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This article is about the Comic Series character. You may be looking for his TV Series counterpart.

"I fucking hope so, but who knows what we'll have to do to earn one."
—This Savior to a fellow Savior about earning a mattress.[src]

This Savior is a character and an antagonist first encountered in Issue 100 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is one of the original members of the Saviors.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about this Savior's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Here's Negan

After raiding a clothes store, Negan and Dwight's group run into another group lead by an unnamed survivor. This survivor can be seen in the background among the other seven members of the new group. Later on he watches Negan and the other survivor argue around the campfire and looks on in horror as Negan beats the man with Lucille. He then falls inline behind Negan along with the rest of the group.

Something To Fear

This Savior is encountered in Issue 100 when Negan and the Saviors capture Rick Grimes while they are on there way to the Hilltop Colony. This Savior is seen holding a baseball bat and watched as Negan smashed Glenn's skull in, beating him to death.

What Comes After

He is seen with a fellow Savior moving the mattresses that he and the other Saviors had taken from the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He was seen taking, and unloading them away from the truck. He notices Carl Grimes hiding under the mattresses, and as he goes to say something, him and the other Savior are gunned down by Carl using Abraham Ford's assault rifle.


Killed By

This Savior is unloading the truck full of mattresses when he notices a hidden Carl, who jumps out and shoots him to death.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this Savior has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


Comic Series

Here's Negan

  • "Part 13" (No Lines)
  • "Part 14" (No Lines)
  • "Part 15" (No Lines)
  • "Part 16" (No Lines)

Volume 17: Something To Fear

Volume 18: What Comes After


  • He is the only original savior to not be named.