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"I was cutting hair when they first came. I fought my way out the salon. Scissors if you could believe it."
—Sarah to Daryl Dixon[src]

Sarah Bell is an original character who appears in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Location Unknown

Hardly anything is known about Sarah's life prior to the outbreak, except she was born in 1978 and was working at a salon hoping to open her own hair business someday.


Unnamed Town

Sarah was at work cutting a clients hair until walkers broke into the salon. She made her way out using only a pair of scissors. Soon afterwards she came across another group of survivors. One night, they were attacked and she was the only survivor. She then made it to a gas station roof where she came across Daryl Dixon. He brought her food, then she trusted him enough and joined up with him.

Firesign Stadium

If Sarah reaches Firesign Stadium, she and another survivor will board the last evacuation helicopter. When Daryl's brother Merle informs Daryl that the helicopter pilot has been bitten, Daryl tries to tell Sarah but the helicopter takes off, leaving Sarah's fate unknown.


Killed By
  • Zombies (Supply Run, Determinant)
  • Helicopter crash (Speculation, Determinant)

Sarah along with any other survivor that may survive till the Evac in Georgia, most likely died in a helicopter crash. As Merle notices that the "Whirlybird Pilot" had been bitten, and said he was already looking like he was going to turn. The pilot might have turned mid-flight, causing a crash.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Sarah has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


  • Tough


  • It is impossible to travel with Jimmy (or Warren) and Sarah at the same time if you went to Garwater. If you went to Pemberton, then you will have seats.