"Goddamn it, Dwight. Put that thing away. The hell you doing out here?! We heard you were dead."
—The savior to Dwight.[src]

This Savior is first introduced in Issue 104 and is a member of The Saviors.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about this Savior's life before or as the outbreak began.


The Saviors

This Savior was first encountered when Dwight was checking his backpack for supplies. He walked out of the woods as Dwight aimed his crossbow at him. The Savior asked Dwight where he had been, because everyone had thought he was dead. He then informs Dwight that someone had been following him. The Savior then contacts another Savior and tells him to bring Paul to them. As Tara is about to kill Paul, Dwight and this Savior run towards them, telling them not to kill Paul, as he may be useful to Negan. Later on, this Savior is driving Dwight and Paul back to the Savior's main base. He then stops the vehicle, Dwight starts to talk to Paul, who has just escaped. Dwight and the Savior agree not to tell Negan and continue driving to the base.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this Savior has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people.


Comic Series

Volume 18: What Comes After

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