The S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald is a formerly active ship that appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Four. It serves as the main transport for a raider group called "the Delta".


Nothing is known about this ship prior to or as the outbreak began.


At some point, the ship became transportation for a group known as "the Delta".

"Broken Toys"

Clementine and her group scope out the ship and determine a plan of attack. With the help of James, he leads a herd of walkers to distract the Delta soldiers while Clementine and her group sneak on board. Clementine along with two other members of her group sneak around the ship and proceed to kill or knock out two of the guards. Also successfully planting Willy's homemade bomb in the boiler hatch as planned. The group is confronted by Minerva but after some convincing she agrees to help the group. She leads them to the brig where their friends are being held only to betray them by knocking Clementine out and locking her and the rest of her team in the cells as well. After waking up to discover the kidnapped group members are relatively alright, with the exception of Louis who has had his tongue cut out (Determinant), Clementine plans to find a way to escape. She is stopped half way through by Dorian and Lilly, the latter proceeds to lecture Clementine on joining the Delta. After their talk and a brief argument where Dorian attempted to cut off one of Violet/Louis' fingers only to be attacked by AJ (Determinant) the children are left alone with Minerva on guard. The group is able to distract Minerva and break out knocking her unconscious but also killing Dorian (Determinant) when she returns to investigate the commotion. Clementine goes to the top of the ship to save AJ who was taken elsewhere on the ship. Clementine discovers two of her other companions Tenn and James have been caught elsewhere on the boat. After a fight involving all four children against Lilly and Gina, Lilly either is spared by AJ on Clementine's orders leading to Lilly stabbing James in the back or she is killed by AJ leading to him remaining alive. After James' death or Sullene coming to investigate the gunshots that killed Lilly respectively, Clementine notices the ship's engines have been started and suddenly the ship's hull explodes. 

"Take Us Back"




  • Lilly (Captain)
  • Minerva (Soldier and Guard)
  • Dorian (Soldier and Guard)
  • Sullene (Soldier and Guard)
  • Sophie (Soldier and Assumed Guard, Formerly)
  • Michael (Soldier and Guard)
  • Armando (Soldier and Guard)
  • Gina (Soldier and Guard)
  • Gad (Soldier, Guard, and Helmsman)
  • Abel (Soldier and Assumed Guard)
  • Yonatan (Soldier and Assumed Guard)



  • Horseshoe: This can be found on the ground when scouting out the S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald.
  • Rabbit's Foot: This can be found on the ground when scouting out the S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald.



Video Game

Season 4


  • Given the large size of the ship, it is probably located on the Ohio River (on the West Virginia-Ohio border), since it's the only inland waterway in West Virginia.
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