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This warehouse is a location featured in "No Time Left", of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. Depending on the player's previous decisions, it is the location where Kenny is separated from the rest of the group. (Determinant) 


Savannah, Georgia

Prior to the outbreak, this building was likely used as a storage facility or factory for a manufacturing company in Savannah. The FRS may have designated it as a shelter or evacuation point during the first days of the infection, considering the large number of walkers later seen within it.


"No Time Left"

The circumstances under which Lee and the group interact with the warehouse depend on his earlier decisions. If Lee saved Ben Paul in Crawford, Lee, Omid, and Christa will travel across the roof of the warehouse while making their way to "The Marsh House," noticing a large amount of walkers through a hole in said roof. Omid will remark on it. Aside from that, not much mind is paid to it. 

However, if Ben was dropped in Crawford, no walkers are seen in the hole. Lee, Christa, and Omid stop momentarily to examine it, while Kenny catches up from the bridge crossing. He slaps Lee on the shoulder, causing him to drop Clementine's walkie-talkie into the hole. Christa decides that it is too important to leave behind, and jumps down to retrieve it. However, she is unable to reach the hands of Omid and Kenny, forcing Lee to search for other means of getting her back up. He finds a pipe which seems long enough for Christa to reach, and offers it to her. However, Lee loses his grip on it, causing Christa to noisily fall back into the warehouse. The noise alerts a large number of previously unseen walkers, much to the horror of everyone, particularly Omid. Christa desperately tries to jump for their hands, but again fails. Kenny then decides to jump down into the hole with Christa, and boosts her high enough for Lee and Omid to drag her out. Kenny pulls out the pistol he retrieved from the dead couple in the apartment and attempts to fight back the walkers, but moves out of sight and is seemingly overwhelmed. He is last heard telling the others to go, and that he'll be fine. Lee glares angrily at Christa, and the group dejectedly carries on towards "The Marsh House."