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This Savior is a former antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a former member of the Saviors. After the apparent death of Rick Grimes and the fall of the Sanctuary, he moves to Alexandria and primarily serves as a guard for the community and later a soldier in the Coalition.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about the Savior's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


At some point in the apocalypse, this man came into contact with a group called the Saviors, which he subsequently joined.

Season 6

"Last Day on Earth"

This Savior is with a group of Saviors blocking the road with Simon. He, alongside the group, also walks towards the Survivors when they start leaving. Later he is present at the execution circle.

Season 7

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

This Savior is still present at the execution circle, following the executions of Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee.

"The Cell"

This Savior, Negan Smith, Joseph, Chris, and several other Saviors surround Daryl Dixon, who had escaped from his prison cell. Negan talks to Daryl and threatens him, but Daryl does not flinch. Negan walks away and the Saviors begin to beat Daryl.

"Sing Me a Song"

This Savior is seen preparing to unload the truck coming from Hilltop. However, Carl Grimes starts opening fire from the back of the truck, killing George instantly. Carl holds the rest of the Saviors, including the Savior, Joseph, Chris, and many others at gunpoint until Negan shows up. Carl and Negan talk and Chris attempts a rush at Carl, which results in him getting gunned down. Dwight tackles Carl and Negan orders the remaining Saviors to burn the bodies, while Negan and Carl remain outside and have a discussion.

"Hostiles and Calamities"

This Savior was present during the trial and execution of Emmett Carson, standing beside him and Negan and witnessing the entire event.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

This Savior can be seen clearing the road of trees that, unbeknownst to the rest of Saviors, Dwight had cut down. Later he is seen fighting at Alexandria with the Saviors and is present when Negan prepares to execute Carl in front of his father. However, Shiva and the Kingdom intervenes and the Saviors are forced to retreat, with the Savior managing to escape. He can later be seen at the rally where Negan speaks to the Saviors.

Season 8


This Savior is seen opening the gate to let a squad of Savior vehicles out of the Sanctuary.

"The Big Scary U"

This Savior is stuck in the Sanctuary alongside the rest of the Saviors, along with the others that had been stuck there. He sided against the workers and was sided along with the Lieutenants. When Negan returned with Father Gabriel Stokes in tow, the Savior kneeled like the rest.

"How It's Gotta Be"

This Savior was present at the bombing at Alexandria.


This Savior leads a unit of Saviors outside the Sanctuary to clear the Walkers around their perimeter as well as take out the snipers of the Militia, succeeding on both counts, killing all the snipers save for Morgan Jones.

"The Lost and the Plunderers"

This Savior, Simon, Gary, Norris, and a large detachment of Saviors go to straighten out their deal with the Scavengers. However, the "straightening out" turns into a massacre, led by Simon, which the man takes part of. He likely assisted in gathering the Scavengers weapons, as seen when Gary and Simon show Negan the weapons of the Scavengers.

"Dead or Alive Or"

The man is present during orientation with Negan and a large group of Saviors about using blunt force weapons and covered in walker blood and guts. He is seen nodding his head in agreement with Negan's plan.

"The Key"

En route to the Hilltop with their tainted weapons, Simon allows Rick to hit Negan's car and run him out of the Savior convoy. Simon pulls his truck over stopping the convoy. This Savior, standing behind Arat, listens to Simon about the ordeal, while Simon and Dwight go to find Negan and see if he's alive.

"Do Not Send Us Astray"

Once the convoy began to move again, they embarked to the Hilltop, this Savior is riding in one of their vehicles. He survives the initial brawl, as seen when the lights are shot out. The Militia turn on bright floodlights and begin opening fire on the Saviors, with many being gunned down. However, the Savior, alongside the leadership and a few others escape in two vehicles.


This Savior witnesses Negan and Simon challenge each other in a fight to the death in attempt to seize power over the Saviors. He watches on as Negan overpowers Simon and snaps his neck.


This man fights alongside the other Savior soldiers but he ends up surrendering alongside the surviving soldiers after Eugene's faulty bullets causes a mass casualty event among the Savior ranks. Later, back at the Sanctuary, this man is on gate duty and opens the gate so Tara, Rosita, Eduardo, and a busload of volunteers may help repair the damage sustained to the Sanctuary during the war.

Season 9

"A New Beginning"

This man walks around outside the ethanol processing center at the Sanctuary.

"The Bridge"

This Savior can be seen working on the bridge for the communities to travel with ease. He also watches the fight between Justin and Daryl, as well as Jed and Aaron's struggle.

"Warning Signs"

This Savior is seen in the mob of Saviors arguing with the rest of the communities, blaming them for Justin's death. He rushes at the community, being shoved back by Kathy. Following being shoved back, he stands behind D.J. and Norris. The Saviors all leave the camp, deciding not to work on the bridge anymore.

"The Obliged"

This Savior, alongside D.J., Norris, Regina, Jed, and a few others, returns to the camp to attack it, with Jed bearing Alden's gun. Norris and Kathy among those killed during the fight. This Savior retreats with the other members of his group.

"Who Are You Now?"

Six years after the supposed death of Rick Grimes, this Savior joins Alexandria with several other Sanctuary residents, including Laura and D.J., and becomes a valued member of the community. This Alexandrian watches Michonne confront Magna's group after they are brought back to Alexandria by Judith and the others. Later, he stands guard during the town council meeting as they debate whether or not the group should be allowed to stay.


This Alexandrian is standing guard in Negan's cell, while Gabriel cleans his bedpan. When Gabriel departs in a fit of rage, slamming Negan's door, the Alexandrian unshackles his former boss in his cell, letting him move freely throughout it.


The Alexandrian stands guard during Michonne and Negan's conversation about his adventure outside of his cell.

"The Storm"

This Alexandrian takes shelter in the community church with several other residents, including his former boss. After the chimney fails, he and the other residents set out into the blizzard in a line to seek shelter at Aaron's house. The next day, he is on guard duty at the front gates when Michonne, Daryl, and a number of Kingdom refugees arrive. He and the other survivors participate in a friendly snowball fight with Judith, R.J., and the other townspeople. He is seen smiling when he sees his new colleagues playing and having a good time. He is last seen throwing a snowball close to Lydia.

Season 10

"Lines We Cross"

Some months after the blizzard, this Alexandrian guard is among the coalition members drafted into the militia that was formed in response to the Whisperer threat. He and the other militia conduct a training exercise on the Oceanside beach. As Ezekiel and Jerry methodically release walkers from a shipwrecked boat, this Alexandrian and the other militia work together as a unit to take out the walker threat.

They are successful and return to Oceanside to rest, eat, and socialize with the Oceansiders. That night, this soldier helps put out the fire that was ignited in the woods in Whisperer territory after a satellite from outer space crashes.


The Alexandrian goes out with Michonne, Carol, Daryl, Laura, and a few other Alexandrian soldiers, and meet with Alpha and the Whisperers. Following the negotiations, the group goes back into the forest to make camp, when Carol spots three Whisperers, which causes the group to go looking, with orders to capture not kill. Unable to find them, the group comes to an abandoned school to rest. After Carol gets caught in a trap that leaves her wounded, the group come to her rescue to find that she dispatched the walkers herself. The group returns to Alexandria and takes her to Siddiq and Dante for medical treatment.

"Silence the Whisperers"

This Alexandrian soldier attends a combat training session led by Aaron. He pays attention as Aaron criticizes a fellow soldier for her techniques, stating she would have made herself vulnerable to being killed by a Whisperer. He continues to participate in the training exercise as Gage, Margo, and Alfred taunt Lydia on the side.


The man is among the Alexandrians to come down with a mysterious illness and is admitted to the infirmary.

"Open Your Eyes"

This soldier is among the Alexandrians to fall ill due to contaminated water as a result of the Whisperers' doings. He suffers from the illness as Siddiq tends to his bedside and helps him drink from a glass of water before he returns to sleep.

"The World Before"

This Alexandrian attends the funeral service for Siddiq and listens to Gabriel's religious remarks. He silently pays his respects and then leaves the ceremony.


This soldier is among the Alexandrians who witness Mary's arrival at the main gate followed by her being taken into custody. After news come in that a massive herd is approaching Echo Post, one of the town's watch towers, this soldier accompanies Father Gabriel, Scott, and other Alexandrians to the watch tower. At Echo Post, they find both soldiers on duty murdered and no signs of an approaching herd. They realize that it was a trap and attempt to lure them away from Alexandria. Later that night, he and his fellow Alexandrians ambush Beta in the woods and rescue Mary before returning home to the aftermath of the attack.

"Morning Star"

This Alexandrian is among the coalition soldiers at Hilltop to face the Whisperers and Alpha's horde, retreats after the horde breaks through the barbed wire fence.

"Walk With Us"

This man is among a group of survivors of the Hilltop battle consisting of Daryl, Rosita, Jerry, Nabila, Mariam, another Alexandrian soldier, and two Hilltop women. They make the journey to a rendezvous point where Earl and Ezekiel were supposed to evacuate the Hilltop children, including Jerry and Nabila's kids. After the children are no where to be found, he remains behind at the rendezvous as Daryl and Jerry go out looking for survivors.

"Look at the Flowers"

This man is among the survivors residing at the rendezvous point. After Magna's arrival at the outpost, he listens to Eugene as he explains that he has been talking to a woman over the radio and plans to meet her as he believes she can help them.

"The Tower"

This soldier is among the Alexandrians to relocate to the abandoned hospital being referred to as the "Tower". He listens as Luke asks the crowd of survivors if anyone is willing to go out and scavenge some needed parts, to which Carol volunteers to do so.

"A Certain Doom"

This man is among the militia to take up defensive positions in the halls and by the windows. Eventually, he and the others are evacuated down the elevator shaft and away from the hospital to safety after it is breached. He is among those to gather at the rendezvous point in the woods, where he happily reunites with his fellow survivors.

Season 11


This man assists Aaron and three other residents in raising a section of the wall to repair the damage left behind by the Whisperers. The Alexandrians are successful in getting the wall in place, to which they congratulate each other after the job is done.

"Out of the Ashes"

One morning this man is asleep on the floor in a house crowded with other residents and refugees. He is awoken by Jerry who alerts everyone that the undead have made it inside Alexandria. He quickly gets up and follows everyone outside, running down the street to the portion of the wall that fell. He helps Aaron, Jerry, and several others lift a section of the wall and put it back into place as others secure the wall once more.

"No Other Way"

This man is among the Alexandrians present during the meeting with Eugene and the Commonwealth representative, Lance Hornsby. He stands on the side of the meeting house alongside several other residents and listens to the Deputy Governor's offer of joining the Commonwealth.

"New Haunts"

This man is among the Alexandria residents to move to the city in the Commonwealth as their town is being rebuilt. He enjoys the Halloween festivities in the main plaza and cheers on during the children's costume contest.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this Savior has killed:

  • Numerous unnamed Scavengers (Alongside his fellow Saviors)
  • Possibly a few unnamed Whisperers
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


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  • With the six year time jump following "Who Are You Now?", this Savior is one of the few to join the Alexandria Safe-Zone community, alongside Laura, D.J., and Frankie.
  • As of now, this character holds the record for most appearances for an unnamed character, with a total of 40 consecutive appearances over the course of six seasons.