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I didn't have my pennies, I only had four and I had to have five. We were holed up in a office building and the dead were pushing up against the entrance. Our group wanted to go out the back, but... I can't do that... I just can't. I have to go down the staircase we went up and go out the entrance I came in. Crystal got bitten on the shoulder... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5. The 59th dead person I've killed, was my little sister... and it was my fault. I counted... the trees, the dead, everything... I couldn't handle anything else. I had one gun and four bullets, more than enough to... you know... I was just tired... Crystal loves sunsets, so I climbed the highest west facing plain... it was beautiful. It felt like Crystal was just on the other side, all I had to do was to pull the trigger.
―Samora to Althea explaining what happened before she sees Morgan's group's plane.[src]

Samora Sinclair is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Althea Tapes. She is one of the many survivors encountered and interviewed by Althea. Afterwards, she joins Morgan's group.


Samora is a solemn, kind, and dignified woman. Due to being diagnosed with OCD, Samora has a tendency to compulsively count things, no matter how high of a number. Despite her disorder, she never let it hold her back and lived a perfectly happy and normal life before the outbreak. However, after it began, her condition worsened to the point of her pulling out her hair. Samora's condition ended up indirectly killing her sister, since it causes her to only leave buildings the way she entered, and when walkers were attacking her group's building, Samora delayed long enough for her sister to get bit. This caused her to almost commit suicide, however after seeing a plane, she found hope in the world and went off to search it. She eventually found and joined Morgan's Group and is happy to be able to help people like they helped her.


Matthews, North Carolina[]

Samora was born and raised in Matthews, North Carolina with her sister and was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) at age 11. She took various medications and attended cognitive behavioral therapy twice a week in order to cope with her condition. Eventually, she was able to function in society and obtained a job, as well as a boyfriend.


The Althea Tapes[]

Approximately 46 days prior to her encounter with Althea, Samora was part of a group of survivors, including her sister that were venturing to Tucson, Arizona.


As the interview begins, Althea asks Samora to introduce herself, as well as to state where she's from. She says that she was born and raised in Matthews, North Carolina, and was traveling with her sister and a group of survivors to Tucson, Arizona until her death 46 days prior.

Althea begins to takes notice of Samora compulsively counting a stack of pennies. She questions how many pennies are in the stack, and she says there's always five. She begins to explain that she was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) at age 11 and took various medications, as well as attended cognitive behavioral therapy twice a week in order to cope with her condition. Luckily, she was able to maintain her behaviors for a few years and even went on to have a job, as well as a boyfriend.

Unfortunately, when the outbreak began, her condition returned to its former state and she began pulling her hair out and obsessively counting again.

Althea proceeds to question Samora about her sister. She recalls the events of 46 days ago, when their group was taking refuge in an overrun office building. As the undead were piling against the entrance, she was unable to make a decision in time to escape due to her OCD, stating that her condition only permits her to leave buildings the way she entered. Unfortunately her delay caused her sister, Crystal to be bitten on the shoulder, forcing Samora to put her down.

Following Crystal's death, Samora left her group and her condition worsened, causing her to contemplate suicide. After making the decision to do so, she climbed the highest west facing plain and watched the sunset to honor Crystal before taking her own life. However she was quickly interrupted by a plane soaring over the mountains and heard it crash shortly after. Much to her surprise, she was given a newfound hope and ventured off to search for the plane.

Eventually, she came in contact with Morgan's group and was appointed as the inventory manager due to her obsessive counting. Tearfully, she reveals her gratitude about being able to use her affliction to help others, in which Althea replies she's glad she found their group.

Fear the Walking Dead[]

Season 5[]

After her interview, Samora isn't seen in any locations occupied by Morgan's group, nor is she seen accompanying the caravan, leaving her fate unknown.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Samora has killed:


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The Althea Tapes[]

  • "Samora"


  • Samora is the third person known to have OCD in The Walking Dead universe, with Dawn Lerner and Reese Hawthorne being the first two.
    • In Samora's case, she is obsessed with counting things (such as pennies) and stacking them in groups of five. Her OCD also prevents her from leaving a building through a different way than she entered.