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This article is about the first season of Dead City. For other pages with the same name, see: Season 1

Season 1 of AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City premiered on June 18, 2023, and concluded on July 23, 2023, consisting of 6 episodes. The series is a companion series to The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It was executive produced by Kirkman, David Alpert, Gale Anne Hurd, Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Scott Gimple, Brian Bockrath and Eli Jorné, with Jorné assuming the role of showrunner.


"Old Acquaintances"[]

Following an attack on the new Hilltop, now called the Bricks, Maggie's son Hershel is kidnapped by the Croat, a former Savior who is living in Manhattan. Desperate to save him, Maggie reluctantly tracks down Negan for help who is on the run from New Babylon marshals led by Perlie Armstrong after supposedly murdering five people. In exchange for Maggie giving his young companion Ginny a home at the Bricks, Negan agrees to help her with the two taking young marshal Jano hostage and Maggie having to deal with hatred of Negan for Glenn's murder. In Manhattan, the trio encounter walkers falling from the buildings and a cat-and-mouse game with Perlie in a dry cleaners who accidentally kills Jano while chasing after them. Elsewhere, the Croat questions Hershel for information on Negan and sends an escaped prisoner to his death after the man refuses to answer questions about his group.

"Who's There?"[]

An old woman named Esther helps Maggie and Negan escape from a herd and leads them to her tribe of survivors who are hunted by the Croat and his people, the Burazi. Negan reveals that the Croat was one of the very first Saviors, serving as an interrogator for Negan until he went too far with a young survivor, causing Negan to try to kill him. However, Negan only succeeded in blowing off the Croat's right ear and he escaped. The tribe comes under attack from the Burazi, killing several people, including Esther, before they manage to escape. In retaliation, Negan brutally kills one of the Burazi as an example to the rest, something that is witnessed by Maggie. After Maggie reveals their true mission to them, the tribe reveals that they can help her get to the Croat. Elsewhere, Ginny struggles to adapt to life at the Bricks, eventually stealing a motorcycle and running away. Perlie visits his brother Joel's apartment, only to find Joel dead of suicide. Falling into a trap outside, Perlie is captured by the Croat.

"People Are a Resource"[]

In flashbacks, Negan bonds with Ginny as they search for her missing toy. In the present, Ginny makes her way to Manhattan. The Croat holds Perlie prisoner in the revamped Madison Square Garden where he tests the marshal's abilities in a ring fight against walkers and questions his motives. Perlie eventually reveals that he's in Manhattan hunting for Negan, much to the Croat's shock who in turn reveals that he had lost his family to cannibals near the start of the apocalypse. The tribespeople tell Maggie and Negan about the Burazi's operation which they recognize as a twisted version of the Saviors and, using the story of Negan's defeat by the Militia, inspire the tribespeople to help them. Tommaso reveals that he had been captured and tortured, but he had managed to escape using the old framework of Penn Station and the subway system which they can use to get in. Maggie opens up to Negan about the loss of Hershel and her family and Negan in turn reveals that he had sent Annie and his son Joshua to safety in Missouri after killing five men who had robbed, beaten and raped Annie in revenge, which is why he's a wanted man. Luther discovers Negan's wanted poster, leading to a fight in which Negan gives in to his darker instincts and kills Luther. After finding Ginny's toy, Maggie contemplates burning it, secretly observed by Ginny.

"Everybody Wins a Prize"[]

In a flashback, Negan and Simon confront the Croat over his brutal murder of a young girl. In the present, Maggie and Negan lead an attack on Madison Square Garden to rescue Hershel and kill the Croat. However, the Croat anticipates their actions, and he lays a trap, evacuating his people from the arena while letting in walkers and using the sound and light systems to lead them to the tribespeople. Overwhelmed and outnumbered, most of the tribespeople are killed with only Maggie, Amaia, Tommaso and Ginny managing to escape into the sewers. Negan confronts the Croat who joyfully greets him and tries to get Negan to join him, attempting to kill Perlie as a sign of good faith. Much to the Croat's shock, Negan saves the marshal's life and escapes with him. However, Perlie holds Negan at gunpoint, threatening him with summary execution for his crimes despite Negan having just saved his life.

"Stories We Tell Ourselves"[]

In flashbacks, Ginny discovers that Maggie is lying about the Bricks' grain being stolen while the Croat kidnaps Hershel and demands Negan in exchange for his return. In the present, the Croat visits the Dama who reiterates their need for Negan to protect their future. As they make their way through Manhattan, Negan and Perlie get to know each other with Negan revealing the reason for his murders. His beliefs shaken by the recent events, Perlie opens up to Negan about his brother Joel and Perlie's growing doubts about what he's doing. Maggie, who is revealed to have kept Ginny's toy rather than burning it, deduces that Tommaso had sold the tribe out, resulting in the attack on their hideout and the ambush at Madison Square Garden. Tommaso admits that he had made a deal with the Croat who had promised Tommaso a boat and a chance at a better life for his family on the mainland, horrifying Amaia, although Maggie is more sympathetic. In the sewers, Amaia and Tommaso fall victim to walkers, but Maggie and Ginny manage to escape after Maggie successfully fights a massive fused together walker. On the surface, Ginny fires a flare into the air which is spotted by Negan.

"Doma Smo"[]

After reuniting with Ginny, Negan reveals that he was the one who had murdered her father in a harsh effort to get her to leave. Perlie transports Ginny to the Bricks before returning to New Babylon where he lies that he had killed Negan and the New Babylon leader shows interest in the methane that the Burazi are able to produce which is a better fuel source than ethanol. Maggie and Negan track the Croat to the Staten Island Ferry terminal where Negan deduces that Maggie is luring him into a trap and overpowers her. Acknowledging that Maggie should never forgive him for his actions, although disappointed as together they could've rescued Hershel for real, Negan allows Maggie to trade him to the Croat for her son who berates Maggie for caring more about her obsession with Negan than him for his whole life. After returning to the Bricks, Maggie realizes that Hershel is right, and she decides to find a way to end her feud with Negan for good so that she can finally find peace. The Croat delivers Negan to the Dama who explains that she wants Negan to unite the various communities in Manhattan to stand against the New Babylon Federation and others who would come for their natural resources. Having learned the story of Glenn's murder from Hershel, the Dama reveals that she has cut off Hershel's toe and she threatens to go after him again if Negan doesn't comply, using Negan's care for the boy as leverage against him. At the same time, Maggie discovers Hershel's drawings of the Dama, and she realizes the continuing threat to her son.


Title Writer(s) Director(s) Original Air Date U.S. Viewers
1. "Old Acquaintances" Eli Jorné Loren Yaconelli June 18, 2023 0.70 million
2. "Who's There?" Eli Jorné Loren Yaconelli June 25, 2023 0.71 million
3. "People Are a Resource" Keith Staskiewicz Kevin Dowling July 2, 2023 0.68 million
4. "Everybody Wins a Prize" Eli Jorné Kevin Dowling July 9, 2023 0.70 million
5. "Stories We Tell Ourselves" Brenna Kouf Gandja Monteiro July 16, 2023 0.70 million
6. "Doma Smo" Eli Jorné Gandja Monteiro July 23, 2023 0.62 million

Title Screen[]

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In March 2022, AMC reported that they were developing a fourth spin-off of The Walking Dead titled Isle of the Dead revolving around Maggie and Negan with Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising their respective roles from the original series and Eli Jorné, a writer and co-executive producer on The Walking Dead, attached as showrunner alongside Cohan and Morgan as executive producers.[2] In late August, the series title was renamed to The Walking Dead: Dead City.[3]


In April 2022, Gaius Charles was cast as Perlie Armstrong.[4] In July, Željko Ivanek, Jonathan Higginbotham, and Mahina Napoleon were cast as "The Croat", Tommaso, and Ginny respectively.[5]


Principal photography began on July 19 in New Jersey and wrapped on October 24, 2022.[6][7] Locations include the Meadowlands Arena, Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve, Port Newark, National Newark Building, Newark Symphony Hall, Hoboken Terminal, Liberty State Park and Shades of Death Road.[8]



The Walking Dead: Dead City premiered on AMC on June 18, 2023.[9][10] The series premiered early on AMC+ on June 15, with subsequent episodes available three days before their broadcast premieres.[11] The first season was released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 12, 2023.[12]


In November 2022, an early look on the behind the scenes of the series was released by AMC.[13]


Critical Response[]

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported an 80% approval rating with an average rating of 7.2/10, based on 54 critic reviews. The website's critics consensus reads, "While Dead City still creaks under the constraints of being an umpteenth spinoff, it ultimately shakes off the franchise's rigor mortis thanks to a change of scenery and a focus on two fan favorites."[14] Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 57 out of 100 based on 9 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[15]

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  • This season takes place in the fifteenth year of the apocalypse and features an overrun Manhattan, New York, that has since been dominated by a one million walker herd that accumulated when the island's bridges and tunnels were destroyed by the United States government in an effort to contain the outbreak.[16]
  • This is the first season of any TV Series in which all main characters appear in all episodes.


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