparing to allow the zombified head of his brother to bite him. When Sarah tackles Josiah off of Morgan, the head rolls to the side. Rufus notices the head and rushes to his former master but is bitten on the muzzle, running away. Sarah splits Emile's head in half with a shovel. Noticing that Rufus was bitten, Josiah regretfully embraces his dog as Morgan and Sarah watch.

Now at a campfire, Rufus is seen resting against Josiah. Josiah adds hot sauce to a can of beans, feeding it to Rufus. He states that beans are his favorite food, and that they would hopefully bring him some peace. Tearfully, Josiah talks about his regret for pursuing his revenge for his brother, how Rufus had saved his life twice now, and that he would have to take his. He reluctantly takes out his gun. Morgan says Rufus is a good dog. At some point, Josiah puts Rufus down, and is later seen finishing his grave, leaving the can of beans at the top of it before walking off.


Killed By

While defending Josiah from his former master, Rufus is bitten on the nose.

With Rufus suffering from his bite, Josiah tearfully shoots him to end Rufus' suffering.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Rufus has killed:


Morgan Jones

Rufus and Morgan have a very close and mostly positive relationship. Morgan was Rufus' former owner after his old owner, Emile LaRoux, was killed by Morgan. Rufus is also seen to listen to Morgan while they traveling inside the pick-up truck on the road and likes to ask questions to Rufus about something. When Josiah has to mercy kill Rufus, Morgan is shown to be saddened by his death as well.

Emile Laroux

Rufus and Emile have a good relationship. Emile is Rufus' former dog owner and cares for him greatly. Before the end of the world they worked together in search and rescue. However, Emile was also responsible for Rufus' death as his zombified head bit Rufus while he was defending Josiah from his former master.


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