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Saladin, simply known as Sal, is an original character who appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


Nothing is known about Saladin's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Detroit, Michigan

At some point after the outbreak of the epidemic, Saladin met Thuan, with whom they sometimes went fishing on Belle Isle. He also met people who had been to Canada after the outbreak and learned from them that the situation there was not much different. Sal also had a good relationship with Pippy.

River Potomac

When Pippy decided to accompany Arturo's group to Belle Isle to help them find a boat to cross the river, after attacking M.J. and Shaquille's base, Saladin, along with Thuan and Serena, helped them reach the marina. When Arturo told him that they were going to Canada, Sal told him what he had learned from people he knew who had been there, and that the only difference between Canada and the United States was that there were fewer walkers. Saladin said he would like to see it, and Arturo assured him that if they could find a suitable boat, they would take him with them. When Tyler began to panic about the large number of walkers, Sal and Thuan calmed him down, telling him that they constantly go fishing here. When the group reached the harbor, Pippy decided to return to the ice rink and Thuan and Saladin followed her.

Soon, Tyler returns to the rink and reports that Lyle has been taken hostage. Pippy sends Thuan to inform Arturo, while she and the other members of the group remain to guard the ice rink. She and Saladin are attacked by Carol B, but luckily Franklin and the others arrive at the scene of the skirmish. Carol B tried again to convince everyone that she was just trying to make sure everyone got what they wanted, but this time no one believed her. Saladin, as well as the others, witnessed Tyler's betrayal, and when the former comrade left with the brothers ' subordinates, the group began to discuss the next plan of action. As a result, it was decided that tomorrow morning the survivors will go to save "The Scotsman".

The next day, the group attacks the brothers ' base again. Thanks to the appearance of Brutus and the betrayal of Ash, the survivors manage to retreat to the ice rink. However, the battle did not end there. The bandits, led by Tyler, Carol B, and Ash, begin a siege on the skating rink. However, at this point, the group was saved by Ash, who killed Tyler and Carol B and put the rest of the gang to flight. After saying goodbye to those who remain in Detroit, the group went to the harbor. Saladin first also stayed at the rink, but then decided to fulfill his long-held dream of seeing the world followed Noor and the others. He arrived at Belle Island in the midst of a skirmish between M.J. , Shaquille, and Arturo's group, which nearly got him attacked by Brutus. At the end of the battle, Saladin asked to be taken on board. Arturo smiled and said they were glad to see him. They boarded the boat, along with Ash, Marge, Isabella, Aira, Noor, Lyle, and Brutus, and after saying goodbye to Detroit, set off for Canada.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Saladin has killed: