This article is about the fifth season of the Companion TV Series. You may be looking for the fifth season of the original TV Series.

Season 5 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead consists of sixteen episodes, that first aired with on June 2, 2019. The show was renewed on July 28, 2018.[1] Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg continued as showrunners for the second consecutive season.


"Here to Help"

In the woods, Dylan and Max hunt a deer. However, the gunshot attracts a walker. Max tries to shoot it but the gun is jammed and they start to panic when suddenly, a plane crashes through the trees and debris cuts the walker in half. They investigate the crash site and notice burning boxes with the take what you need message scribbled on. As walkers surround them, Alicia emerges using a propeller to kill him, telling the kids they are here to help.

Inside the plane, the kids wake up Morgan, who is strapped into his seat and has to wrestle with a walker. John helps him and leaves to find June. Morgan tells them they got there after hearing a message on radio from someone named Logan and asks Dylan to help him save Luciana, who's pinned by a pole, while he kills walkers outside.

In the overturned cockpit, June and Althea wake up with walkers clawing at them from the windows. John shoots the undead as Alicia uses a propeller to take out the walkers. Morgan stops and says she needs to treat her hands, which are severely cut. She kills more as Morgan gets a radio message from Logan. He tells him they're on their way.

Alicia quickly hammers down a steel wire barrier around the crash site to slow down the walkers and give their friends more time. They take them out one by one as John frees June from the cockpit. Meanwhile, Al radios Strand to tell him they crashed and instructs him to watch her tape labeled "Skidmark." She explains the man on it has a small plane and he'll have to use it to fly over and get them.

Back in the plane, June eventually makes it into the fuselage to look at Luciana and her impaling. Outside, Alicia realizes they are in a high-radiation area. Althea is attacked by a walker with black armor and a helmet on and impales it on a spike. She and John then grab hacksaws, which they use to cut Luciana free. They place her on a stretcher and Althea hands Alicia her weapon.

Alicia takes the lead but a truck rushes in with Annie driving. Max says it's their sister so they all pack in the van and leave. On the road, Annie says walkers are the least of their problems. "You have no idea where you landed, do you?" She asks them mysteriously.

Elsewhere, Strand and Charlie ride in Al's armored truck side by side with Sarah and Wendell's truck towards the others. Back in the van, Annie says she stays away from this area but got stuck there recently. Morgan says they're trying to help a man they met on the radio named Logan, who claims his place got surrounded. Annie stops the van and says the place is worse than it seems.

They arrive at a gate comprised of walkers chained together with their own intestines. The tree above them has walker heads hanging from the branches. Annie says they're all over the area and she refuses to drive through. Morgan says they'll walk and Annie reminds him he doesn't even know this guy, but Morgan still wants to try. Annie warns he better be worth it as Alicia cuts down the fence and they ride on through.

Later, the group arrives at a truck stop to look for Logan but find the place empty. They carry Luciana inside as John and Al inspect the place. Morgan tries to reach Logan on the radio to no avail. Meanwhile, June prepares to help Luciana. Dylan asks her why people would need toys and what trucks do. She explains to him about Clayton's mission to keep hope alive with boxes and how they want to keep his legacy alive.

Alicia reports that no one's here and that something must be up. Annie gets spooked and tells her brothers they need to leave now. Alicia tries to calm them down but Max points his rifle at her and warns them to leave soon. The kids leave as June pulls the pole out of Luciana's shoulder.

Elsewhere, Logan arrives at the denim factory. He heads inside and finds supplies, beds, movie requests, and Althea's tapes. Back at the truck stop, Alicia and Al lock up the place as Luciana recovers. Suddenly, Morgan gets a radio call from Logan. He says he is the "L" in "C&L" which is the logo on all of the trucking equipment. He admits he never shared Clayton’s world view and he made them fly to the furthest truck stop he knew of so they could take over without a fight. Alicia reminds him they crashed a plane to help him and Logan says he is just trying to reclaim what's his instead of hurting them. He cuts off communication and walks away.

That night, Sarah and Wendell drink outside the factory and lament their failure. Charlie says she can find a way in and Strand vows to get the mill back. He wishes he was on the plane but vows to get on the next one and reunite with the rest of the group.

Back at the truck stop, Al tells Morgan they need to return to the plane to investigate something and he promises they will go in the morning. Meanwhile, John tells June he's optimistic about the future, claiming they have all the luck in the world. She says he helped her when she thought no one could, so they might be able to help people in the future.

Outside, Alicia kills walkers to get out her frustration until Morgan stops her. She reminds him they could have died today and that Luciana almost did. "We can't make up for the past if we're dead," she says before telling him her mother did so much to make sure they were still standing. Morgan promises he's not done helping people and will try to find the kids again. "The things that we have done, the things that I have done, it should be hard. Maybe that's how we know we're on the right track," he says. Alicia claims that it shouldn't be that hard, leaving him in thought.

Elsewhere, Strand watches one of Al's tapes and discovers the man with the second plane is Daniel Salazar. He pauses the frame and stares in disbelief at his old acquaintance.

Meanwhile, Al returns to the crash site in the rain to find the armored walker she fended off. She pulls off its mask, kills it and starts recording. She discovers the outfit has some wires on and finds some laminated documents with maps with a three-circled symbol and the initials CRM written on it. She radios Morgan to tell him there's a story here until she's tased from behind. She falls down unconscious as the mysterious person covered in the same armor stands over her.

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

Inside Althea's truck, Strand makes a tape where he tells the others that if they're watching it then he didn't make it. He grabs a few supplies and a beer before heading down a road onto El Paso.

Sometime later, he arrives at the entrance of some compound with rebar sticking out of the road. An orange cat greets him before a walker impales itself on the rebar. Suddenly, a gun cocks and Victor puts his hands up, asking Daniel to act calm and reasonably. Daniel orders him to turn around slowly. He tells him that his cat, Skidmark, likes him. Daniel then shoots a walker behind Strand before inviting him inside.

Meanwhile, Alicia, Morgan, and John return to the crash site to discover all their weapons and supplies are missing. Morgan finds a sign that someone took Althea and their equipment. The three of them split up and search for her, with Morgan cautioning Alicia not to blame herself.

At the truck stop, June patches up Luciana, who is eager to heal so she can learn to play the accordion due to the pain killer drugs. John returns to tell them Morgan and Alicia headed north and they should head south, while Luciana should stay at the station.

Back in Daniel's compound, he guides Strand through a warehouse full of cars and trucks, demanding he not touch anything and saying he inherited this place. Strand asks if he could borrow his plane to find his friends. Daniel asks if it’s for Madison and Strand breaks the news about her and Nick. However, Daniel doesn't believe him and claims Strand just wants the plane for himself because he is always self-serving.

In the woods, Alicia is blaming herself for Althea being missing but Morgan is optimistic. They come across a truck that is stocked and had been running recently. They split up and Morgan comes across a couple of walkers clawing at a birdcage. Morgan takes one out but then get his ankles tied up. Grace, a woman with a hazmat suit, holds him at gunpoint and demands he take his clothes off. Suddenly, Alicia jumps her, takes off her mask, and asks where Al is. Grace explains a power plant melted down last year and that Morgan needs to be decontaminated after killing a walker that was affected by it.

Morgan takes a shower by her truck and Grace suggests he take his wedding ring off to scrub under it, which makes him uneasy. Grace tells Alicia she hasn't seen Al but agrees to help if they return to the crash site. Alicia accepts but insists on keeping her gun. John radios to them that his and June's truck broke down. Alicia warns him of the radioactive walkers that he can't kill without risking their own health. Later, June and John follow a sign to a nearby camp to find the kids. They arrive to find cabins full of walkers and signs of a battle.

Back at the compound, Daniel reminds Strand that he once shot him in the face and left him for dead on a dam which he rigged with explosives. Strand desperately explains people can change.

In the woods, Morgan, Alicia, and Grace search for radiation amongst the dead walkers at the crash site when a small herd approaches one of which carries a dosimeter. Alicia insists she will kill them despite it being dangerous. Morgan and Grace suit up as Alicia takes out the walkers one by one, made complicated by the walkers falling in the mud and losing the dosimeter. Alicia struggles with a walker as Grace checks each remaining walker for radiation. After finding the radioactive one, Grace shoots it dead.

That night, Grace criticizes Alicia's actions. She explains that she was an operations manager at the power plant and turned it into a safe haven for the workers and their families following the outbreak. Due to not being able to properly maintain the plant, the meltdown occurred, killing everyone else which Grace blames herself for. Suddenly, John radios again with news that he and June have found the burned bodies of more radioactive walkers. Alicia, Morgan, and Grace meet up with them in the campsite, where Grace inspects the walkers in the cabins and confirms they were exposed to the radiation due to the walkers they had killed before she puts them down.

At the truck stop, Luciana makes contact with Strand and informs him that she was injured and Althea is missing. Strand informs her that the man with the plane is going to help them. She then hears a noise nearby as the radio feed cuts out. Back in the compound, Daniel believes that the others need help and tells Strand to follow him.

Meanwhile, June offers up a ride to the truck stop. They get a radio call from Luciana who tells them they are getting a plane from Strand and that the long-range antenna was taken out by the wind. June orders her to go back inside just as walkers start to surround the truck stop. Luciana tries to take aim but her injured shoulder prevents her from shooting them. She hobbles away to the barn and locks herself in.

Later, Alicia laments to Morgan that she hasn't helped or found anyone and Morgan tells her about a time he was also stuck. He promises there's a way out of her hopelessness, she just needs to find it. Alicia asks what the way out leads to. "The way out is opening the door to people, to possibility, to the hurt that will happen. That's what I did. I found the way and then I opened the door and then my life started all over again. Yours will, too". Alicia listens thoughtfully.

Afterward, Morgan tells Grace they'll help her find the rest of her friends but she declines, revealing that she has been exposed to the radiation and has limited time to live and does not want to risk anyone else's lives. Morgan reminds her they'll always be on the other side of the walkie if she needs them and Grace asks them to contact her if the group finds anymore of her people.

At the truck stop, the group arrives and awakens Luciana, who is still drugged and scared that the dead are waiting. Outside, they find the heads hanging from a billboard.

Meanwhile, Strand is escorted off of Daniel's property. He is confident the group will survive just fine and fires a couple of shots into the air, insisting Strand to leave now. "If you come back, the next one will be in your face," he tells him. Strand leaves furiously and smashes the head of some walker with a rock before heading off into the moonlight.

"Humbug's Gulch"

The group kills several walkers barriers on different roadblocks in an attempt to find Althea as they cross off circles on a map, forming a perimeter.

On the road, John and June drive out of walkie range and find another walker roadblock. They approach it and immediately come under fire, forcing them to retreat in their van and drive through the barrier. They arrive at a ranch called Humbug's Gulch, which John says it's similar to his old stomping grounds and claims they can find guns there. They make their way inside one of the buildings and find a locker full of guns and ammunition.

Elsewhere, Luciana finishes marking the locations on their map. Alicia apologizes to her about her injury, but Luciana says she doesn't feel bad about it. Alicia then overhears the kids talking over the radio, with Dylan giving away their location. She tries to talk to them but the feed cuts off and they decide they need to find them.

Back in the Gulch, John and June go outside in the middle of a windstorm so they can return to the van. Suddenly, a stranger approaches and starts shooting at them, causing them to retreat. He shoots one some of the tires but John clips the stranger with his gun. John runs over to find him and is held at gunpoint by Dwight. "Where is she?!" Dwight demands but is knocked out by June from behind.

Inside the building, they tie Dwight and rummage his stuff, finding maps from other states and notes from Sherry. June treats Dwight's gunshot wound as he finally wakes up. He yells for John to put down Sherry's notes and John tells him they just want to help him. He insists no one can help him. John asks about the walker blockades but doesn't get an answer.

On the road, Alicia and Luciana pop a tire and swerve into a ditch. They investigate and find makeshift spikes laid out on the road.

Meanwhile, John and June barricade the doors with furniture and decide to head to the roof and get out of the town on foot. Dwight offers them his car but they insist he will come with them. He finally reveals that his name is Dwight and tells them about his mission to find his wife. They shake hands as John introduces himself and June. Dwight laughs at their names and John finally unties him.

The walkers break into the bar as they escape out the second-floor window. However, Dwight jumps from the roof, forcing them to follow him. He reveals to John that he calls the dead "walkers" and they make an effort to get away. They start making their way to the car but Dwight goes the other way. He makes a break for their van, frantically searching through the glove box.

Dwight scans at a car registration with Sherry's forever symbol on it and a message to go "West on 30". He radios John and June to explain how Sherry has been leaving him messages for him in her travels and how he thought he'd find the next one in the car, but there isn't one. "I've been looking for Sherry for, I don't know, at least a year", he says. June ultimately tells Dwight they found the van without anyone alive in it but offers hope that Sherry could be alive.

Dwight explains that he doesn't deserve to find Sherry. "I'm never going to find her", he bemoans as he cocks his gun. June tries talking him out of killing himself, saying Sherry is still out there and that he can't do this to her. Dwight lays down his gun and sobs, telling them he can't get back to them. John says to leave that up to them.

Meanwhile, Morgan catches up with Alicia and Luciana on the road and encourages them to keep trying to contact the kids. Alicia radios them again and tells them about losing her mother and how she relates to them. They don't receive a response, so they head out.

Back at the Gulch, John shoots most of the walkers, leaving Dwight a path to finally escape. He barely makes it out before being tackled by a walker. On the ground, John tells him to raise his axe, and John shoots it, causing the bullets to split and kill two walkers at once.

That night, John explains to Dwight that the number from the car doesn't match the registration, meaning Sherry could still be out there. He then thanks June for talking Dwight off the ledge and confesses it made him reconsider how he was showing his love for her. They hug and kiss.

Suddenly, Morgan, Alicia, and Luciana arrive at the town. Dwight walks up and calls out to Morgan. They are shocked to see each other and Morgan explains they come from the same place. Dwight explains his mission and tries apologizing for what happened with the Saviors, but Morgan assures him they can talk later. "We're trying to start over", Morgan explains. Alicia asks Dwight about the walker barricades, so Dwight takes them to one.

On a roadblock, the group is about to take it down when Max radios Alicia and says they're headed to the truck stop. On the way, they find a van stalled on the road. Inside, they find a bloody Dylan crying in the backseat. Alicia tries calming him and asks where Max and Annie are, but he won't answer.

Elsewhere, Annie and Max set up another roadblock and discuss how they left the trap for the group to make sure they never get bothered again.


It's October 12 according to a calendar. Daniel is working with his cat, Skidmark, to lure the dead away from a store. He is aware of a rig made to shoot him when he opens a door, so he taps it and dodges the bullets, taking the keys to a car from a walker that emerges before heading out with a bunch of new supplies and Skidmark. Back at his warehouse, he puts away the rations, tears off a day from his calendar, and cooks dinner with Skidmark.

That night, Strand sends Charlie to check out Daniel's plane. She finds it and radios him, Sarah, and Wendell so Strand instructs her to open the gate. Skidmark finds Charlie and meows at her, causing Daniel to investigate. Charlie hides in Daniel's new car but Skidmark follows her as he approaches and loads up the truck with guns. Strand wants Charlie to run but she insists on staying as Daniel leaves in the truck.

The next day at the gas station, Luciana feeds Dylan and gives him a book to read. Morgan tries radioing June, John, and Dwight and then says they must be out of range as they search for Sherry. Dylan lies and tells the others about a group who created the walker barricades and where their camp is. Morgan and Alicia start planning, while Luciana decides to help Strand, along with Dylan.

Meanwhile, Strand and Sarah are loading up the plane at Salazar's compound. He realizes some of the gages from the cockpit are missing and then sees a note that says "I already said no! Channel 8". Strand turns his walkie to the channel and radios Daniel, who assures him he's far from the warehouse, but when he gets back he'll kill him. Sarah radios Daniel next and he advises her to stay away from Strand. He then tells Charlie to show herself, which she does. "I am going to save her from you," Daniel tells Strand.

Strand tries to plan his next moves and Sarah suggests they search the warehouse for the plane parts. On the road, Charlie asks if Daniel set up the traps in the stores and he says he hasn't, so she asks why he's been disarming them. "You ask too many questions," he says, as he plays a cassette on the boombox. Charlie recognizes it and the two begin to bond.

Back at the compound, Luciana and Dylan work to get ready. He goes inside and radios for his siblings on a secret channel. They tell him Morgan and the group have been cutting down their walkers. Dylan says he didn't send them that way so it must be someone else. Suddenly, Max and Annie then spot a stranger with a motorcycle helmet beheading walkers down the road. They hide and Dylan asks if they're ok but is nearly caught on the radio by Luciana.

At an abandoned grocery store full of walkers, Daniel tells Charlie to wait in the car as he and Skidmark check it out. Charlie appears behind him and comes up with a distraction plan, impressing him. Afterward, he starts breaking in from the back as the walkers become interested with Skidmark. One of the walkers sets off the gun, which shatters the glass and allows the walkers to break free. Daniel, Charlie, and Skidmark rush back into the car and slowly drive away.

Back in the woods, Morgan and Alicia don't find the camp Dylan told them about so they radio Luciana. However, Dylan grabs the walkie and tells them to go to the old utility road. He explains his siblings aren't dead but they need help and that he lied about everything, angering Alicia. Meanwhile, Max and Annie crawl out of hiding and are immediately attacked by walkers. Annie drops her gun and twists her ankle, so Max carries her away.

Elsewhere, Strand radios Daniel and begs him to bring the instruments back and he says he will, but they're bringing a herd of walkers with them. He gives him instructions about returning but Sarah says she broke their fence down to free the plane. Daniel stops the truck and tells Charlie to drive the truck back to Strand to give him the instruments while he deals with the walkers. She leaves as he leads them away.

Charlie returns to the warehouse and gives Strand the plane instruments. Suspicious, Strand radios Daniel to ask if he's putting him in danger. Daniel tells him he wants to get back at him for lying to him about Ofelia, confusing Charlie and the others. Strand explains how he lied about Ofelia's whereabouts and prevented him from saying goodbye before she died. Charlie says that despite their past, they need to save Daniel.

In the woods, Morgan and Alicia save Annie and Max from walkers and offer to help. Suddenly, a dozen kids armed with assault rifles surround them. "It's not just us," Annie says.

On the road, Sarah and Wendell find Daniel and release the machine gun lever but it doesn't shoot, so Daniel hides underneath. Strand and Charlie then arrive in a truck with the plane in the back. Strand leads the walkers towards him, turns on the propellers, and watches as the walkers kill themselves until the plane engines stop. Strand confronts Daniel, who tells him he won't shoot him after all.

Back in the woods, Dylan radios to Annie and tells her that Morgan and Alicia are friendly. Max convinces her to tell the group to put down their weapons. They're not willing to leave her because the people at the camp are their parents. Alicia finally understands.

At the warehouse, Charlie asks Daniel what he would have said to Ofelia and he says, "Every day brings a chance to start over". He admits she could use that advice and then reveals he has to leave to take care of something. Charlie asks if she can come along but he says her friends need her more. He hands her Skidmark and says they can have everything in his warehouse except for a cigar, which is for when things get better. Strand radios Luciana to tell her about the broken plane, but Dylan tells her he believes she can fix it.

Elsewhere, Morgan tells Alicia about losing his wife and son. Suddenly, a helicopter flies overhead. "Those people, they came in that," Annie explains. "Maybe they got what they came for," Max answers back while Morgan and Alicia look on stunned as the helicopter flies away.

"The End of Everything"

In the rain, a tied up Althea is carried by the CRM soldier. She wakes up and notices they nearby spreading powder on the corpse of the armored walker before lighting it on fire. Althea grabs her bag and runs through the woods. She ultimately falls down a hill where she gets her camera out of the bag before continuing her sprint. She quickly gets surrounded by walkers and is saved by the stranger, who then knocks her to the ground. Althea knocks the helmet off the soldier revealing a woman who demands the camera.

The next morning, Althea finds herself tied to the passenger seat in an old car. She calls out to a nearby walker, grabs the barbed wire attached to it, and uses it to get free. She slams the walker’s head in with the door and leaves. Nearby, she discovers a helicopter parked in the field

Althea tries radioing Morgan and Alicia but a man radios back calling for "Ground 17." Suddenly, the woman appears and holds her at gunpoint, instructing her to get out. She tells the person on the radio that the lead was killed in action. "I can be inbound within 72 hours," she says, pointing out she has to get gas before delivering the payload. The man pauses and promises to send a reclamation team. The woman then demands Al take her to the tape. Al agrees but only if she gets her story. The woman agrees but says they need to find fuel. They pack supplies and head out to a fuel drop to get gas for the helicopter.

On the road, Althea questions her on her background, rationalizing their stories will be all that’s left after they’re gone. Suddenly, walkers tumble down the hill and the woman instructs Al to stay inside, but she refuses. The woman gives her a bite-proof jacket and then takes care of the walkers. A second rockslide hits their car and tips it over. Al grabs her camera as a walker emerges from the rubble and tries to bite her, but the jacket saves her.

The woman finds a tape in Althea's bag called "The Bog #7" and watches it. In it, Althea reports that the National Guard and the Army are shooting at each other, and then apologizes to Jesse and says she should have stayed. Althea explains to the woman that her brother died and she risked her life for the tape because it’s all she had left of him. The woman tells Al she should be afraid of the people in black uniforms. "We are a force who are not living for ourselves or for now. You have your stories, already making every day the past. We have the future," she says ominously.

Althea and the woman continue on their journey to retrieve gas. They ultimately post up for the night and talk about their common lives before the fall. The woman reveals she killed her partner because she was doing her job. “I do think stories matter, some things just matter more to me,” she says.

The next day, the two scale a mountain with rock-climbing equipment. They encounter an undead climber and the woman nearly falls to her death. She repositions as Althea kills the walker and maneuvers around it. The two eventually reach the top and lay down. The woman reveals her partner, Beckett, used to be her friend and together they would fetch supplies to purify water around the power plant, but her partner got spooked by the undead and she had to kill him. She takes out a key and said it belonged to a cabin her partner liked, but she doesn’t need it anymore. She tosses it off the cliff and reveals she might have to kill Al for operational security.

Althea tackles the woman and takes her rifle, saying she needs it for her own security. She then threatens to leave with the climbing equipment and supplies without her so the woman finally agrees to her interview. That night, the woman reveals she’s from a community but won’t reveal its name or location that's focused on rebuilding society for the future. She says if she doesn’t show her where the tape is then there might not be a future to tell their stories in. The woman pulls out a beer and says she wishes she met Althea before this. They ultimately bond over a beer. "Everything's so ugly nowadays. This is nice," Althea says tearing up.

In the morning, the woman has her gun back and wakes up Althea to get moving. They head off for the tape which Althea put on one of the dead. The woman uses gunpowder and a match to get rid of the tape when Althea hands it to her. "The tape was only part of the story," the woman tells her. She then makes Althea turn around and puts a gun to the back of her head.

Althea hands her the tape with her brother on it, saying she hopes that he can live on. “I want you to live. Don't chase this story. Do not try to find me. I hope you get back to your friends and that you can all get home somehow," the woman says, deciding not to kill her. She reveals her name is Isabelle and she’s from Indiana. She says Al’s the prettiest thing she’s seen in the apocalypse and then kisses her. Shortly after, they go their separate ways.

Isabelle puts down the two canisters of gas and kills three walkers on the road, returns to her helicopter, fuels it up, and turns it on. She radios that she’s ready to return, and the voice says they’ve called off the reclamation team. She stares at Al’s tape and flies away. Meanwhile, Althea watches the helicopter take off before using the radio to reach out to Morgan.

A while later, Morgan and Alicia reunite with Althea in the woods. She lies and says she got attacked by walkers and doesn’t know where the helicopter went. The kids walk up and Morgan says he’ll explain on the way. Before they leave, Al reveals her last name is Szewczek-Przygocki, and she thought they should know that. They smile and walk off together.

"The Little Prince"

At the truck stop, Annie cleans herself up in the bathroom, Dylan reads The Little Prince, and the other kids watch cartoons. Morgan arrives with truckloads of plane parts and makes a plea to the kids for them to stay together and to help them re-assemble the plane so they can rescue their friends. "We can because we've done the impossible before," he says. Luciana reveals they will fly across the mountains together. Dylan steps up and agrees.

Later, Morgan radios Grace to update her and convince her to join them in their effort to go home. Elsewhere, Grace turns off the radio, puts on her radiation mask, and crawls over a roadblock.

Back at the truck stop, Morgan tries out broomsticks to be his new staff when Alicia catches him and asks him to help her with the landing gear. Meanwhile, Strand and Charlie radio Luciana and Dylan to help them build the plane. Annie reminds Dylan they're just here to help their new friends leave so they can return to normal.

June takes a look at Annie's ankle and advises she wait a week to run so she's more prepared. John Dorie shows up and tells June he and Dwight are going to continue looking for Sherry. They kiss and June tells Dwight to keep him out of trouble.

Outside, Althea gets one of the plane's propeller blades working until it explodes. A walker approaches and Morgan kills it with his new staff. Suddenly, Grace radios Morgan and tells him to prepare his generator for transport so she can avoid yet another reactor meltdown.

On the road, Dwight is getting frustrated with the search for Sherry. John is optimistic having found June. He asks how they got split up. "We got split up before we got split up," Dwight says. John shows Dwight the Scrabble pieces which June used to tell him she loved him. Dwight tells John he hopes the apocalypse never ruins his optimism, but John says the apocalypse actually made him better.

Elsewhere, Grace radios Alicia and Morgan, and explains that she needs the generator now, so they cut the power on the truck stop. Luciana updates Strand and he promises to come up with a plan to find propellers. Strand, Sarah, and Charlie struggle to come up with a plan to get to their friends until Charlie says she has an idea after looking at an old advertisement for Jim Brauer's brewery. "Son of a bitch. We're gonna get 'em back," Sarah says in awe after realizing what Charlie has in mind.

Morgan then drives the generator to Grace and they prepare to go into a radiation area. Meanwhile, Althea works on the plane with June. Althea feels guilty about letting the helicopter take off but doesn't open up to June about it. June offers an off-the-record conversation to help, but Althea doesn't budge though June appears to suspect that something happened that Al isn't talking about. Back inside, Annie and the kids question Morgan's trip to the power plant. They decide to go back into hiding. Alicia tries to stop them but Annie’s adamant though her brothers are less willing to leave.

Elsewhere, Dwight and John search in a bar where a man is dead. Dwight explains that Sherry gave up her ring and everything to save him. "The only reason I'm still alive is because of her," he says. Dwight explains that the person that sent him away empathized with him loving his wife enough not to kill him. He says he needs some of John's luck. Suddenly, John finds a restaurant receipt with the word "honey" on it. John grabs a pencil and traces the paper, revealing a message from Sherry. "I've been looking on the wrong road this whole time," Dwight says in awe.

Back at the truck stop, Alicia finds Annie and offers her a car if she reveals why she won't go with them. Alicia questions Annie's choice to leave. Annie relents and says her family and friends lived in the camp at the onset of the apocalypse until a walker attack wiped them out. She said these walkers were different because they came from the power plant. She tearfully recalls her parents killing the walkers while being sick from radiation, meaning she had to talk to them from outside of a door. They tasked her with protecting the kids before dying, which is what she's done.

Alicia explains that she understands and tells her she understands, but to ask herself if she's surrounding herself with the dead to avoid the living. She hands her the car keys and tells her to make a choice.

Meanwhile, Dwight finds the car identified on the registration he found from Sherry. He scouts the house while John finds a note from Sherry in the glove compartment. In it, she tells Dwight to stop looking for her because she couldn't take it if he died trying to do so and she will always love him. John folds up the note and stares through the windshield, unsure of what to do with it.

Elsewhere, Morgan finds his staff on Grace's truck and tells her how the man who gave it to him made him realize there's more beyond death. Grace then gets in her truck and tells Morgan he's not coming with her because she can't bear losing anyone else.

At the truck stop, Alicia tells Luciana about Annie. Suddenly, Strand radios Luciana and tells her they have the propellers. He tells them to look up, and when they do they see Strand and Charlie in Jim's beer-themed hot air balloon. Alicia runs to get Annie and the kids but finds them missing along with the car keys. Alicia tells Morgan they ran off and he tells her to go find them.

Back in the house, Dwight tells John he found supplies inside so Sherry must have been there and claims he's optimistic. He asks John if he found something in the car and John lies, saying he didn't. Meanwhile, Strand's balloon starts to descend but Morgan tells them they can't because it's contaminated land. However, the balloon is out of fuel and they have no choice. The radio cuts off and it appears Strand and Charlie have crashed.

Elsewhere, Alicia looks for the kids by the massive walker roadblock that Dwight led them to. She takes out her weapon while Morgan heads towards Strand and Charlie. At the crash site, Strand and Charlie are surrounded by a herd of walkers with at least two of the walkers having dosimeters, and grow worried due to Morgan's warnings not to kill any walkers since they could become contaminated themselves.

"Still Standing"

In the woods, Alicia cuts down the walker roadblock while Strand and Charlie stave off walkers at the crash site. Strand finally frees the propeller as Charlie uses the balloon as a walker barricade from at least three of the radioactive walkers. Elsewhere, Grace is prepping the generator at the power plant. Morgan explains the situation to her over the radio. She is willing to help but can't leave until the generator is running and instead gives him directions to a place that might have a vehicle. Alicia struggles to make her way through the maze of walkers before she sees Dylan, who tells her to come with him. He takes Alicia to the kids' treehouse hideout, which has walkers tied to the gate. Annie warns Alicia she never should have come here.

Alicia reminds Annie they'll end up dead if they stay in these radioactive lands. Annie asks why she's so adamant on helping them. "I have to do something good to make up for what I did," Alicia says. Annie refuses to let her go until she helps them rebuild their barriers.

Back at the truck stop, the group realizes there's a hole in the plane and they have to find more gas. Al claims she knows a place. Elsewhere, Morgan checks out the house Grace sent him to, where he finds radiation protection and pictures of Grace. Alicia radios him to tell him she found the kids but won't be able to get them back for the flight. Morgan looks out the window at a walker and sees himself in the reflection, telling Alicia they're going to get everyone out and do what they came to do.

Meanwhile, Al takes June back to the mountain with the helicopter fuel as John finally makes contact with June. She warns the reactor will soon meltdown and he needs to rush. John is ready to head back and Dwight insists on staying behind on his own. This almost prompts John to tell Dwight about the letter he found but Dwight's sense of hope convinces him to stay.

Back at the crash site, Strand reveals to Charlie he could have been on the first plane and promises he won't hesitate again. Suddenly, Morgan pulls up in a truck wearing a hazmat suit. He kills the walkers and reunites with them.

In the woods, walkers break free from the maze and Annie and Max are forced to run back. Alicia finds Dylan's drawings of the tied up walkers and he explains Annie used it as an idea for their real-life barricade. Annie and Max barely make it back to the hideout with walkers now surrounding their little community.

Meanwhile, Morgan radios Grace to tell her they got the truck and she informs them the generator broke and they have a day before the meltdown. She promises to try and fix it to give them more time. Morgan decides he needs to rescue Grace, so he tells Strand and Charlie to get the truck and he’ll meet them at the truck stop later.

Elsewhere, Al tells June about Isabelle as they pack up the fuel on the truck. June explains how she was always grateful for what she had with John when she didn't know if she would see him again. She says she's certain she'll see Isabelle again.

Back at the treehouse, Alicia demands to get her weapon back from Annie when she finds out their guns are just for show. She tells the kids to find a way down as she begins chopping down the walkers. Meanwhile, John's unable to hot-wire a car as he and Dwight continue their search. John finally decides to tell Dwight about the letter he found. He apologizes and Dwight gets out of the truck.

At the plant, Morgan finds Grace working on the generator and insists on helping, claiming she isn't dead yet. Meanwhile, Alicia takes down several walkers at the kids' camp while they flee. While killing a walker, Alicia's weapon gets stuck and she is splashed with the walker's blood when she yanks it out. Alicia notices a chain around the walker's neck and is horrified to discover it to be a dosimeter, meaning the walker and his blood are radioactive. A couple of walkers get past her and tumble down the hill, forcing Annie to shoot them from the hideout. Alicia radios Annie to tell her to run back to the plane. "I don't know what you did but I know you made up for it. You can let go, too," Annie tells her tearing up before she and the kids run away. As they leave, Alicia calls for all of the walkers to come at her.

At night, Strand and Charlie arrive at the truck stop and update Luciana on the situation. Elsewhere, Morgan tells Grace he saved her because of Eastman and describes him as a man who helped him when he was stuck. "He taught me that all life is precious," Morgan says. Grace explains that they both believe other people's lives are more important than their own, leaving him in thought.

A while later, Annie drives the kids back to the truck stop. Luciana introduces them to Strand and Annie tells him Alicia's still out there. Meanwhile, John apologizes to Dwight for hiding Sherry's letter. Dwight admits he understands why he did it and says he doesn't want to give up despite Sherry's request. John agrees and Dwight promises to get him back to June.

In the woods, Alicia washes her face in a river before getting a radio call from Morgan. He asks if she's okay and she lies but says she's being followed by a herd of walkers. Morgan commends her on getting the kids back, making her happy. He then tells her that in trying to make up for the lives they took, they lost their way to live for themselves and they're going to find a way to do that too. As the herd catches up to her, Alicia is forced to run again.

Suddenly, the alarms at the power plant start sounding as several walkers become attracted to it. Grace confirms that the alarms signal the start of the meltdown, alarming Morgan.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

In a flashback, Morgan's group is at the dam taking turns on the radio trying to reach out to strangers who might need help. After days of no response, Morgan finally makes contact with a man named Logan, who he promises to help. In the present, Doris and Logan's Crew confront Logan, having torn apart the factory in search of something that he promised them but they can't find. The group demands to know what they are looking for, threatening to kill him otherwise.

On the road, Alicia takes a hot shower off of Grace's truck and furiously tries to rinse off the contaminated blood. As the nuclear plant sirens continue to ring, Grace tells Alicia they have to leave soon. A herd of walkers approaches and Morgan radios Luciana to tell her they'll try to lead them away as they prepare the plane and runway. Elsewhere, John hot-wires a car and drives him and Dwight away.

Back on the truck, Alicia tells Morgan she's sorry she couldn't kill any more of them, but he tells her she shouldn't be sorry and promises to teach her aikido. Grace then stops the truck as the walkers pass by and head towards the siren. Suddenly, the siren stops, and the nuclear plant explodes. The walkers then turn to their truck as Grace tries to drive away. She hits a car on the barricade and gets stuck, forcing them to run away.

Meanwhile, Sarah comes across Logan leaving the dam and asks him if he can help her light the runway for her friends. He reminds her he has stayed alive by not sticking his neck out, so he declines and drives off. Elsewhere, John and Dwight's car stalls out which Dwight suggests is due to the gas going bad. June radios John and vows to come get him but he tells her not to and makes her promise to get on the plane whether he makes it back or not. He confesses his love for her and tells her she's his reason to live and he wants her to have a reason to live, too. John spots another message from Sherry on a tree and realizes that Sherry might've left Dwight more than her messages and asks him how far he thinks Sherry's car is.

At the plane's airfield, Morgan, Alicia, and Grace run with the walkers close behind. Morgan radios Luciana to tell everyone to get ready to fly but she says John and Dwight aren't here yet, so Morgan asks them to help him fight the walkers. On the other airstrip, Sarah and Wendell discuss how they will light the runway for the plane's arrival when Daniel arrives to help them with some tools from his warehouse.

Back at the airfield, the group walks backwards to the plane as the walkers close in. Strand tells Alicia that Madison would be proud of her as June tells Morgan she made John a promise and they have to get on the plane. The group makes a run for the plane as John and Dwight drive their way past the walkers in Sherry's van. Everyone makes it on the plane safely as a wall of smoke from the reactor fills the runway. Strand and Al steer through it and make it into the open air. June tells John she didn't want to leave and he comforts her.

In the air, Grace breaks Morgan's stick in half and throws the contaminated half out of the plane. Morgan thanks her but doesn't look pleased. John tells June he worried he would never talk to her again and doesn't want to waste another moment. He fashions a candy wrapper into a ring, gets down on one knee, and proposes. She gleefully says yes and the two kiss.

That night, Sarah, Wendell, and Daniel finish the lights on the tarmac as the plane gets closer. Strand sees the lights and tells the other to look. Suddenly, Wendell spots a walker and kills it with his wheelchair spikes. Then another walker approaches and trips the runway lights. On cue, the plane runs out of fuel and Wendell's forced to jump out of his chair to fix it. The plane roars toward the dark runway as Wendell fixes the lights at the last second, allowing the plane to finally land.

Morgan embraces Sarah and introduces her to Grace. He then meets Daniel as everyone else gets introduced. Alicia spots Daniel and runs up to hug him. He apologizes to her for what happened and she promises to make things better. She introduces him to Dwight, who Daniel says needs a haircut. Charlie hugs him as Strand approaches. Daniel tells Strand he was wrong. "We all are sometimes," Strand says.

Suddenly, a woman contacts Morgan on the radio, asking if that was his plane flying overhead. She's seen his boxes and wants his help. The communication cuts out as Logan interrupts the signal and says they need to chat. He pulls up in an old truck as everyone focuses their guns on him. Logan explains that the world is in a state of decay that is making it hard for people to get to the places they need to. As part of that, gasoline is going bad which Clayton had anticipated and created a place to solve that problem. The location is in Clayton's journal which Logan had expected to find at the factory. Logan warns that if his crew knew he went to them, the would kill them all. Logan suggests that if they give him the journal, he can help the group find the place and with a glance at Sarah, admits that he has some things he needs to make up for as well. Logan insists that they need to work together to find the place before his former crew does.

"Channel 4"

In a found-footage style, Althea interviews the group asking why they want to help others. Morgan explains someone was trying to help him. Alicia explains that she used to kill walkers but now is looking for a new purpose. John explains that this group is rich because they have skills. Their effort now is purely to help others. Al presses Morgan on why he says they all need to start living. "I guess sometimes it's easier to see what other people need help with," he says. Al puts down her camera to kill a walker and then resumes her interview.

Althea recalls how they raided a big stop to fetch camera batteries and equipment. Morgan explains that they made contact with more people, so they got more trucks to cover more ground. Sarah gleefully explains how they took Logan's oil truck and abandoned him on the road. Dwight admits he fell in with the right people and still hopes to find Sherry. Daniel then tells Dwight he wants to cut his hair. "He won't let me give him a haircut," he jokes. Daniel says it will make him look more presentable.

Alicia explains she, Luciana, and Strand are the lead vehicle on supply missions. They map out the roads for the group. Morgan has been training her with aikido. "I think the change is good, it's what I needed," she confesses. It's shown that the group has grown. There are a lot more people in a makeshift community. June explains she runs the caravan with Grace, where they escort people to outposts when necessary. She promises they'll eventually find a place to call home. Al asks Grace why she was checking her neck earlier and Grace says she just wants to be prepared in case she gets sick.

Luciana radios Morgan to a house to help someone named Tess. She tells them she's waiting for her husband to return with her son's asthma medication but won't come outside because of the landmines. On the road, Sarah sings along to truck songs as Charlie, Dwight, and Daniel admit in confessionals they hate it. Back at the house, Morgan tells Tess they're recording the experience so they can prove to future survivors that they're legit. Tess explains she hasn't left the house since the onset of the apocalypse and Morgan promises to stay there until her husband returns.

Elsewhere, Alicia, Strand, and June search supplies from the pharmacy that Tess said her husband was at. They don't find him so they split up to look. Alicia finds a tree with "If you're reading this then you're still here" painted on it. Alicia admits that Madison would have loved it. Suddenly, Strand saves her from a walker. She reveals on camera she hasn't killed any since the plane.

John tells the camera that it makes sense Morgan is so dedicated to this mother/son scenario due to his loses. He also mentions that he and Morgan have each other's backs. Back at the house, the walkers break through the fence and get immediately blown up by a landmine. Meanwhile, June reveals on camera that the walker Strand saved Alicia from was Tess' husband. When Morgan hears the son cry out from the house, he sprints through the yard to get him. However, he freezes inches away from the porch after Al spots a landmine next to his foot. John and Luciana join him as Alicia, Strand, and June arrive with the inhaler.

Morgan radios Tess that they have the inhaler but she has to come outside to get it. He then breaks the news that her husband is dead and she needs to come get the medicine. She tearfully asserts her husband is still out there. Al instructs Morgan on how to navigate the mine he's standing on. He digs around it as John hands him a screwdriver to get to the fuse. Al admits it's a 50/50 chance she's right.

Morgan prepares to pull the firing pin until Tess radios them to stop. She finally emerges from her house and admits her husband isn't coming back. She hands him a clothespin to use as Morgan tells the others to back up. He successfully takes his foot off of the mine and once out of range, it explodes. Morgan returns to give Tess and her son the inhaler. The group is proud that the woman stepped out for the first time in two years to help them and they were there to help her. Tess is emotional as Morgan comforts her over the loss of her husband. He reflects on his family, opening up about how difficult it can be to say goodbye.

That night, Tess and her son join the group as they enjoy a recipe Grace hadn't cooked up until now. Morgan asks Alicia if she wants to practice tomorrow but she has found a new purpose. "I wanna know who is painting those trees," she says. Al then asks the group what each want: Morgan longs to say goodbye to his wife and son, Alicia explains that she needs help finding her own way to make things better, John wants to make the world a better place, June vows to find them a permanent home, Grace has a lot more things she wants to do, Strand wants to make the most of his second chance, Daniel hopes to make Ofelia proud, Dwight wants to end each day making someone else's better, Charlie wants to do right by the group, Sarah wants to keep the truck running, and Al just wants to make sure these stories are more than tapes. The tape concludes with everyone pleading with future survivors to help others.

It's revealed the tape is being watched by a survivor named Wes, who is holed up in an old gas station store. He considers reaching out on his walkie but decides against it. He packs his things before pressing his ear to a locked door. He then stares at a "Take what you need" box before leaving.

Outside, Wes gases up a motorcycle as Logan and his crew arrive. Wes tells them he doesn't want any trouble but Logan tells his people to take his gas and demands to know where the oil fields are. Wes insists that he doesn't know and he isn't with the people on the tape, claiming he stole the gas. Logan admits that he likes him but has his men shoot up Wes' motorcycle so he can't follow them. Logan tosses him a radio and orders him to call Morgan's group for help with escaping an approaching herd and to tell them that they are making more enemies than friends out there, while his crew has more bullets than they know what to do with. Wes is then left behind as Logan's crew drive away.

"210 Words Per Minute"


"You're Still Here"


"Ner Tamid"


"Leave What You Don't"


"Today and Tomorrow"


"Channel 5"


"End of the Line"



Title Writer(s) Director Original Air Date U.S. Viewers
1. "Here to Help" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
Michael Satrazemis June 2, 2019 1.97 million
2. "The Hurt That Will Happen" Alex Delyle Jessica Lowrey June 9, 2019 1.69 million
3. "Humbug's Gulch" Ashley Cardiff Colman Domingo June 16, 2019 1.76 million
4. "Skidmark" Samir Mehta Tara Nicole Weyr June 23, 2019 1.66 million
5. "The End of Everything" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
Michael Satrazemis June 30, 2019 1.71 million
6. "The Little Prince" Mallory Westfall Sharat Raju July 7, 2019 1.49 million
7. "Still Standing" Richard Naing Marta Cunningham July 14, 2019 1.39 million
8. "Is Anybody Out There?" Michael Alaimo Michael Satrazemis July 21, 2019 1.60 million
9. "Channel 4" David Leslie Johnson Dan Liu August 11, 2019 1.40 million
10. "210 Words Per Minute" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
Ron Underwood August 18, 2019 TBA
11. "You're Still Here" Alex Delyle
Mallory Westfall
Andrew Bernstein August 25, 2019 TBA
12. "Ner Tamid" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
Michael Satrazemis September 1, 2019 TBA
13. "Leave What You Don't" Ashley Cardiff
Nick Bernadone
Daisy Mayer September 8, 2019 TBA
14. "Today and Tomorrow" David Leslie Johnson Sydney Freeland September 15, 2019 TBA
15. "Channel 5" TBA David Barrett September 22, 2019 TBA
16. "End of the Line" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
Michael Satrazemis September 29, 2019 TBA



  • Beckett (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)
  • Jesse (Confirmed Fate)
  • Ryan (Confirmed Fate)
  • Kristian (Confirmed Fate)
  • Danny (Confirmed Fate)
  • Misty (Confirmed Fate)
  • Michael Sherman (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)
  • Robert Deeley (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)
  • Jesse Szewczek-Przygocki (Confirmed Fate)
  • Ben (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)
  • Charles
  • Max, Annie, and Dylan's parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • At least 35-36 unnamed power plant workers (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)
  • Many unnamed Camp Cackleberry survivors (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified, Off-Screen)
  • 2 unnamed rock climbers (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)
  • 1 unnamed man (Confirmed Fate)



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