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This article is about the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. For other pages with the same name, see: Season 2

Season 2 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead premiered on April 10, 2016, and concluded on October 2, 2016, consisting of 15 episodes. The series is a companion series and prequel to The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The executive producers are Kirkman, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd, and Dave Erickson, with Erickson as showrunner for the second consecutive season.[1]

The season follows a dysfunctional, blended family composed of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), her husband Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis), her daughter Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), her drug-addicted son Nick (Frank Dillane) and Travis' son Chris (Lorenzo Henrie). At the onset of the zombie apocalypse, their group includes Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), a smart and sophisticated conman-turned-businessman, Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) and his daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason). This season follows the group as they escape land for the sea, and their eventual journey to Mexico.



As the group flee the beach to the Abigail, LA is napalmed by the military as the Infected swarm the coast. On course to San Diego, the group finds a skiff with people onboard but Strand refuses to save the skiff. During the trip, Alicia manages to get someone on the radio and talks a bot named Jack, Chris is still angry and grief stricken that Travis shot Liza despite holding a burial at sea for her, and Daniel begins to question Strand’s motives. Later, the group comes across a wrecked boat that they recognize as the skiff they passed. Travis and Nick manage to retrieve the ship’s log. They leave as another ship appears on the radar that they deduce is coming for them next.

"We All Fall Down"[]

The group decide to dock on Catrina Island to escape an unknown ship to find new options since San Diego is a bust. They come across George Geary and his family. Inside the house, George informs the group that every major city on the West Coast, including San Diego, has been burned down by the military. While the family is surviving, Nick stumbles upon pills meant for suicide. George’s wife requests that they take her two youngest children with them since George and eldest son Seth are set in their way of thinking. George is not easily swayed until his wife is killed by a now infected child who ingested a pill too soon. The group attempt to fell, but Seth, at gunpoint forces them to return his little brother. They leave as Seth shoots his now infected mother in the head.

Meanwhile, Daniel breaks into Strand's quarters and finds a submachine gun and a map leading to Strand's true destination: Mexico.


In the middle of the ocean, Alex swims to her wounded companion, Jake, after surviving the crash of Flight 462. She brings Jake to a raft with other survivors. Days pass, and Alex is pressured to into putting Jake out of his misery but refuses and kills anyone that tries.

While Travis repairs the boat due to a walker caught in the engine, Madison confronts Strand about his destination, which Daniel has discovered to be Baja California, Mexico. Nick, Alicia, Chris, and Daniel go ashore to scavenge supplies from a plane crash as Ofelia’s wound is infected and needs antibiotics. While there, Chris finds a survivor that he’s forced put kill out of mercy, shattering his mental state even more. Nick discovers that being covered in infected blood will keep the dead away and finds Amoxicillin for Ofelia. As the dead swarm the beach, the group comes across Alex and Jake and, after a debate, they are allowed to say at least in the raft until Strand severs the tow line as Madison looks on.

"Blood in the Streets"[]

On Strand’s orders, Nick swims ashore in the middle of the night to find his contact in Mexico as the group pick what appear to be stranded survivors only to discover they are pirates. Strand tries to escape on a raft but it is shot and he’s stranded. Through flashbacks we see him meet and fall in love with Thomas Abigail to whom he is trying to get back to after they were separated at the beginning of the outbreak.

When the leader of the pirate group arrives, he takes Alicia and Travis with him and leaves other members of his pirate group behind, to bring the yacht to shore. When Nick and Luis, Strand's contact, head back to the Abigail, they are able to kill some pirates and take one hostage. Madison is able to rescue Strand from the water and takes him back to the Abigail.


The group plans to use the hostage as bait to get back Travis and Alicia. However, after he hits his last nerve, Chris ends up shooting him in the face. Madison worries that Chris is becoming unhinged when he tries lie and say the boy was about to turn. Daniel notices the brain was not damaged and believes the plan can still work.

Alicia attempts to befriend Jack, the boy on the radio, and find her way home on her own, while Travis is locked in a cell. Alex taunts Travis and lets her frustrations on him due to being left behind and Jake dying because of it. Travis manages to convince her that it wasn’t his fault. Later, Madison is able to obtain Travis' release, by trading him for the now turned brother of the leader who bites. Everyone, including Alicia manage to escape amidst the chaos.

"Sicut Cervus"[]

Strand arranges for payment to the Mexican military for safe passage across the Mexican border but guns go off leaving officers and Luis dead. Before he dies, he asks them not to stab his brain which Daniel reluctantly agrees. The Abigail compound, they are greeted by Luis's mother Celia who tells them they can stay but must leave their weapons outside. Strand finds that Thomas has been bitten and is dying and agrees to a suicide pact with Celia’s blessing. Daniel soon discovers that her cellar is full of zombies as she believes they are not dead. After Thomas dies, Strand backs out of the pact and shoots his lover in the head to prevent reanimation.

Chris, feeling betrayed by Madison for telling Travis of the hostage’s death and nearly lets her get killed by an Infected. Alicia notices this and confronts him only to be threaten into silence. After she tells her mother, she confronts Travis on the matter. That night Chris stands over their bed at knife point but is chased out of the room when they hear the gunshot.


Celia is furious with Strand “killing” Thomas and wants him and the group gone but Nick manages to convince her let his family stay by bringing back zombified Luis. Travis goes to find Chris and discovers how far his insanity has gone. Deciding that Chris is not ready to around people and they go off on their own. He tells Nick to let them know they’re alright.

At the compound, Daniel attacks a guard and is taken to the cellar where Celia encourages him to make peace with his dead and he hallucinates his wife and people he killed before. Madison, believing that Celia is dangerous, lures her to her cellar and locks her in with the dead. Daniel escapes his prison and sets the place on fire and does not try to escape. Strand arrives with a truck to take Madison, Alicia, and a hysterical Ofelia from the scene. Nick is disgusted by what his mother has done and leaves on his own.


After the fire, Nick is given supplies from Sofia and a warning on the highway being infested with gangs taking advantage of the lawless as he sets out on his own. After losing his supplies, he hides from outlaws who pillage for supplies and suffers through the blistering sun and the cold nights. After being attacked by dogs, his unlikely rescue is a zombie herd who devours the dogs and later attack the outlaws as Nick hides among them. Near death, he is rescued by Luciana who takes him her encampment where he meets Alejandro and sees normally at the site.

"Los Muertos"[]

Nick begins to observe Luciana's community, and is shocked an infected man voluntarily allows himself to be eaten by walkers. Luciana explains that those who are infected or terminally ill sacrifice themselves to help build the "Wall", a barrier of walkers meant to protect the community from threats. Nick then accompanies Luciana on a supply run to a nearby supermarket, which is controlled by an armed gang. Nick manages to bargain for more supplies by threatening to cut off the supply of medicine the community has been trading with the gang. Luciana scolds Nick for his recklessness, as now the gang will be interested in finding out where her community is. Alejandro explains to Nick that he keeps the community together by preaching that the undead plague is merely a test from God.

Meanwhile, Madison, Strand, Alicia, and Ofelia find that the Abigail has been stolen and are forced to scavenge a nearby hotel for supplies. They split into two groups. Alicia and Ofelia search upstairs where Ofelia leaves the group. Madison and Strand search downstairs and a large horde of walkers attack the hotel.

"Do Not Disturb"[]

In the hotel, Alicia manages to escape the walkers on her floor, and meets Elena, the hotel manager, who agrees to help her find Madison and Strand. They reach the ground floor of the hotel, where they are confronted by the surviving hotel guests. They demand Elena's keys in return for safe passage and her nephew. Elena complies, but they are pursued by the infected. Alicia and Elena take shelter in a locked room, where they reunite with Madison and Strand.

Meanwhile, Travis and Chris travel the Mexican countryside where the two survive own their own until they come across a group whom Chris had stolen from before. That group decides to spare them and recruit them. Chris takes a liking to them, but Travis does not trust them. The next day, they stop at a farm to scavenge supplies and are confronted by the farmer who lives there. The farmer shoots one of the tourists in the leg, prompting Chris to shoot and kill the farmer, much to Travis' horror.

"Pablo & Jessica"[]

In order to preserve their dwindling medicine supplies, Nick proposes to Alejandro that they trick the bandits they promised to trade medicine to by secretly diluting it with powdered milk. Alejandro is impressed with Nick's ingenuity and accepts him fully into his community. He also confirms to Nick that he had been bitten by a walker and somehow did not turn. He also comforts Luciana after a loss and they grow closer.

Back at the hotel, Madison and Strand meet with Oscar, the leader of the hotel survivors, and manage to negotiate a truce with him. Madison, Strand, Alicia, and other survivors then begin the job of clearing the hotel of infected. They lead them to the pier where the Infected will fall off and get carried away by the ocean current. As they all celebrate, Strand then goes to talk privately with Oscar, who is mourning the loss of his wife now turned zombie. Strand comforts Oscar and convinces him to let his wife go. Oscar gives Strand the key to the hotel room, and he finish her off.

"Pillar of Salt"[]

Ofelia, having escaped the hotel, goes out on her own, finds a car, and heads back to the United States while trying to grasp the revelation of her family’s history of violence.

With the infected removed from the hotel grounds, the hotel survivors begin fortifying and repairing the building. However, Strand is stabbed by Ilene, the mother of Oscar's wife, and requires medicine to be treated. Madison and Elena head to Tijuana to obtain the medicine. At the bandit warehouse, Madison and Elena arrive to trade, where she overhears them describe Nick's appearance and tries to find out where. Madison turns on the hotel lights against everybody's wishes in hopes of attracting Nick's attention, though Alicia convinces her to respect Nick's decision to choose death over family. Madison shuts off the lights, but not before Travis them.

In Tijuana, Nick and Luciana are awoken by news that one of the community's scouts, Francisco, has deserted with his family. Alejandro worries that the community might collapse and forbids anybody from leaving. Nick patrols the perimeter and spots the bandits scouting the community from a distance.

"Date of Death"[]

Travis begins to treat the tourist, James,’ wounded leg and buries the dead farmer. That night, Travis tries to warn Chris not to associate with the tourists, but Chris rebuffs him. One week later, the tourists decide to leave for San Diego, but James still hasn't fully recovered and cannot be moved. Fearing that James will be murdered by the others, Travis steals Chris' gun in an effort to protect him. Later, Chris tricks Travis in letting them in and they execute James. Travis tries one last time to convince Chris to come with him, but Chris leaves with the remaining two tourists as Travis curses his son.

In the present, Travis arrives at the hotel along with other desperate survivors and tells Madison what happened. He laments to Madison how he failed to take care of Chris. Later, Madison sees that the survivor group at the start of the episode have been allowed into the hotel compound, with them being checked to see if they're healthy or sick. Later that night, a new group of survivors arrive at the hotel, among them the James’ friends Derek and Brandon.


Ofelia's truck breaks down in the Mexican desert. While she checks the engine, a group of Infected attacks her. After Ofelia kills a few, she flees on foot. Making it to the Mexican-American border and finds a hole and keeps going until someone starts shooting at her. A man armed with Assault Rifle discovers her hiding behind a tree. "Welcome to America," he says.

Nick attempts to convince the bandits not to attack the community by giving them their drugs, but the leader leaves an ultimatum: abandon the community or he and his men will slaughter everybody. Nick then returns and warns Luciana about the impending attack and asks her to leave with him. However, Luciana is still adamant in Alejandro's ability to protect them. Frustrated, Nick forces Alejandro to admit that he's not actually immune to the infection, and that he had been using his medical experience to merely suppress the symptoms.

At the hotel, Derek and Brandon are let in, and Madison recognizes them based on Travis' description. They explain that Chris accidentally crashed their truck and was killed by the impact. However, several inconsistencies in their stories lead Travis to conclude that Chris was only injured in the crash and was killed by Brandon and Derek, which they confirm. Enraged, Travis beats the two to death and severely injures Oscar who tries to stop him.


In the community, Alejandro refuses to back down and orders the community members to prepare to defend their homes. Not wanting to get caught in the fighting, Nick quietly leaves and notices a helicopter landing on the American side of the border. He returns to the community and convinces Alejandro to evacuate the community. The next day, the bandits arrive to find the community seemingly abandoned. However, a terminally ill Alejandro breaks open the community's improvised gate, letting the infected to enter and kill most of the men. Nick and Luciana lead their group out of the colony and towards the border only to be shot at and captured.

At the hotel, Oscar suffers a severe head injury due to Travis and is taken to be treated. Since Travis violated the rule of no violence against other survivors, Strand warns Madison that Travis must be exiled in order to maintain the unity of the hotel survivors. Despite everybody's best efforts, Oscar dies from his head injury and Elena’s nephew along with others decide to execute Travis. Alicia is forced to kill one of them to save his life and they flee the hotel with Strand’s help who stays behind. They make to the Colonia where a dying Alejandro, and his last words instruct them to look for Nick at the border.


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1. "Monster" Dave Erickson Adam Davidson April 10, 2016 6.67 million
2. "We All Fall Down" Story:
Kate Barnow
Brett C. Leonard
Kate Barnow
Adam Davidson April 17, 2016 5.58 million
3. "Ouroboros" Alan Page Stefan Schwartz April 24, 2016 4.73 million
4. "Blood in the Streets" Kate Erickson Michael Uppendahl May 1, 2016 4.80 million
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6. "Sicut Cervus" Brian Buckner Kate Dennis May 15, 2016 4.49 million
7. "Shiva" David Wiener Andrew Bernstein May 22, 2016 4.39 million
8. "Grotesque" Kate Barnow Daniel Sackheim August 21, 2016 3.86 million
9. "Los Muertos" Alan Page Deborah Chow August 28, 2016 3.66 million
10. "Do Not Disturb" Lauren Signorino Michael McDonough September 4, 2016 2.99 million
11. "Pablo & Jessica" Kate Erickson Uta Briesewitz September 11, 2016 3.40 million
12. "Pillar of Salt" Carla Ching Gerardo Naranjo September 18, 2016 3.62 million
13. "Date of Death" Brian Buckner Christoph Schrewe September 25, 2016 3.49 million
14. "Wrath" Kate Barnow Stefan Schwartz October 2, 2016 3.67 million
15. "North" Dave Erickson Andrew Bernstein October 2, 2016 3.05 million

Title Screen[]

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On March 9, 2015, AMC announced it had ordered Fear the Walking Dead to series, with a two-season commitment.[2][3] The season was confirmed and renewed on July 31, 2015 with the production for this season started in December, 2015 in Mexico.[4][5]


Critical Response[]

The second season received mostly mixed reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the season has a rating of 70%, based on 30 reviews, whose average rating is 6.60/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "Fear the Walking Dead sets sail in its sophomore season with an intriguing backdrop that doesn't always disguise its deficiencies in comparison to its predecessor."[6] On Metacritic, the season has a score of 54 out of 100, based on 12 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[7]

Home Media Releases[]

The second season, featuring audio commentaries, deleted scenes, actor interviews and various behind-the-scene featurettes, was released on Blu-ray and DVD on December 13, 2016.


  • Below are the changes made to the main cast in this season:
  • There was been a short time jump between Season 1 and Season 2, consisting of a day or two at the very most.[8]
  • This is the first season of Fear the Walking Dead (not counting Season 1) to have a shorter first half that is seven episodes long instead of the usual eight, the second being Season 6.


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