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This article is about the second season of the Telltale Series. For other pages with the same name, see: Season 2

Season 2, retitled The Walking Dead: Season Two, is the second set of episodes for Telltale Games' award-winning The Walking Dead and the successor of Season 1. It was confirmed by Telltale Games in July 2012, due to the big success of the game.

Your choices made in Season 1 and the "400 Days" DLC will affect the decisions in Season 2. Although "400 Days" is not a direct part of the story thread joining Seasons 1 and 2, the player's actions in "400 Days" will affect some elements of Season 2. If you haven’t played "400 Days", the elements that would have been affected will be seamlessly pre-determined by the game.

The first episode was released on December 17, 2013 for PC/Mac via Steam and PlayStation Network, and on December 18th for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network Europe and iOS. It was also released for PlayStation Vita on April 22, 2014 in North America and on April 23rd in Europe.

A retail disc version of Season 2 was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 21, 2014 in North America and on October 31, 2014 in Europe.

A version of Season 2 was released for the Nintendo Switch on January 21, 2020.


The Walking Dead: Season Two, a five-part game series that continues the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse. Left to fend for herself, she has been forced to learn how to survive in a world gone mad.

Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is searching for safety. But what can an ordinary child do to stay alive when the living can be just as bad – and sometimes worse – than the dead?

As Clementine, you will be tested by situations and dilemmas that will test your morals and your instinct for survival. Your decisions and actions will change the story around you, in this sequel to 2012’s Game of the Year.


Title Writer(s) Release Dates
1. "All That Remains" Nick Breckon
Andrew Grant
December 17, 2013 (PC/Mac {Worldwide}, PS3 {North America})
December 18, 2013 (X360, iOS {Worldwide}, PS3 {Europe})
April 22, 2014 (Vita {North America})
April 23, 2014 (Vita {Europe})
October 21, 2014 (PS4, XONE {North America})
October 31, 2014 (PS4, XONE {Europe})

January 21, 2020 (NS {Worldwide})
2. "A House Divided" Nick Breckon March 4, 2014 (PC/Mac {Worldwide}, PS3 {North America})
March 5, 2014 (X360 {Worldwide})
March 6, 2014 (iOS {Worldwide})
March 12, 2014 (PS3 {Europe})
April 22, 2014 (Vita {North America})
April 23, 2014 (Vita {Europe})
October 21, 2014 (PS4, XONE {North America})
October 31, 2014 (PS4, XONE {Europe})

January 21, 2020 (NS {Worldwide})
3. "In Harm's Way" Pierre Shorette May 13, 2014 (PC/Mac {Worldwide}, PS3 {North America})
May 14, 2014 (X360 {Worldwide}, PS3 {Europe})
May 15, 2014 (iOS {Worldwide})
June 3, 2014 (Vita {North America})
June 4, 2014 (Vita {Europe})
October 21, 2014 (PS4, XONE {North America})
October 31, 2014 (PS4, XONE {Europe})

January 21, 2020 (NS {Worldwide})
4. "Amid The Ruins" J. T. Petty
Eric Stirpe
July 22, 2014 (PC/Mac {Worldwide}, PS3, Vita {North America})
July 23, 2014 (X360 {Worldwide}, PS3, Vita {Europe})
July 24, 2014 (iOS {Worldwide})
October 21, 2014 (PS4, XONE {North America})
October 31, 2014 (PS4, XONE {Europe})

January 21, 2020 (NS {Worldwide})
5. "No Going Back" Nick Breckon
Pierre Shorette
August 26, 2014 (PC/Mac {Worldwide}, PS3, Vita {North America})
August 27, 2014 (X360 {Worldwide}, PS3, Vita {Europe})
August 28, 2014 (iOS {Worldwide})
October 21, 2014 (PS4, XONE {North America})
October 31, 2014 (PS4, XONE {Europe})

January 21, 2020 (NS {Worldwide})


Season 2 takes place in a large number of locations. It features North Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio, with a small bit of the game being set in Georgia.

The beginning of Episode 1 takes place at the abandoned Gil’s Pitstop in Georgia. Afterwards, the episode is primarily set in the forested regions of North Carolina.

Episode 2 primarily takes place in North Carolina, with a large section of the episode taking place in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Episode 3 takes place in a hardware store in Henderson County, Tennessee, not far from Parker’s Run, a place based on the real-life Parker’s Crossing in Henderson County.

Episode 4 primarily takes place in Henderson County, Tennessee, around the Parker’s Run area.

Episode 5 takes place in rural areas of Tennessee before a time skip, where a small section of the episode takes place at an unfinished house near a lake in eastern North Carolina. After another time skip, the climax of the episode is set in a snowy part of Ohio, around an abandoned rest stop.

Endings may either be set at Wellington in Lorain County, Ohio, back at Howe’s Hardware in Henderson County, Tennessee, or somewhere in a countryside of an unknown state, possibly Ohio.


"All That Remains"[]

Several months after the events of "No Time Left", Clementine is travelling with Omid and a visibly pregnant Christa after it's assumed that they reunited outside of Savannah. Stopping at a public restroom next to Gil's Pitstop, the trio discuss the name of Christa's unborn child before deciding to clean up. After heading into the female restroom, Clementine puts her gun down and begins to clean herself up but accidentally drops her bottle of water and heads into a stall to retrieve it. After retrieving it, she hears someone coming in. Having left her gun by the sink, Clementine stays in the stall as the stranger, Michelle, retrieves the weapon. However, Clementine accidentally makes a noise, causing Michelle to coax her out at gunpoint and demand that Clementine hands over her possessions. Suddenly, Omid enters the room and realizes what is going on. He takes a stealthy approach and sneaks toward Michelle, but the door closes loudly, causing Michelle's reflexes to turn and shoot, killing Omid. Christa suddenly runs in while Michelle immediately drops the gun and apologizes. Christa ultimately kills her with a shot to the abdomen before cradling Omid's body.

The scene then cuts to sixteen months later, where Clementine and Christa (who is no longer pregnant) are seen sitting around a campfire in an attempt at cooking a weasel they caught and killed earlier on, evidently in a solemn mood with plans to head towards Wellington where Christa believes it may be safer. Soon Christa heads off to look for more firewood, whilst Clementine's left to tend the fire. Searching through her backpack, she finds the other half of the Everett Family photo of Lee that he had torn off in "A New Day" and looks upon it sadly, before finding her old drawing of Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck and again looking upon it with a solemn attitude, before eventually finding a lighter which she uses to tend to the fire. After fueling with one of the objects at her disposal or failing to do so, Clementine hears a noise not far from the camp and finds Christa being held at gunpoint by two bandits, who demand to know whether or not there is anyone with her. Given the option of either sneaking away or throwing a rock at Winston (one of the bandits) in order to distract them, Winston chases after Clementine and attempts to restrain her, though she's able to break free by pushing Winston into the reach of a nearby walker, which then grabs and eventually kills him while Clementine is approached by several other walkers which emerge from the woods. Backing away in fear, Clementine falls into a nearby river and is taken downstream by the current until she passes out.

The next day, she wakes up on the banks of the river, and after a brief trek through the woods, she encounters a dog named Sam, alongside an abandoned campsite which presumably had once belonged to Sam's owners. After a brief search around the area, Sam begins to bark at a walker tied to a tree with a knife sticking out of its arm. After Clementine remembers some words Lee told her before his demise, she beats it with a large branch and retrieves the knife which is still sharp. There's also a trash can and, after searching it, Clementine finds a can of beans. After using the knife to pry open the can, Sam will begin to beg. After a choice to feed him or not, Sam will attack Clementine, biting her on the arm. After grabbing her knife, a rock, or nothing, Clementine stabs, punches and/or beats Sam multiple times until she successfully kicks him where he is pierced by a metal frame in his torso and hind leg. Clementine has the choice of killing him or leaving him to die.

Clementine eventually heads off with a severely wounded arm and eventually ends up almost passing out from exhaustion in the woods, only to realize that she's surrounded by several walkers. Attempting to flee, she's almost overwhelmed by a walker only to be saved by Luke and Pete, who begin to carry her off. Suddenly noticing the wound on Clementine's arm, however, Luke initially assumes it to be a walker bite and begins to discuss with Pete over what to do, only for Clementine to tell them that it was a dog bite. Still skeptical, Luke and Pete continue arguing if they should leave her here or not to. Pete eventually decides to give her the benefit of the doubt and take her to their cabin, where she can be seen to by their doctor. Again exhausted and wounded, Clementine passes out and eventually stirs from consciousness only to wake up as several other people argue over what to do with her. Noticing someone with an uncanny resemblance to Kenny, Clementine is initially surprised and  causes the individual, revealed to be Nick, to become startled and accidentally fire off their gun close to Clementine's proximity. After further arguing between the group and herself over the origin of her wound, Clementine is examined by Carlos who's still unable to determine whether or not she was bitten by a walker. It is speculated whether or not Carlos is an actual doctor, due to his inability to differentiate a dog bite from a human.

Ultimately the group decides to temporarily hold Clementine in the shed until the following day so they can see whether or not she will develop the fever usually associated with infection, despite Clementine's requests for her wound to be treated before it worsens. Deciding to find the supplies to treat herself, Clementine uses a hammer to break away a board blocking off a hole that leads outside of the shed. Clementine has a choice to either sneak into the cabin through a gap beneath the patio and making her way inside via a trap door. Alternatively, she can eavesdrop on a conversation between Rebecca and Alvin. After Rebecca leaves the room, she can then knock on the window, catching Alvin's attention. She has the option to persistently talk to him, with enough vigor can persuade Alvin to give her some supplies as well as a juice box. Once inside, you can eavesdrop on the group's meeting, she finds them still unable to decide over what to do with her and heads upstairs to acquire the necessary resources from the various rooms, including a roll of rags from the main bedroom to serve as a makeshift bandage. Whilst in the bathroom, she's able to acquire a needle but is forced to hide after hearing someone approaching, and notices Rebecca in a visibly distressed state, worriedly talking to herself about the identity of her baby before leaving. Clementine then heads into the other bedroom, only to notice that Sarah is inside and has discovered her. Despite this, she willingly offers her help to Clementine and displays a friendly interest in her, curious as to whether or not she's her friend. Regardless, she offers a bottle of peroxide normally used by her dad to treat her when she's cut to Clementine and asks that she doesn't tell anyone that she helped her.

Heading back to the shed, Clementine painfully disinfects her wound with the peroxide before using the needle and some fishing wire to suture her wound shut, only to accidentally drop the roll of rags near the hole in the wall. Reaching down to grab it, she's suddenly attacked by a walker which had been attracted by her cries of pain and grabs her by the foot, breaking its way through the hole in the process. Climbing atop her, the walker attempts to bite Clementine in a similar manner that Sandra had attempted to bite Lee in "A New Day" but is knocked back after Clementine hits it with a brick, before she's able to use a rake to push it back and impale it onto a nearby anchor. Before it is able to pull itself free, Clementine quickly grabs the hammer and begins to bludgeon the walker over the head with it, again shadowing Lee's killing of Sandra in the previous season, just as the others burst into the shed after hearing the noise.

After briefly arguing amongst themselves, Clementine's allowed into the cabin with them where her wound's examined and bandaged by Carlos. Carlos then says Clementine should stay away from his daughter, Sarah. Clementine can either apologise, making Carlos say she's forgiven, or say something else making Carlos say the opposite. Luke then comes in immediately after Carlos leaves with some food, who appears to have changed his previously skeptical attitude towards her. The two make conversation, where Clementine's given the opportunity to confide in him about her past and mention Lee, including the lessons he passed onto her. Nick soon enters the room to apologise to Clementine for his earlier outburst against her, and if prompted it's revealed by Luke that Nick's mother had been previously killed by a bite victim they had allowed into the group. Nick then leaves while Pete comes in and says something about the place being lit in the middle of the woods making Luke saying it's time to turn in anyways. Pete also says they're going out to fish in the morning. Rebecca also turns up and warns that Clementine shouldn't get too comfortable around the group.

The following day, Clementine and Pete are seen out in the woods on a fishing trip where Pete talks about Nick's childhood. Nick soon catches up with them and displays annoyance at one particular story being told, though Clementine can attempt to defuse the situation. Arriving at the river, they are met with the sight of several fresh corpses scattered across the banks and Pete briefly mentions that an individual referred as Carver may have been responsible for it, and decides to investigate the scene for any clues as to who is responsible for it. Whilst searching, Clementine discovers her backpack next to one of the bodies and suddenly realizes that the body's still alive, and belongs to one of the bandits who had previously attacked her and Christa. Injured and weak, the bandit asks for water and Clementine is given the option of refusing or granting his request, but before she can question him further a number of walkers begin to emerge from the woods on either side.

Pete's attacked and bitten on the leg, though he claims that he had merely lost his footing whilst at the same time a number of walkers attack Nick. Clementine's forced between saving either of the two; if she saves Pete, Nick will eventually fight off the walkers, but will be seen fleeing into the woods, whilst if she saves Nick, then Pete will ultimately be killed by the walkers. The episode then ends with Clementine and her companion quickly fleeing into the woods.

"A House Divided"[]

The episode starts with walkers pounding against the doors of the truck/cabin Clementine and Pete/Nick (Depending on whoever you saved at the end of "All That Remains").

If you saved Nick: he will block the door of the cabin with a crate, and Clementine will begin to search around. After moving a large piece of plywood Clementine discovers some jars, to which Nick identifies are filled with whiskey. The two spend the night inside and Clementine is awoken by Nick throwing empty jars at the walls. After a brief conversation and an offer to have a drink, Clementine and, if convinced, Nick, will leave to find the larger cabin. If you convince Nick, he will distract walkers so Clementine can escape.

If you saved Pete: the episode will open with the two catching their breath inside a small truck. Pete will ask for Clementine to hand him a saw to cut his leg off due to his bite, but decides not to, believing he would just bleed out and Clementine couldn't get him back to the cabin. After they spend the night, Clementine wakes to find a weakened and dying Pete. After a conversation, Clementine can convince Pete to say goodbye to Nick and go with her, and leaves the truck. If Pete is convinced, he will distract walkers to allow Clementine to escape.

After Clementine reaches the cabin, she meets Carlos and Rebecca sitting at the dining room table. They ask where Luke and Alvin are, revealing they left looking for them. After the two gather guns, Carlos asks Clementine to look after Sarah while they're out. When Clementine opens Sarah's door, she will surprise Clementine by taking a picture of her when she opens the door. After a conversation and having the option to take a picture of her, Sarah will reveal she also found a gun underneath the house. After pointing it around, she sees who she thinks is Luke outside approaching the cabin. Sarah then notices it's not Luke and it might be someone else she knows, and is visually afraid of him.

After choosing to open or lock the door, a man will enter the cabin and begin to ask Clementine questions, including one where she can say her name is Carley. The man snoops around the cabin, asks about the group Clementine is currently staying with, while trying to avoid some of Clementine's questions, and after he believes he sees something, he goes to check it out. He goes up to Sarah's room where she is hiding under the bed, nearly being caught. Before he leaves, if a picture is taken, the man will discover it on the floor, and soon after tells Clementine not to trust the Cabin Group and leaves.

Carlos, Rebecca, Luke and Alvin (and Nick, if not saved in "All That Remains") enter from the kitchen entrance where Clementine and Sarah tell them of what happened with the man. The group believe it was Carver and was looking for them. Luke and Carlos tell the group they will have to pack up and leave for the north. Along the way, Rebecca speaks with Clementine in a nicer tone than her previous conversations with her, and come across where Clementine was with Nick/Pete last. If Clementine was with Nick, they will find him inside the cabin, alive and well. If Clementine was with Pete, the group will find his body, stomach torn open and a bullet in his head. They continue on their way where the game skips to 5 days later and the group comes across a bridge.

Clementine and Luke go to clear the path on the bridge and proceed to kill a few walkers, with Luke nearly falling off into the river. After nearly crossing, the duo come across a man with a rifle who proceeds to ask questions. The man lowers his guard believing they are friendly and offers them food, until Nick comes up from far behind believing the man would kill Clementine and Luke. Despite Clementine and Luke's efforts to stop Nick, he shoots the man in the neck and falls into the river.

The rest of the group crosses the bridge and Alvin will ask for Clementine to search the small cabin for any food for Rebecca, who insists she is fine. After searching the cabin, Clementine comes across a hunting knife in which she pries open a chest with canned food in it. Alvin will walk in and ask for the food for Rebecca and to keep the knowledge of said food quiet from everyone else. After the conversation is over, everyone notices a small herd of walkers crossing the bridge and leave.

The group reaches a ski resort and notices it is somewhat reinforced. After Clementine checks the view in case of any followers, she finds some lights flashing near the forest and the bridge, until she notices the group is being confronted by another one. She goes through the group to find Kenny, still alive, along with his new girlfriend Sarita and his friend Walter. The dispute is instantly settled after they see Clementine and Kenny reuniting.

After catching up with Kenny, helping Sarita and Sarah hang up some Christmas ornaments, talking to Walter about dinner and talking with Rebecca about the baby, dinner will be served where Clementine will pick if she wants to eat with Kenny's group or the Cabin Group. The group you choose to sit with will begin to talk about the other, specifically Luke, Nick and Kenny. Eventually, Luke and Nick will sit at Kenny's table or Kenny will sit at the cabin's table and they will begin to talk and argue. After it's over, Kenny accidentally calls Clementine Duck and gets visually upset. Walter asks Clementine if she could help him outside.

Walter will begin to speak with Clementine outside on how he believes the world is still salvageable and speaks of his partner Matthew. After Kenny joins the two, they see a woman peering into the resort from outside, and they wonder if she is trustworthy, and Walter ends up giving her a large box of food to help feed her "family." Going back inside, Luke tells Clementine that the man on the bridge was Walter's partner Matthew, and not to tell Nick or Walter. Nick walks up and discovers who the man he killed was and Luke takes him away to have a drink before telling Clementine to retrieve the knife she found from her backpack, presuming it was Matthew's. When she goes to take it, Clementine finds it missing and that Walter has it and is standing on the porch. Clementine speaks with him where he asks how Matthew died and if Nick is a good man or not. After Nick walks up to them, Walter begins breaking down and asks for Nick to tell him what happened. He throws the knife away and the windmill begins to spin rapidly due to the storm, making a loud sound that would bring in walkers.

Kenny, Luke, Carlos, Walter, Sarita, Nick and Clementine go to stop the windmill and fend off walkers. Kenny and Luke go somewhere else as Clementine fixes the windmill and the others cover her. After picking off a few walkers, Nick struggles with a walker. Depending on what you told Walter, if Nick was good or not, he would either save Nick or let him be eaten. The latter would result in Nick's death. After running inside, the others hear machine-gun fire as a small group walks out from the woods and finishes off the walkers with assault rifles. This group consists of the man who entered the cabin, the woman looking into the resort and two other men. The man is identified as Carver by Carlos, who the former begins to beat. Sarah runs outside to protect her father from harm. Carver orders the group to go inside where he puts everyone on the ground ready for execution. Alvin, Clementine and Rebecca speak of what they should do.

If they surrender, Clementine and Alvin will be sat down. Kenny snipes one of the men and Carver and takes over ordering for Kenny to stop. After he misses the shot, Carver takes Walter and executes him, saying it was for his man. He then picks up Alvin and speaks of someone named George Alvin had apparently killed. If Clementine tells Kenny to surrender or if she runs to protect Alvin, he will be spared and Kenny gives himself up. If Clementine is silent or tells Carver to stop, Kenny will fire at Carver and hit him in the shoulder, where he gets back up and shoots Alvin in the head, killing him. He will then threaten to kill Clementine, in which Kenny turns himself in.

If Clementine escapes, she finds Kenny with a rifle trying to save the group. He successfully picks off the same man if Clementine surrendered and Kenny misses the same shot and Carver executes Walter. Kenny cries out and fires more, still missing his shots. Carver picks Alvin up and Clementine can tell Kenny to fire or to surrender. Firing will have Kenny hit Carver in the shoulder and then kill Alvin. Carver will then threaten to kill Sarita in which Kenny surrenders. If they surrender immediately, Alvin will be spared.

Afterwards, Luke is still not present and Carver assumes he ran to save himself. He then orders his remaining people to take the survivors "home", and the episode ends.

"In Harm's Way"[]

The episode starts with Clementine staring at a butterfly on a tree. She has the option to touch it, but when she is about to touch it, the butterfly flies away. Sarah is with her, and it is hinted that they took a bathroom rest in the woods. Sarah then thanks Clementine for not leaving her and the rest of the group when Carver held them captive at the lodge, though she knows Clementine were forced to do so. Clementine can then say that they are in this together. Troy shouts for them to come over, while Carver talks to someone on a walkie-talkie telling that they might be return in about 30 minutes. After that, Carver tells Troy to restrain Clementine and Sarah's hands. After they get tied up again, Carver catches Clementine eavesdropping on his conversation with the rest of his 'men'. Carver tells Clementine that listening in upon someone else's conversation is not polite. There are some options you could choose, and Carver's reaction to it differs. If you choose to just glare at Carver, Carver slaps Clementine to the ground. Sarah would then back up Clementine and tell him that Clementine is her friend. The two then went back inside of the truck, meeting with the rest of the group. Kenny sees the bruise on Clementine's cheek, hinting that Carver hurt her, and Kenny angrily yells at Carver, Troy, and Bonnie to tell him what they did to her.

In the truck, the group talks about what they have to do next. Kenny suggests that they ought to do something. It's your choice to side with Kenny or not. Either way, Kenny uses a sharp metal scrap on the truck's wall to cut hand bindings loose. After doing so, Kenny tells the group that Luke apparently left them behind, but the rest of the group don't believe that, and warn Kenny that going against Carver is dangerous. When the truck is about to arrive at Howe's Hardware, Carlos tells everyone that they are close. Kenny then walks towards the door, waiting for it to be opened, but the truck bumps, causing Kenny to smack his face into the door. He falls down and loses consciousness for a second. Sarita rushes in to make sure he is okay.

The truck is opened by Troy, who is joined by Tavia and a seemingly-apologetic Bonnie, who seems troubled by the events at the ski lodge. The group then walks to the inside of the hardware store. Carver tell his men that they are welcoming some new and old guests, and Troy would take Carlos away, telling him he has work to do. Sarah is concerned about this, saying that she needs her father because he looks after her. Clementine has an option to coax her away or just stay quiet. The rest of the group are then locked out in a garden certre called "the pen", which is an area where those who break Carver's rules are sent to earn their way back. The group then are greeted by Reggie, an old friend, over whom Rebecca and the others are in shock to find out that he had lost his arm, thinking it was their fault because he helped them escape previously. Reggie tells them that he was working outside when a walker snuck up on him and bit him in the arm, which was immediately amputated by another worker, Mike. Because Carver gave Reggie a second chance, he seems to be loyal to him. Reggie, however, tells the group that he would help them try to escape again once he gains Carver's trust again. He tries to reason with them, telling them it's not so bad there. But when they tell about the events of the ski lodge, and of Walt's and Alvin's (Determinant) murder(s) at the hands of Carver, he has second thoughts.

When the group revealed Pete's death to Reggie, he seems to be saddened about it.

Kenny says to Clementine that he doesn't think he can trust Reggie and you can choose to tell Kenny whether you think he's trustworthy or not. Before they are ordered to sleep, Clementine has options to talk to all of them, while Kenny talks to Reggie to distract him so that Clementine can check for possible ways to escape. You can look at Jane (she will stare at you furiously), look at Mike, look at the rope close to the wall, touch the fence and the garage shutter. If you do the last ones, Reggie will say to Clementine "stop being like that" and Kenny reassures him she is doing nothing wrong. When she reaches Nick (If saved in "A House Divided"), Nick would mention that he keeps thinking about Luke, and disagreeing that 'Luke abandoned them', and Clementine has an option to side with either him or Kenny, who thinks that Luke has left them for sure. Either way, Nick would say that he would try to get some rest. You can talk to Rebecca, and she is sorry that she hasn't said to Alvin that she loved him in the past weeks. Neither way, she will say she appreciates your concern. If you talk with Sarah, she won't talk too much and will say she doesn't want to put Reggie in trouble. Troy brings back Carlos and says that he will shoot anyone who stays awake. Before the group goes to sleep, Kenny asks Clementine if she will be willing to escape. All the answers will be inclined to a 'yes'.

In the morning, Troy will kick Clementine to wake her up. Carver is making a speech and Sarah tries to chat with Clementine while Carver is speaking. Even if you ask Sarah to be quiet, she will insist, and Carver then commands Carlos to give Sarah a "good smack across the mouth" for being impolite. Afterwards, the group are made to do chores. Tavia orders Clementine to go see Bonnie, implying that she has some work for Clementine.

Note: If you were able to get Shel and Becca to the group in "400 Days", they will be shown talking to each other about Clementine and Sarah.

Clementine reaches Bonnie, and the chore she is given is to load gun magazines. While doing so, Bonnie apologizes about her lying to Clementine, Kenny, and Walter when she was caught back at the lodge. She says she never thought strangers would be so kind to her (referring to Walter's kindness in giving her a generous supply of food). After that, Bonnie would mention Luke and how he tried to tell her that Carver's community is not what it seems to be, and they need to leave. In that part of the conversation, it seemed Luke is an optimistic person, but considered crazy by the most of the people there. The reason the community had food and shelter is why Bonnie chose to stay. Regardless, Bonnie says that she is hoping Luke is fine out there. After the work, Bonnie gives Clementine a jacket which she found back in the lodge.

Afterwards, Tavia talks to Bonnie through a walkie-talkie and tells her to send Clementine to her. Bonnie then sends her away, after which Clementine is placed in a greenhouse along with Sarah and Reggie. Tavia then puts Reggie in charge of the girls and she then leaves the trio to their tasks - to tend the plants. Reggie teaches them how to do the chores, but Sarah is so upset about what happened at the speech that she is unable to do it. Reggie asks Clementine if Sarah is alright, because he didn't want to get in trouble because of her. While Clementine is about to do her chores, Clementine is given two options about whether she helps Sarah, who is still standing motionless, or to continue her own chores.

(If Clementine chooses to help Sarah): Clementine leaves her task and aids Sarah for most of the time. Reggie checks on them, and becomes distressed when he sees she hasn’t done her work. Carver then visits the greenhouse to check on the girls only for him to see Clementine slacking on her task. 

(If Clementine chooses not to help Sarah): Clementine and Sarah will both complete their tasks, but Sarah will fail at stripping the right branches off of her plants. Carver then visits the greenhouse to check on the girls only to see that Sarah's work was poorly done.

Carver then becomes frustrated at Reggie and then sends Clementine and Sarah outside of the greenhouse to have a private conversation with Reggie, who seems sorry about what happened. Not so long after that, Carver pushes Reggie out of the greenhouse while Reggie begs for his life. Carver then pushes Reggie off the roof, killing him on impact. Clementine is then told by Carver to go back to inside the building, staying behind to speak with Sarah.

Then, Carver will ask you to go find Bonnie downstairs. Bonnie asks Clementine to move some supplies to the guys working at the expansion and then says that she really likes the coat she gave to Clementine. She will ask what's wrong with her, and Clementine can lie (say Reggie fell), tell the truth, or omit what happened. After reaching the end of the expansion, Kenny is seen arguing with Mike about doing forced labor. After killing one walker using a shelf, and almost being killed by another walker, Troy saves Clementine and demands that she go back inside. On the way to get back inside, Clementine is ambushed and pulled into a comic shop. It is revealed to be Luke, who explains that he followed them there and had not slept since. He implies that there are guards stationed all the time and everywhere. He says he spotted a large herd of zombies nearby and how they can be used as a means to escape. Luke then asks Clementine to get a walkie-talkie and meet him there at about the same time tomorrow. Upon leaving the comic shop, Troy will stop Clementine and demand to know what she was doing in there. After an exchange, Troy will tell Clementine to go meet Carver in his office.

Note: If you were able to get Wyatt to the group in "400 Days", he will be seen now, saying to Clementine that Carver doesn't like to wait and to hurry up.

When Clementine arrives at the office, Rebecca leaves crying and Carver says she is a strong woman. In the office, if you saved Alvin at the lodge, he will appear unconscious in a chair. Carver starts to explain why he killed Reggie and asks Clementine to be honest. Carver implies directly that he thinks Clementine is similar to him, referencing his first meeting with Clementine in "A House Divided". He said he wants his child to be raised just like her, and you can choose to say it's not his baby or ask what if the baby isn't his. Regardless, Carver answers that the baby is his now.

Clementine returns to the group as they are discussing how they can escape. Most of them agreed with the idea of giving Luke the walkie-talkie and choose a good time to escape, but Kenny says they should use something really loud to attract the walkers (mentioning Molly, in Crawford), but some of them think it's too dangerous.They start to discuss that it is impossible to pass through a herd of walkers without dying. Jane then speaks for the first time in the episode and states that she does it all the time. Clementine can say Lee and her used the same method to escape the Marsh House.

Michael then lifts Clementine up to the roof until the guards return and he has to let go of the rope, forcing Clementine to grab onto a nearby ladder and climb the rest of the way herself. After sneaking across the roof, Clementine opens the skylight window over the storage room, and climb down. Tavia is seen pacing around the room, talking to someone on the walkie-talkie, and accidentally referring to Clementine and the rest of the new arrivals as, "prisoners". Clementine then takes two radios, and scales the storage room shelves back up to the roof.

Note: If you were able to get Vince to the group in "400 Days", he will be seen now, telling Tavia she can not smoke in there. From the dialog it can be inferred that he was reprimanded before, and does not want that happen again.

Clementine sneaks back to the group with the walkie talkies and lays in her bunk. Kenny reminisces about Duck, saying how he misses him and remembers him doing dumb things, such as always running around no matter where they went. The next morning, the group tries to decide who should deliver the walkie-talkie to Luke, but are interrupted by the arrival of Troy. Kenny quickly places the radio in Clementine's pocket. On their way to work, Bonnie asks Clementine to come with her, after explaining that she wants Clementine to be safe. Bonnie says that Carver assured her that Reggie's death was necessary. Clementine seems anxious about having the radio in her pocket and Bonnie asks if she is alright. Bonnie says she can count on her and you can tell the truth, admit, or say you don't trust her. No matter what you say to her, she will let you go.

Note: If you were able to get Russell to the group in "400 Days", he will be seen now. Clementine appears running close to him, and he says that she needs to get going.

Clementine will enter the place she met Luke the previous day but he isn't there. Clementine shouts and looks for Luke, but Troy enters the store pissed off and slaps Clementine. He takes Clementine back to the group and Luke is there, implying that Carver found him. Luke was trying to get some food and got caught. Carver also discovered about the walkie-talkie. He says he wants the other one and started counting to three. Clementine can either say she has it, she found it, she thinks he lost it or stay quiet. No matter what you choose, when Clementine opens her mouth, Kenny gets the radio and gives it to Carver, saying it was with him. Carver starts to beat up Kenny. Sarita starts screaming and running to defend Kenny, but Carlos holds her. At this point, you can choose to:

(Restrain Sarita): Clementine will help Carlos restrain Sarita until she calms down. Then Bonnie shows up to tell Carver to stop and that there's a breach.

(Help Kenny): Clementine will run to aid Kenny, immediately Troy will hit her in the face attempting to stop her, giving her a cut. Bonnie arrives and says the same thing.

(Do Nothing): Clementine will do nothing and Sarita breaks free and will run to aid Kenny, immediately Troy will hit her in the face attempting to stop her, giving her a cut. Bonnie arrives and says the same thing.

Carver asks Bonnie to watch the group and says they won't have supper. Bonnie tells Carlos to help Kenny because they are leaving this night. The group is surprised. Clementine wakes up and Luke says they shouldn't go that night because Kenny is hurt, Sarita is in no shape to do anything and he himself is a "goddamn mess". He proposes to go another night and Luke agrees. Rebecca and Mike do not agree, and say they need to leave tonight. Carlos comes back and says Kenny's orbital is crushed and he's probably blind, but he doesn't know if there's any brain damage, since he's not awake. Luke suggests to leave some of them (referring to Sarita and Kenny) behind, and all the group disagrees. When Luke says he doesn't want to leave Kenny, Kenny appears and says they have to go that night.

They agree to meet up in a Civil War museum not too far from there, in case they miss each other. They ask Clementine to turn on the outside speakers, to attract walkers. Rebecca gives some information about the speakers and Clementine goes to Carver's office. If you saved Alvin, he will still be there. After connecting some cables and putting a CD, Clementine is able to get the speakers working really loud. (Determinant) Alvin comes close to her, in a really bad shape, and opens a drawer to get a gun. He says it's ironic that a man like Carver would have such a little gun, and says he wants to do a "good last thing", before he dies and kills one of Carver's men. Clementine gets out and goes to the stockroom, where the group is with Carver. Clementine jumps on Carver (or shoots him in the cheek if you grabbed the gun in the drawer) and Luke takes his gun. Luke asks what he should do with Carver but Kenny shoots Carver in the knee. Kenny grabs a crowbar and ask everyone to get out because they don't need to see this. At first most of them don't want to kill him like that, but everyone goes out except Rebecca. You can choose to:

(Stay to watch): Clementine calmly rejects Sarita’s offer, and stays to watch Kenny. Carver taunts him, before getting brutally murdered with a crowbar.He then goes out with Clementine and Rebecca. Rebecca then grabs Carver's pistol off his corpse.

(Go with Sarita): Clementine follows Sarita out. Carver will say to her that he knows she wants to watch. But Clementine exits the stockroom calmly.

Luke gives Clementine a carpenter's hatchet to protect herself as walkers begin to approach. They kill a walker and begin to cover themselves with walker blood. Clementine applies the blood to Sarah's back, with the help of Carlos. He does the same for Clementine. Suddenly, Troy gets out to see the group escaping only to get furious. While Luke reaches for an assault rifle,Troy notices him and threatens to shoot him if he tries anything. Jane intervenes by calmly approaching Troy while holding a gun and attempts to sweet talk him by proposing to run away together, which Troy agrees after a while. While off guard Jane shoots him in the crotch, takes his assault rifle and leaves him to be devoured by walkers. As they prepare to enter the herd Jane will speak to the group on how to act in a herd. While the group is walking amongst the walkers, Carver's group starts to shoot at the walkers from the rooftop to protect the community. Because of all the tension Sarah starts to panic and Carlos asks Clementine to calm her down as she is her friend. Suddenly, Carlos is shot in the neck by one of Carver's guards who mistakes him for a walker and is then bitten by some walkers in which causes his death. As Sarah witnesses her father's death, she starts to scream, her cries attracts walkers and then runs away. After managing to kill a couple of walkers, Clementine hears Sarita's cries, and then realizes that she's being attacked by a walker, which is biting her wrist. Clementine will then go to Sarita's aid, prompting two choices:

(Cut Sarita's Arm): Clementine will hit Sarita's arm twice, severing it. Sarita will then be holding her bleeding arm in horror, as she screams the episode ends violently.

(Cut Walker's skull): Clementine will hit the walker's skull, releasing it from Sarita. Then Sarita will look at her bitten hand in pain and then at Clementine in worry.

"Amid The Ruins"[]

If you hacked Sarita's arm off: the episode starts with Sarita screaming in pain. Staggering, she asks Clementine why she cut her hand off, before the walkers surround and attack her. Hearing her screams, Kenny comes to her aid, alongside Mike. He is able to kill all of the walkers, but Sarita collapses and is already dying of blood loss. Kenny becomes angry at Clementine, blaming her for what happened to Sarita, and tells her to stay away from both of them. Clementine will then have to choose to either axe Sarita to end her suffering, or persuade Kenny to leave. If the latter is chosen, Kenny still refuses to leave, and Clementine can choose to axe Sarita or do nothing. Doing nothing will result in Kenny leaving Sarita to reanimate. Kenny is still angry at Clementine and blames her even more with increased hostility. Mike grabs Kenny, and the two run off, leaving Clementine behind to escape on her own.

If you killed the walker that attacked Sarita: Sarita will panic at the sight of her infected arm. Kenny and Mike arrive to assist, and the three escape the herd together, though Clementine is left behind to escape on her own.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of how you rescued Sarita: Clementine gets left behind and manages to fend off some walkers by herself. Luke and Nick (if the latter was saved in the events of "A House Divided") run away from the herd and try to catch up with Sarah. If Nick is alive, he is shot at the back of his shoulder by the members of Carver's group, though it is unknown whether the shot was intended or it was accidental like it was for Carlos. Regardless, both Luke and Nick escape into the forest after Sarah.

Clementine kills more walkers as she searches for her group, applying more walker guts on her in the process. Clementine can shout for Kenny, Luke or keep quiet, but someone grabs her from behind. startling her. However, she is relieved when she sees that it is Rebecca. Rebecca is thankful that she found Clementine and tells her that Luke was with her but was separated from him. Not so long afterwards, the two realize that they have to get out from there; Clementine sees an opening far ahead, and so they both attempt to run forth to escape, only to be surrounded once more and retreat back to where they were. Jane stumbles across them, telling them to stay calm and walk slowly, but Rebecca begins panicking, running to a tree and hiding behind it, pleading Jane for her help. Jane suggests they spread out in order to avoid getting caught and Clementine could say she agrees with Jane, or stay with Rebecca's side. In either choice, Jane returns to where she left Clementine and Rebecca, and devises a plan to help them to get through the herd. Jane then asks Clementine to get a walker's attention so that Jane could use it as a "cow-catcher". Clementine  successfully draws the attention of the nearby walker, while Jane sneaks up behind it and removes its jaw from, thus preventing it from biting them. Jane uses the walker as a camouflage and pushes through the herd, with Rebecca and Clementine walking behind her. The three manage to successfully escape the herd into the forest.

Later, the three are seen walking through the forest towards Parker's Run, but Rebecca begins to lag behind, and so Clementine asks Rebecca how she is doing. She notes that her pregnancy is increasingly draining her energy, and Clementine is seen to be visually concerned about Rebecca's well being. Rebecca thanks Jane for saving them back at Howe's Hardware, but Jane also allows Clementine to receive some of the credit. Jane persists to keep them moving forward, but allows Rebecca to rest for a minute when she asks. A conversation about Rebecca's baby ensues, and when Jane asks about what she will do with the baby, Rebecca takes offense, even though Jane apologizes. The group have a short argument, with Jane revealing that she once had a sister, later known to be Jaime, and the argument ends ultimately with Jane storming off ahead with the other two following towards Parker's Run.

Jane, Rebecca, and Clementine reach Parker's Run and are delighted to find Bonnie and Mike waiting for them. They discuss the fact that Nick, Luke and Sarah are yet to arrive at the meeting place, and that Kenny is sitting nearby seemingly broken. Mike states that Kenny flipped out when he attempted to talk to him, and so Mike and Bonnie suggest for Clementine to talk to Kenny and see if he is okay.

Kenny is heard talking about Sarita and asking for her forgiveness as Clementine approaches. As Clementine talks, he remains silent and becomes hostile towards her, stating that just because she is a little girl, it does not mean people will not care if she gets someone killed and that being sorry is not enough. He becomes increasingly hostile, and this forces Clementine to back out and leave him alone. She returns to the others and continues to discuss their plan of action, with Mike being skeptical about bringing a baby into this world without food or water. Clementine suggests they should go find Luke, Sarah and Nick, (Determinant) to which Rebecca agrees. As a result, Jane volunteers to search for them, asking Clementine to go along with her. Rebecca thanks Jane for this decision, and the two head out into the forest.

While walking, Jane says how she is not sure they will be able to find Sarah or the others, but Clementine can choose to disagree. Either way, Jane will mention that Clementine must be smart, otherwise she would not have made it this far. The two discuss whether or not being in a group is the best option, and if surviving on ones own is the more pragmatic solution, ending with Jane giving Clementine some advice about her group, claiming that it is "cracking" and won't last for much longer with only "broken decisions". Jane then reveals more of her previous life with her sister, Jaime, recalling the memories of having a little sister and annually visiting an amusement park in Virginia during the Summer.

Momentarily, Jane spots an area ahead, and the two come across the Sunshine Mobile Home Park where two fresh walkers lay dead on the ground. Jane teaches Clementine to make sure the walkers are dead, and that only fresh walkers contain useful loot. They search the walkers and discover bullets and a nail file. Further, when they push a walker corpse to the side, Clementine discovers Sarah's glasses on the ground underneath the walker, signalling that Sarah had once been here. Clementine can call out for Sarah's name, or discuss what to do with Jane, but before they decide what to do, Sarah's screams are heard from within the trailer park, as well as Luke's voice.

Together, they discover a hole in the fence allowing entry into the trailer park, but (If saved in "A House Divided") they discover that a zombified Nick is caught in the fence. Jane requests that Clementine should be the one to end him, which she does so momentarily afterwards with three hatchet blows. Jane gives Clementine more advice not to hesitate if she has to do this to other members of her group, and she also gives her a more agile weapon - a scratch awl. After entering the trailer park, they discover two walkers close by. Clementine defeats one of them, and Jane decided to attack the other, while also demonstrating a new tactic to Clementine; to kick the walkers in the knees and then stab them in the back of the head. They press onward and discover two more walkers blocking view of a trailer where Sarah and Luke are hiding. As they advance towards these walkers, Clementine gets caught by a nearby walker that jumps on her. Clementine manages to defeat this walker as Jane takes care of one of the other walkers. Clementine finishes off the last walker, using the tactic that Jane just taught her, to which Jane will be pleasantly surprised and merit her use of the tactic.

Ahead, they find the trailer park where Sarah and Luke are hiding, but discover that the trailer is surrounded by walkers attracted to Sarah's screams. The two decide they need to find a way to lure the walkers away, and Clementine decides to use the horn of a nearby car to do so. Together, they drag a walker corpse to the vehicle and leave it on top of the steering wheel, creating the monotonous horn sound which manages to successfully attract the walkers away from the trailer. Jane and Clementine quickly enter another trailer to the side in order to get around to Sarah and Luke's trailer. However, there are two walkers which they must dispose of first, which they do so with ease. The two manage to reach the outside of Sarah and Luke's trailer, but discover the door to be locked. It turns out that the walker that was left on the steering wheel had fallen off, resulting in the horn being silenced and the walkers beginning to return to the trailer in which Sarah is screaming. Running out of time, Clementine attempts to open the door while Jane defends her from the walkers. Clementine eventually manages to break open the door by kicking it down, and once inside, the two immediately pull over furniture to block the door from walkers.

Once inside, Luke comes out to find them, and Clementine can reveal Nick's death to Luke (If Nick was saved in "A House Divided") to which he is horrified and saddened. Luke then explains the situation, and that Sarah had run to this trailer park for shelter and hasn't moved since. Clementine rushes over to find Sarah huddled in the corner of a room in shock, presumably over her father's death. Clementine attempts to talk to her in order to get her to move, but time begins to run out as the trailer is surrounded by walkers. Luke notes that the only exit is now a skylight. Walkers begin to break the main door down, and Jane rushes to help block it, also asking for Luke's help in doing so. After failing to get Sarah to move, Clementine will go help Jane and Luke, looking for something they could climb on top on to reach the skylight. It turns out that the furniture they used to block the door is the only item they can use to do so, and together they quickly move it over to where the skylight is, with Jane defeating the attacking walkers that can now easily walk through the door. Luke is the first to exit the skylight, and it is then up to Clementine to convince Sarah to leave or to let her stay. If she convinces her to leave, Clementine will ultimately have to slap Sarah in order to get her to move through the skylight, but if she leaves Sarah, the latter will start screaming for Clementine and become engulfed by walkers as Clementine and Jane exit through the skylight. Depending on Clementine's choice, all four, or only three of the survivors can return to Parker's Run.

On returning, they discover that Rebecca is in increasing pain from her pregnancy, and that Kenny is residing within a nearby tent. Clementine decides to talk with Kenny and asks for his help with Rebecca's pregnancy as Kenny is the only person that has had experience with a birth in the past. Kenny, although resentful at first, agrees to help. The group decides to look for supplies and a safe shelter nearby, and so Jane goes towards the local observation deck and gift shop, while Bonnie and Mike head towards a nearby museum. Clementine will ultimately go with Jane to the observation deck.

Upon reaching the deck, Clementine will find Jane sitting on a bench, and the two will discuss the situation more whilst walking to the observation deck. At the top, they discover an ideal safe location for Rebecca to give birth, however, it is locked under a padlock and will take some time to open. Without warning, Clementine spots a stranger approaching the observation deck from afar, and this forces the two to hide. The man climbs to the top and attempts to stuff a bag into a garbage bin, but Clementine startles him by talking to him. The man reacts with hostility and points his gun at her, saying he will not hesitate to shoot her. As Clementine begins talking to him, Jane sneaks up behind him and disarms him, forcing him to drop his bag. The man reveals his name to be Arvo, and Clementine discovers the bag to be filled with medical supplies. Clementine can choose either to keep the supplies for themselves, or give them back to Arvo. Either option will result in Jane threatening Arvo to never come to this area again, before sending him away. Jane returns to breaking the padlock while Clementine returns to Parker's Run.

She discovers that Rebecca is in great pain, and can offer her the medicine she acquired (If she chose to steal it from Arvo) to ease her pain, to which she is grateful. Kenny will question the fact that Bonnie and Mike still aren't back from the museum, and he suggests that Clementine should go and check up on them, to which she agrees. If Sarah was saved from the trailer park, Clementine can talk to her, and Sarah will claim that she is waiting for Carlos to come back, making Clementine appear visibly worried about Sarah. After the conversation, Clementine will continue towards the museum.

On arrival, she finds Bonnie and Mike squabbling due to finding no supplies yet, but welcome Clementine to join in their search. Clementine manages to discover a Civil War Confederate coat that could be used as a blanket. She also later discovers two water barrels in a locked room. Bonnie and Mike join her, as she manages to open the window gate partially, allowing herself to squeeze through into the other room to unlock the door. To her shock, Clementine gets stuck half-way through, but suddenly a walker rises up from the locked room and grabs Clementine. Mike begins to kick down the door as Bonnie attempts to pull Clementine out. If Clementine refuses to squeeze through, Bonnie will reach in the window gate in an attempt to unlock the door, and she gets grabbed by the walker instead, which will result in her getting her head hit, leaving a bruise around her eye. Mike manages to successfully kick down the door and knocks down the walker which Clementine then finishes off. Mike grabs the water barrels, and as they head outside, Bonnie notices a raccoon. The trio suggest capturing it and eating it later. After trying to capture it, the raccoon heads outside where it is revealed to have a family, and Clementine can either show that she is content or disappointed that it managed to escape. The three then head back to Parker's Run with the water barrels and coat.

As they return, Rebecca begins screaming in pain, attracting a herd of walkers nearby. The group quickly try to move Rebecca to the safer observation deck that Jane was working on earlier. Kenny and Mike (if Clementine asks Mike to help) will fend off the approaching walkers as the others get Rebecca away. Upon arriving at the observation deck, Clementine discovers that Luke and Jane had just finished having an affair, and Luke becomes shocked when Clementine arrives. Kenny instantly snaps and becomes hostile towards Luke as it was Luke's job to be on the lookout for walkers. Regardless, the walkers begin to climb the observation deck, and the group prepare for it. Kenny stays with Rebecca and deals with her birth, while the others secure the gate to ensure the walkers are unable to enter the deck. However, the gate begins to break, and Luke asks for Clementine to find something they can use to block the gate. She decides to use a nearby cannon to secure the gate, and Luke helps her wheel it over, but to their horror, the increased weight of the cannon causes a portion of the deck to collapse underneath them, causing both Sarah and Jane to topple over, as well as several walkers. Luke manages to clasp Jane's arm, but Sarah is trapped on the ground underneath piles of rubble and is unable to escape. Clementine can either help Jane up, or ask Jane to rescue Sarah. If the latter or silence is chosen, Jane will drop down and attempt to lift the rubble off of Sarah. However, a plank from the damaged deck falls and dazes Jane, causing her to stumble away, and by the time she regains consciousness, the walkers are already devouring Sarah. Alternatively, if Clementine chose to pull Jane up, then Sarah will be devoured regardless. Jane manages to get herself back onto the top of the deck as Clementine watches in sorrow at the death of Sarah.

Rebecca continues screaming from giving birth as Jane apologizes for the death, but she quickly notices that the walkers are using the collapsed deck to climb up towards them. Clementine or Luke will quickly decide that they need to collapse the rest of the deck, to which Clementine discovers that she could collapse it if she cut the remaining cable with her hatchet. Mike boosts her up in order to reach the cable, and Clementine manages to dislodge the mechanisms after three swipes, causing the remainder of the deck to collapse and crush the walker herd. The group quickly scurry and return to Rebecca, only to discover the lifeless baby in Kenny's arms. However, as the child seems lost, it begins to cough and breathe, and so the group retire for the night within the observation deck.

Later that night, Clementine talks with Rebecca about her baby, and offers Clementine to hold him, to which she can accept or decline. Kenny will then arrive and offer to look after the child for the night in order to allow Rebecca to get some rest. They will then decide the next plan of action, with Kenny suggesting that they head out northwards in the morning, but Luke disagrees, claiming that Rebecca is in no state to travel and that they should leave after a couple of days. Clementine can decide which options is to be taken, before she heads out onto the remaining small portion of deck to find Jane escaping. The two have a final conversation, with Jane giving Clementine some useful advice about survival, as well as offering the nail file to Clementine which she can accept or decline. Jane then takes off, as Luke comes to ask Clementine how she is doing. Luke breaks out in anger as he discovers that Jane had fled without saying goodbye, and Kenny arrives to continue arguing with Luke as the night ends.

When the group decide to leave, they head northwards as the location becomes coated in snowfall. Rebecca becomes visibly weak and collapses, halting their travel as she rests on a car tire. As Kenny and Luke persist arguing over the decision to leave earlier or later, the man that Clementine and Jane attacked earlier arrives, along with three other Russian people that hold Clementine's group at gunpoint. The man, Arvo, will ask where Jane is, and when Clementine tells him that she had left, Arvo believes it to be a trap, causing both groups to become hostile and aim guns towards one another. Clementine begins to hear the sounds of a walker, and turns in a horrified glance to find that Rebecca had died and zombified in mere minutes, still holding the baby in her arm. Clementine can either decide to shoot her, or call out for help to which Kenny will then shoot her. Either option will result in the groups being startled and the episode ending with several gunshots being fired.

"No Going Back"[]

The ultimate episode of Season Two opens with Clementine regaining her senses while on the ground. While Arvo is trying to resuscitate his sister, Kenny shoots at Vitali and Buricko fires at and hits Mike in the arm. Mike then takes cover with Bonnie and hides from more bullets. Clementine then notices Rebecca's baby lying on the snow, and has the option to grab it or run for cover with Luke, who is being fired upon by Buricko.

Go for Baby: Clementine manages to reach the baby then enlist herself into cover next to Luke while being shot at. After Clementine hides, Luke will then attempt to move to her, but get shot in his leg in the process.

Take Cover: Clementine will immediately go for the low wall Luke is hiding behind. After scanning the environment, Luke will notice the baby and run for it. He successfully reaches the baby and then runs back for cover with Clementine, but gets shot in the leg while running.

Regardless of Clementine's choice, Luke will be vulnerable on the ground as Buricko prepares to fire again. Before he can finish Luke off, however, Kenny kills him via a bullet to the head. Vitali then tries shooting at Kenny again, so he responds by taking Arvo hostage. While Kenny is demanding that Vitali reveal himself, Arvo's sister, Natasha, reanimates and attacks Clementine, though Clementine manages to put her down unscathed. Arvo breaks free of Kenny's grip, knocking the latter down. Vitali then moves in to kill Kenny, but Jane comes from behind and stabs him. While Vitali chokes on his blood, Kenny appears and ends his suffering. With no casualties aside from Rebecca, who the group mourns over following Vitali's death, Kenny attempts to kill Arvo, but the group and Clementine (Determinant) talk him down for the chance of food.

Arvo then leads the injured group through the forest until nightfall, where the group discovers an abandoned Power Station at which they decide to spend the night in around a fire. After scouting the area with Jane, Kenny returns and orders the group to tie Arvo up, insisting that the Russian is not to be trusted. The group reluctantly agrees to his command, and they leave Arvo out in the cold for the night while they huddle around the campfire.

Luke reveals that he believes it is his birthday or some time close to it. The group then talks about their past lives before the apocalypse and about Luke's sexual encounter with Jane the previous day/ three days before. Bonnie conjures and bottle of rum, of which she gives to Clementine to attempt to lure Jane and Kenny back to the fire.

At dawn, the group sets out again to find Arvo's haven. After a long period of walking while holding Arvo at gunpoint, Kenny is attacked by a zombie from behind. After Clementine saves him or he saves himself with a bullet, the group reaches a frozen lake, which Arvo claims that the Unfinished House across the lake is his hideout. The group ultimately decides to attempt to cross the ice, further prodded on by a small herd of walkers that have taken notice of them. Minus Luke, Bonnie and Clementine; the group successfully reached the other shore of the frozen lake, but drawn to the sound of cracking, both Clementine and Bonnie stop and see Luke on top of thin ice with cracks surrounding his feet.

Help Luke: Clementine will go towards Luke with him telling her not to and the ice cracks making them both fall. Clementine sees Luke get dragged under by a walker before Jane pulls her up. Luke drowns.

Cover Luke: Clementine shoots all of the walkers approaching while Bonnie tries to go over to help Luke, but the ice cracks. Both Bonnie and Luke will fall beneath the ice as Clementine looks at the crack in shock. Clementine then responds to a soft banging nearby, which is revealed to be Luke trying to escape. Clementine can either attempt to crack the ice, which will prompt everyone else to yell for her to stop, or let Luke drown. If the latter is chosen, Clementine will see Luke run out of breath and sink out of view. If Clementine successfully breaks the ice, though, she falls beneath it and finds Luke's corpse in front of her before Jane fishes her out of the water. Bonnie will manage to pull herself out of the water through the hole that Clementine made.

Jane lifts Clementine up and rushes her in the half built shelter Arvo was talking about (Unless you didn't save Bonnie then you just walk to the house). While Jane is looking for something to start a fire with, Kenny starts yelling at Arvo on how it's his fault and how he was lying. Mike and the group try to support Arvo but Kenny punches him in the face and starts hitting him. Clementine will break up the fight but is accidentally hit by Kenny, or alternatively Mike will get involved and pull Kenny off. After the scuffle, Jane comes back with food and tells Kenny that Arvo wasn't lying at all. Kenny regrets his actions but ties Arvo up for the night. The group goes to sleep in the shelter.

Clementine wakes up and sees Mike talking to Arvo about how Kenny wasn't right for doing that to him. Jane tells Clem that Kenny is outside trying to fix a truck that he found. Kenny requests for her help outside. She then helps Kenny try to fix the truck but it doesn't work. The two talk about possible locations to go to when it is fixed and how much longer AJ has to live. Kenny tells Clementine to go back into the house after another failure to fix the truck. Jane tells Clementine that she has to watch out for Kenny and that sooner or later she will have to make a decision on whether to leave him or continue with him. They both look outside and see Kenny got the truck up and running. When they're outside, along with Mike and Bonnie (Determinant) who heard the engine start, they have a debate on where to go. They prolong their decision by requesting a night to sleep on it.

In the middle of the night Clementine hears something outside. When she goes to investigate, she sees that it's Bonnie (Determinant), Arvo, and Mike trying to escape with the truck. Mike will try to take the gun from Clementine, of which she can threaten him with or give it to him. Mike eventually reaches Clementine anyway, but drops the gun. Arvo panics at this and puts a rifle bullet in her shoulder. Clementine starts passing out when Kenny comes outside yelling at the group. She then "wakes up" in a realistic flashback to Season One, at a point in the RV soon after Duck was bit, with Lee sitting with Clementine. She jolts up from her "nightmare" and Lee tells her everything is alright. Clementine will ask about Duck and Lilly before Lee finally says "Part of growing up is doing what's best for people you care about... Even if it means hurting someone else."

Clementine wakes up in the back seat of the truck with Kenny, Jane, and AJ. Kenny informs her that the rest of the group left on foot with Arvo. Kenny and Jane start arguing about the safest location so go to. The argument gets heated when Jane starts telling Kenny how everyone hated him and feared him including Sarita and his past family. The road stops with cars and debris in the way. Kenny gets out and tells them to wait when they hear gun shots. They try to drive away but crash. Jane takes AJ and leaves Clementine alone in the blizzard. With the group split up and the blizzard beginning, Clementine is left alone wandering aimlessly with walkers near her until she reaches a stop where Kenny was hiding in. Jane arrives but without AJ, which enrages Kenny whose motive was keeping the baby safe. Jane tells Clementine to stay away from the fight that's about to occur. Kenny starts swinging at Jane and they start fighting. Clementine has the option to pry them apart at several moments in the fight. Jane cuts Kenny with a knife and pushes in his injured eye. Clementine is pushed onto the floor with a gun next to her after Kenny takes Jane's knife and attempts to stab her. Realizing that there would be no peaceful resolution to this conflict, Clementine makes a heartbreaking decision.

There are a total of 5 different endings you can receive from your actions in "No Going Back." The main endings involve being with Jane and A.J. at Howe's Hardware, determinately along with a family of three that arrive there that same day; being alone with A.J. at Wellington; being with Kenny and A.J.; or being alone with A.J. in an unknown location. Throughout all of these endings, the only constants are the survivals of both Clementine and A.J., who was revealed to be alive following Jane's and/or Kenny's death.

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  • Omid Omega - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Then There Were Two - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Embers - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Scavenger Standoff - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Scavenger Scrap - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Solitude - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Strays - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Wandering - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Campsite Caution - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Scavenging Survival - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Bound for Glory - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Finding Food - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Alone Again - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • The Valley of the Shadow - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Walkers in the Woods - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Hope - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Solitary - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Supplies Sneaking - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Close Quarters - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Beginning Again - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Down by the Riverside - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • All That Remains - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Walkers in the Water - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • My Name Is Clementine - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Barricades - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Moonshine Memories - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Make a Break - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Standoff - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Pete Prepares - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Sarah's Song - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Snooping Stranger - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver's Caution - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver's Questions - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver's Departure - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Ghosts - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Rebecca - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Recovering Nick - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • My Mother's Brother - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Five Days Later - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Luke - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • The Weight - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Moonstar Lodge - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Kenny & Clem - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Walter - Jared Emerson-Johnson

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Soundtrack (Season 2, Part 2)[]

  • The Knife - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver Collects - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Clementine Calm - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Approaching the Compound - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver's Compound - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Reggie - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver's Yard - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver's Morning - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver Kills Reggie - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver's Office - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Escape Plans - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Stockroom Stealth - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Carver's Cruelty - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Kenny's Rage - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Howe's Herd - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Kenny - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Sarah - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Stay or Go - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Observation Deck - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Born into Chaos - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Arvo - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • No Going Back - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Luke Shot - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Jane - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • How Did We Get Here? - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Bandaging Kenny - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Fireside - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • It's a Nice Night - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Walkers on the Water - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Luke Lets Go - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Freezing - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Hell of a Day - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Auto Repair - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Wind in the Trees - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Jane Worries - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Ignition - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • North or South - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Kenny's Case - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Desertion - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Clem Awake - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Snowbound - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • The End of It All - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Departure - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Wellington - Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Howe's Hospitality - Jared Emerson-Johnson

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For the complete in-game stats, see Telltale Series Statistics.


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The following is a list of all obtainable achievements and trophies in the game.


  • This season features Clementine as the playable protagonist.
  • Even though Lee Everett no longer appears in the Telltale Series as of "No Time Left", his voice is still provided for the "Previously On" segments.
  • Writer Gary Whitta said prior to the 2013 E3 event that fans "[wouldn't] have to wait for Season 2 to play more Walking Dead". This was hinting towards the "400 Days" DLC.[1]
  • In a Skybound Community Interview with Dennis Lenart and Mark Darin, it was confirmed that some characters from Season 1 and "400 Days" would appear in Season 2.[2]
  • Telltale Games posted three short teaser clips of Season 2 on Vine via Twitter on a daily basis before releasing the official trailer for the first episode, "All That Remains". They also released a teaser clip for the season finale, "No Going Back", before releasing the trailer for it via Vine.
    • The first teaser showed Clementine looking at the torn photo of Lee Everett from "A New Day".
    • The second teaser showed Luke sitting on a couch with Rebecca standing beside him.
    • The third teaser showed Clementine with a bloody face looking in the direction of the cabin.
    • The final teaser for "No Going Back" showed Clementine walking through a snowstorm with an unnerving tune playing in the background.
      • The tune was taken from a traditional folk song, "My Darling Clementine".[3]
  • The music played on the main menu is the same from Season 1 "No Time Left" played during Lee and Clementine's final conversation together.
  • Clementine, Edith and Alvin Jr. were the only confirmed survivors of the season, regardless of player choices.
    • Between Kenny and Jane, only one can possibly survive depending on Clementine's choices.
      • Yet it is not a given that one must survive; a few endings of the game include both of their deaths.
  • During the earlier development for this season, the writers considered two major set pieces that didn't make it to the final cut of the season. A nuclear power station, and a marauding tiger.[4]
    • When the writers are asked about whether the tiger was supposed to be Shiva, the writers declined this, and said that the idea of adding the tiger to the story was something they had come up with before both Ezekiel and Shiva appear in the comic series, and the reason why they eventually scrapped it out was because they didn't think it was realistic enough to be put into the story.
  • Gavin Hammon revealed during his Q&A panel at OMG!Con 2015, that the early development made by Telltale that was given to him, Kenny was supposed to be the antagonist character for the second season. He added that, "He was gonna be the Carver character" but eventually Telltale scrapped the idea out, and replaced him with Carver instead.[5]
  • For the PS3 version of the game, episodes "A House Divided" through "No Going Back" are purchased as add-ons to the official game.
    • Therefore, there is no platinum trophy for the completion of the game.
  • Before Michael Madsen joined the cast to portray William Carver, Carver's role was smaller. Telltale eventually decided to make his role bigger by expanding his role after Madsen joined the cast, adding more dialogues about his rules, and philosophy to make him a stronger and primary source of the problems at the Howe's Hardware community.
  • Sam, the dog that appears in the first episode, was named after Sam from Telltale's Sam and Max series.
  • This game introduces a new feature which A New Frontier had, that allows the player to move faster at select times while holding down another button.
    • Though this is played only in The Collection version.
  • Originally, one of the possible endings players could get would see Clementine walking through a blizzard with AJ in her arms. She would see a light in the distance but, weakened by hypothermia, would find it increasingly difficult to carry AJ. She would eventually have to make a choice whether to abandon AJ and continue or sit down in the snow and presumably freeze to death. This ending was scrapped for being too dark.[6]
    • The developers also revealed that they had made all of the branching endings to the season because they had not known that there would be a third season made. The flashback scenes in the third season were made to quickly resolve the multiple endings and treat them as one.


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