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Sam, also known as Sammy is a character that appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


Sam was born shortly before the outbreak, with a congenital disability.


At the beginning of the outbreak, Sam was saved by nurse Tom, as his family did not come for him. Over the following years, Tom raised the boy and taught him survival skills, as well as reading. At some point, the two met Nick, who decided to make a wheelchair for the boy.

River Potomac

Sam and Tom met Arturo's group on their way to Ypsilanti. When Arturo asked them for help in fighting the walkers, they agreed, because according to Sam, they always help strangers. After learning that the survivors were heading to Detroit, Tom suggested that they walk together to the town of Ypsilanti. The survivors agreed and left for Ypsilanti after breakfast.

On the way to Ypsilanti, Sam noticed that someone was following them. As it turned out, they were bandits living in a car dealership. The group managed to leave the territory of the bandits, but Isabella was wounded in the leg, which is why the group decides to stay overnight in one of the abandoned shops, after Arturo, Aira and Tyler killed the walkers.

The next day, the group meets Nick. They help him bring the materials to his workshop. However, they are soon attacked by bandits who want to kill Nick and Sam, due to their disabilities. Sam was furious that he was considered weak. The survivors managed to fight off the bandits and after the fight, Sam was finally able to sit down for the first time in the chair created for him by Nick. The boy was glad and hoped that Nick would add some spikes. After getting rid of the walkers Nick, Tom, and Sammy said goodbye to Arthur's group, who continued their journey to Canada.

As A Playable Character

Sam and Tom - "Messenger for the Commonwealth"

  • Persona: Mythic
  • Trait: Alert
  • Role: Damage
  • Rarity: Gold Mythic
  • Allegiance: Member of Young Survivors.
  • Leader Skill: Does not have one.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Hit Them High (Deal 450% damage to up to 2 enemies, up to 3 enemies get Impair for 1 turn.)
  • Active Skill: Does not have one.
  • Specialist Skill: Cutthroat II (Whenever this character deals damage to a fighter that is under the effect of a debilitating status, they will deal 100% extra damage.)
  • Signature Move: Hit Them Low (Up to 2 enemies get Daze and -20% defense for 2 turns.)
  • Mythic Abilities
    • Agility (+20.0% increase in basic attack damage.)
    • Shrug It Off (When this character starts their turn, 35% chance to recover from all penalties.)
    • Demoralize (When attacking, the target enemy gets -20 AP.)
    • Scorn (When an enemy dies with a debilitating status, this character gets +100% AP.)
  • Special Weapon: Sam's Violent Hunting Slingshot
    • Slot 1: +25% ATK
    • Slot 2: A medium bonus to AP when attacking
    • Slot 3: Regain 100% HP at the beginning of each wave.

Killed Victims


  • "Sam and Tom - Messenger for the Commonwealth" is the third character to count as two separate characters in both name and appearance. The others are both counterparts of Marlon, who is always paired with (and his weapon being) Rosie.
  • "Sam and Tom - Messenger for the Commonwealth" was originally a member of the Militia allegiance in their reveal post and video, but were changed to Young Survivors post-release. It is unknown if the Militia allegiance was accidental.