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This article is about the second season of Overkill. For other pages with the same name, see: Season 2

Season 2 is the second and final season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


The story continues… new threats lurk on the horizon and the survivors of Anderson’s group are faced with new challenges.


Title Release Dates
1. "No Sanctuary" November 29, 2018 (PC)
2. "On the Run" December 20, 2018 (PC)
3. "Enemy of My Enemy" January 31, 2019 (PC)
4. "The Fugitive" October 20, 2023 (PC)
(Leaked Cinematic Published)
5. "Best Served Cold" October 20, 2023 (PC)
(Leak Published)
6. "Tightening the Noose" October 20, 2023 (PC)
(Leak Published)
7. "Sixty Feet Under" October 20, 2023 (PC)
(Leak Published)
8. "Search and Rescue" Cancelled
9. "We the People" Cancelled


  • Bob (Confirmed Fate)
  • The Warden
  • Patterson
  • Two unnamed Brigade commander
  • Numerous unnamed members of Anderson Camp (Off-Screen)
  • Numerous unnamed members of the Family
  • Numerous unnamed members of the Brigade


  • Overkill developers announced on a live stream that two new playable characters would be added in this season.
    • One of these characters was revealed to be Tanner Finn, however the game was cancelled before he could be played.
  • Despite the game being cancelled, Overkill developers revealed on Discord that Season 2 has been finished.
  • Despite not being officially released, the episodes "Best Served Cold", "Tightening the Noose", and "Sixty Feet Under" were leaked and published for download.[1]
    • While the episode "The Fugitive" is still unavailable to play, it's opening cinematic was found in the game files.[2]