This article is about the upcoming fifth season of the Companion TV Series. You may be looking for the fifth season of the original TV Series.

Season 5 is an upcoming season for AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. The show was renewed for a fifth season on July 28, 2018.[1] Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg will continue as showrunners for the second consecutive season.


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Episodes of Fear The Walking Dead
Season 1 "Pilot" • "So Close, Yet So Far" • "The Dog" • "Not Fade Away" • "Cobalt" • "The Good Man"
Season 2 "Monster" • "We All Fall Down" • "Ouroboros" • "Blood in the Streets" • "Captive" • "Sicut Cervus" • "Shiva" • "Grotesque" • "Los Muertos" • "Do Not Disturb" • "Pablo & Jessica" • "Pillar of Salt" • "Date of Death" • "Wrath" • "North"
Season 3 "Eye of the Beholder" • "The New Frontier" • "TEOTWAWKI" • "100" • "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" • "Red Dirt" • "The Unveiling" • "Children of Wrath" • "Minotaur" • "The Diviner" • "La Serpiente" • "Brother's Keeper" • "This Land Is Your Land" • "El Matadero" • "Things Bad Begun" • "Sleigh Ride"
Season 4 "What's Your Story?" • "Another Day in the Diamond" • "Good Out Here" • "Buried" • "Laura" • "Just in Case" • "The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now" • "No One's Gone" • "People Like Us" • "Close Your Eyes" • "The Code" • "Weak" • "Blackjack" • "MM 54" • "I Lose People..." • "... I Lose Myself"

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