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This article is about the seventh season of the Fear TV Series. You may be looking for the seventh season of the Original TV Series.

Season 7 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead premiered on October 17, 2021, and will conclude on June 5, 2022, consisting of 16 episodes. The series is a companion series to The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The executive producers are Kirkman, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd, Scott Gimple, Andrew Chambliss, and Ian Goldberg, with Chambliss and Goldberg as showrunners for the fourth consecutive season.[2]

The season follows Morgan's group scattered across the landscape of Texas as they try to survive the nuclear fallout brought about by Teddy (John Glover) and his followers. Meanwhile, Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) clash over their philosophies.


"The Beacon"

Following the nuclear destruction in Texas, Will, a young survivor, searches the devastated landscape for something while avoiding a mysterious group called the Stalkers who strip the dead of their clothes for some reason. Will is eventually captured by Victor Strand's Rangers and taken to the Tower, a settlement that Strand has established in the old office building that he had survived the nuclear blasts in. Strand is revealed to have collected art and resources from all over, but only takes in survivors that he feels will be of use to him. Threatened with being kicked out, Will reveals that he has the medallion that Strand had given to Alicia and agrees to lead Strand to her.

Will eventually reveals that he was part of a group that had been slaughtered by Teddy when the cult took over the bunker beneath the hotel, falling in love with Alicia who had exiled Will for refusing to do something for her. An encounter with the Stalkers leaves three of Strand's men dead before Will and Strand encounter and put down a number of reanimated survivors from the bunker, concerning them as to Alicia's fate. The two men find the bunker abandoned and a note for Will reading "PADRE" which Will calls the dream of something better, but he doesn't know what or where it is. Deciding that he needs to cut himself off from his loved ones in order to lead the Tower effectively, Strand throws Will off the Tower to his death, believing that Alicia will never forgive him for it and uses a lighthouse beacon to draw a massive horde to the Tower to act as a moat against his enemies.

"Six Hours"

Morgan, Grace and baby Mo have been living in the USS Pennsylvania since the bombs went off, but are confronted by a lack of supplies while Grace remains depressed and distant from the baby. With no other choice, Morgan convinces Grace to join him in a modified car to look for supplies, although they only have a six hour window in which they can be safe. As they journey through the devastation, Grace becomes even more depressed when she sees that the situation is even worse than she thought. While passing through a town, Morgan and Grace hit a roadblock and encounter two terminally ill survivors, Fred and Bea, while a herd and a mysterious third survivor attacks. Morgan deals with the herd and drives the man away, but Grace is forced to kill Fred when he tries to smother Mo; the incident causes Grace to finally bond with the baby.

After Morgan puts down her reanimated daughter Emma, Bea chooses to stay behind and die with her family, although she tells them about the mysterious "PADRE" and where Bea and Fred think that it might be. With no more time to continue their journey, Morgan and Grace return to the sub where they encounter Howard and several of Strand's men who are raiding it for supplies and Howard reveals Strand's actions, but Grace refuses an offer to join him. Morgan and Grace end up finding enough powdered milk to last them for months hidden in the sub's floor and witness Mo crawling. At the same time, the mysterious attacker is revealed to be Josiah LaRoux, the identical twin brother of Emile LaRoux, the bounty hunter that Morgan had killed months before. In possession of his brother's reanimated head, Josiah promises that he will exact vengeance upon Morgan for Emile's death.

"Cindy Hawkins"

Over the course of a couple of months, John Sr. and June establish a routine while waiting out the year that June has determined is the time that they must wait before it is safe to come out of the bunker. However, the bunker becomes increasingly unstable over time with a wall collapse smashing their supply of liquor and revealing a secret room where Teddy had killed and embalmed his victims in the 1970s. John goes into alcoholic withdrawal and experiences hallucinations as a result of Teddy's last victim, Cindy Hawkins, whose body John had never been able to find. John's hallucinations and guilt over his failures cause him to search for clues to the location of her body with disregard to anything else. At one point, John emerges from the bunker due to Cindy calling to him and, after putting down a reanimated Dakota, finds three of the mysterious group known as the Stalkers watching him.

The Stalkers demand that John and June surrender while John realizes that June has been lying the whole time about how long they must wait, afraid of facing the outside world without her husband. Briefly abandoning June to search for Cindy's body, John finally snaps out of it in time to kill the Stalkers and save June. The two subsequently discover Cindy's body buried in the bunker's walls by accident, bringing John peace. The bunker collapses, but the two are rescued by Strand's men and brought to the Tower. When Morgan arrives at the bunker searching for his friends, Strand contacts him on the radio, revealing that he intends to build the kind of world that Morgan couldn't which Morgan encourages him to do. However, Morgan threatens to kill his former friend if Strand hurts any of the people that he cares about, but Strand is unconcerned by his threats.

"Breathe With Me"

Living in an old fort with the rest of Morgan's group following their rescue by Isabelle, Sarah begins an obsessive search for her missing brother Wendell who has been out of contact since the nuclear destruction occurred. Sarah makes contact with Morgan shortly before encountering Josiah who offers her his help in finding Wendell if she will help him get revenge upon Morgan for the death of his identical twin brother Emile. Sarah reluctantly takes the deal and she, Josiah and Rufus find Wendell's broken wheelchair in the possession of Sage, one of the Stalkers who has been collecting walkers and dispersing them around the area. In a moment of grief, Sarah causes Josiah's SUV to run off of the road and crash near a cracked open nuclear warhead which had failed to detonate.

As walkers surround them, Josiah encourages Sarah not to give up on Wendell and shares some of his past with her, bonding with Sarah. With the help of Morgan, Sarah and Josiah eliminate the herd, but Josiah attempts to kill Morgan and get his revenge. The struggle ends when Rufus is bitten while defending Josiah from Emile before Sarah finally puts Emile's reanimated head down. Josiah is tearfully forced to euthanize Rufus and, having turned out to be a good man, makes amends with Morgan rather than continuing to seek revenge. Morgan and Josiah lead Sarah to the Tower where Strand reveals that he has Wendell, but he refuses to let Sarah in to see him. After making Strand promise not to tell Wendell that she was there, Sarah and Morgan part ways with Josiah and Morgan promises Sarah that they will get all of their friends back. At the same time, Sage recovers the cracked open warhead and brings it to the rest of the Stalkers.

"Till Death"

Dwight and Sherry have become a team of "ethical outlaws" known as the Dark Horses, protecting those in need and seeking out the mysterious "PADRE". However, their friends the Larson family are reluctant to wait much longer due to dwindling supplies. Dwight and Sherry are captured by Strand's forces and brought to the Tower where Strand attempts enlist their help to find Mickey, a woman who had managed to escape his moat of walkers in search of her missing husband Cliff; the two refuse the offer, comparing Strand and the Tower to Negan and the Sanctuary. Nevertheless, the two track down Mickey and offer her their help, only to discover that the Larsons have been murdered, causing Dwight to decide to take Strand's offer to join him while Sherry heads off with Mickey in order to find Cliff.

Encountering Eli, a criminal who he and Sherry had previously fought, Dwight learns that Strand had hired Eli to murder the Larsons and, enraged by his actions, Dwight leaves Eli to be devoured by a herd. Sherry and Mickey find Mickey's gym to be surrounded by walkers and, fighting through the herd, the two find a reanimated Cliff inside and put him down. Rejoined by Dwight, the group fights the herd in the gym's wrestling ring and eliminate it by using a combination of makeshift weapons and wrestling moves. Afterwards, Mickey joins the Dark Horses who respond to a distress call, only to be ambushed by the Stalkers. Aware of the Dark Horses reputation, the Stalkers request their help in finding "PADRE".


After sending the others to the Pennsylvania, Al returns to her SWAT van alone, putting down a reanimated Riley nearby and intending on resuming her solo journey getting people's stories. Having deduced Al's plan, Morgan arrives at the SWAT van just in time to witness the arrival of a CRM Reclamation Team who are after Al's ex-girlfriend Isabelle who had gone AWOL to rescue Morgan's friends when the nukes went off. Despite Al's attempts to warn Morgan and Grace off, they insist upon helping her while Morgan presses his friend to go after Isabelle. Al tricks Morgan and Grace into using the CRM helicopter's fuel to refuel the SWAT van while she lures the Reclamation Team to Fort San Vicente where she sets up an old cannon to kill them.

The CRM soldiers capture Morgan and Grace and force Al to admit that Isabelle is at the cabin of her old co-pilot Beckett in the Great Smoky Mountains. Morgan and Grace escape and lead the Reclamation Team to the fort where they work together to kill them. Learning that the rest of the CRM has figured out where Isabelle headed off to, Al gives Morgan an interview of her own for the first time and then departs in the CRM helicopter. At the cabin, Al tells Isabelle that she is ready to find a new life together with her even though it means that they will constantly be on the run from the CRM and the two women embrace.

"The Portrait"

Morgan requests access into Strand's Tower in order to get medical care for baby Mo. Despite initially turning him away, Strand eventually lets him in.


In flashbacks, after being locked in the bunker by Teddy, Alicia reluctantly becomes the leader of the cultists, and she meets Will who helps Alicia to look for a way out. Alicia learns of "PADRE", a secret government location that supposedly has the resources to rebuild the world but which only the undead Senator Elias Vazquez knows the location of. While trying to escape from the bunker, Alicia is bitten in the arm by the senator and she amputates her arm; Will departs shortly thereafter, feeling that he is causing Alicia more harm than good by staying with her. In the present, fleeing from the Stalkers' attack on her people, Alicia enlists a reluctant Morgan's help to follow the senator to "PADRE".

Covering themselves in walker guts for protection, the two wander around with Vazquez, evading Strand's forces. Alicia eventually reveals to Morgan that she didn't amputate her arm in time and Alicia is convinced that it is now only a matter of time before the bite kills her and she turns too. The search ends when Vazquez follows Strand's beacon to the Tower and he becomes lost in the walker moat. Alicia considers accepting Strand's offer to take her people in, only to find and put down the reanimated Will nearby. After learning that Strand had been the one to murder Will, the furious Alicia declares war on Strand and his forces.

"Follow Me"

An unconscious Alicia is found by Paul, a deaf musician who takes cares of her. Alicia reveals that after leaving the bunker, her search for "PADRE" had led to a number of her people dying, leaving her filled with guilt and Arno out for revenge as he blames her for their losses. Alicia is driven by a repeated dream of Vazquez telling her to follow him to "PADRE", but Paul suggests that Vazquez is simply a manifestation of Alicia's own subconscious telling her to follow her own path. While retrieving a replacement stereo for Paul, Alicia is captured by Arno who attempts to feed Alicia to some of the reanimated people that she'd lost.

However, Alicia is saved by Paul and the two set up a trap for Arno, drawing him to Paul's house and using the stereo to draw a herd in to deal with the Stalkers. Most of Arno's forces are killed while Paul sacrifices himself to allow Alicia to escape. After returning to the Pennsylvania, Alicia decides to use the bunker's transmitter to gather an army to fight Strand using the promise of the safety that the Tower will provide. Meanwhile, Arno and Sage find a blast crater filled with many thousands of walkers that threaten everyone if they escape, renewing Arno's determination to take the Tower for the Stalkers.

"Mourning Cloak"

Charlie is captured by Ali, a young Ranger in training, and taken to Strand's Tower where she claims to be trying to defect. With the Tower needing an elevator part from a radioactive building, Howard offers to take Charlie in if she can use her unique talents to retrieve the part for them while secretly ordering Ali to learn Charlie's true intentions. Charlie and Ali, both teenagers who have missed out on much in their lives due to the end of the world, begin to fall in love with each other and Charlie eventually admits that she was sent by Morgan to infiltrate the Tower, but she really wants to run away from the conflict completely so as to finally get the chance at a regular life that she has been missing.

During the mission, Ali is attacked by a group of Stalkers attempting to learn why Strand is interested in the walker-filled crater, but he tricks them into getting devoured by walkers. After getting the part, Ali initially plans on leaving Charlie before changing his mind and deciding to run away with her instead. However, Charlie is diagnosed with terminal radiation sickness from their mission; after Ali's betrayal is discovered, Howard throws him off of the Tower, putting Howard at odds with a furious June who begins plotting to take Strand down by any means necessary while John plans to earn Strand's trust in order to be Strand's voice of reason.


While the others pursue a weapon's cache discovered by Dwight, Daniel wanders off, chased by Luciana and Wes, convinced that Ofelia is still alive and sending him a message from The Abigail. The three are captured by the Stalkers who attempt to extract the location of the weapon's cache from them, hinting at the existence of a greater danger and Luciana attempts to get Daniel to accept the reality that Ofelia is long-since dead. After sending half of the Stalkers on a wild goose chase, Daniel overpowers Sage who is forced to admit that the Stalkers never had Ofelia, causing Daniel to kill him in revenge.

Furious, Daniel lowers Arno into a pit full of walkers before Luciana and Wes can stop him. As he dies, Arno reveals the existence of the crater full of radioactive walkers and he warns them that someone is letting the walkers out. Luciana is able to convince the surviving Stalkers to join Morgan's group in their fight against Strand and lies to Daniel that Ofelia is in the Tower as she knows that they will need Daniel's help against Strand. Disgusted by Luciana's actions, Wes leaves the group and apparently betrays their plans to Strand.

"Sonny Boy"

As a paranoid Strand begins a search for traitors in his Tower, a radio is found amongst Howard's belongings and baby Mo vanishes, causing Strand to suspect that Howard is a traitor. Privately, Howard reveals to John that he is so loyal to Strand because his family left him before the apocalypse and Howard hopes that they will find the Tower some day. John deduces that June kidnapped Mo and is trying to sneak her out through the tunnels to Morgan. While John is trying to stop her, a storm washes in a number of walkers, trapping the two and John reveals that he got terminal radiation sickness as well from rescuing the dying Charlie; John sees securing the Tower and Mo's future as his legacy.

Strand rescues John and June and John confesses to planting the radio on Howard so that he could become Strand's new partner. Unmoved, Strand forces John to throw Howard off of the Tower's roof to his death before revealing that Howard's family had already been dead for months which Strand had hidden from him. Realizing that Strand is beyond reason, John dons a makeshift suit of armor from Howard's collection of artifacts and carries Mo through the walker moat to Morgan. However, John is bitten in the process and with the herd closing in, he chooses to sacrifice himself in order to buy Morgan time to escape. Strand threatens to kill June and Grace if Morgan ever sets foot in the Tower and broadcasts an invitation to everybody else. With Howard and John dead, Strand takes on Wes as his new partner.

"The Raft"

Dwight and Sherry rescue a woman named Maya from walkers and Dwight sends her to the Tower despite the escalating war with Strand; Sherry expresses fears that Dwight will take Strand's deal to protect her and become the man he used to be while serving with Negan and the Saviors. Having escaped with baby Mo, Morgan lures Strand's walker moat away, leaving the Tower vulnerable until nightfall. Morgan is joined by Alicia who admits to being afraid that she won't be able to kill Strand when the time comes. Leading the herd to the crater, the two find it to be almost empty, someone having lowered a ramp into it so that the radioactive walkers could escape. Having taken Mo from Morgan, Dwight and Sherry are chased by Wes and several of Strand's Rangers in search of the baby.

The two escape to the bunker where the cult had survived the nuclear blasts, deciding to use it to contain the herd instead while they escape through the drainage pipes. Trapped by a celling collapse, Sherry reveals that she's pregnant before using Alicia's recovered melee weapon to dig them out, reuniting with Morgan and Alicia who has just put down Senator Vazquez after encountering him nearby. With the Pennsylvania having to be abandoned for good due to a radiation leak, Alicia prepares to lead everyone in an attack against the Tower while Morgan departs with Mo on the sub's emergency life raft in an effort to find a safer home for her.

"Divine Providence"

After Alicia arrives at the Tower with her army, Strand invites her, accompanied by Daniel, inside under the guise of discussing peace terms. However, Strand reveals that his men are leading the radioactive walkers from the crater to the Tower to deal with Alicia's friends while he keeps her prisoner until Alicia comes around to his way of thinking. Breaking free, Alicia has a brief standoff with Strand who, after learning that Alicia doesn't have much time left to live, agrees to forgo his plan if Alicia will spend what time she has left with him. However, this change of heart causes Wes and the Rangers to mutiny, intending to kill Strand, Alicia and everyone else in order to protect their home.

Strand and Alicia enlist the help of Daniel to reach the roof and shut off the lighthouse beacon while Daniel attempts to find Ofelia based on Luciana's lies to him. Strand brings Daniel to the dying Charlie whom he cares about and together with Alicia, finally snaps Daniel out of his delusions, convincing Daniel to look after Charlie for what little time she has left. Strand and Alicia are captured by Wes, but Daniel saves them and Strand, much to Alicia's anger and shock, kills Wes despite her attempts to talk him down. As everyone makes their way into the Tower chased by the herd, Strand betrays Alicia, realizing that she will never forgive him. Alicia overpowers Strand and broadcasts a message calling other survivors to the Tower, but the fight accidentally sets fire to the Tower as Alicia passes out.






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1. "The Beacon" Andrew Chambliss
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Michael Satrazemis October 17, 2021 1.09 million
2. "Six Hours" Andrew Chambliss
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Michael Satrazemis October 24, 2021 0.96 million
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4. "Breathe With Me" David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
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5. "Till Death" Ashley Cardiff
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6. "Reclamation" Alex Delyle
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7. "The Portrait" Nick Bernardone Heather Cappiello November 28, 2021 0.94 million
8. "PADRE" Andrew Chambliss
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9. "Follow Me" Andrew Chambliss
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Heather Cappiello April 17, 2022 0.84 million
10. "Mourning Cloak" Nazrin Choudhury
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11. "Ofelia" Alex Delyle
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12. "Sonny Boy" Jacob Pinion
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13. "The Raft" Nick Bernardone
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Gary S. Rake May 15, 2022 0.74 million
14. "Divine Providence" Alex Delyle
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Ed Ornelas May 22, 2022 0.66 million
15. "Amina" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
Michael Satrazemis May 29, 2022 TBA
16. "Gone" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
Sharat Raju June 5, 2022 TBA

Title Screen

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On December 3, 2020, AMC renewed the series for a seventh season.[3] Production began in April 2021 in Texas.[4]


In July 2021, it was announced that Sydney Lemmon would return to the series as Isabelle. Lemmon last appeared in the show's fifth season, but made a voice-only appearance in the sixth season.[5] In September 2021, it was confirmed that Aisha Tyler joined the cast as Mickey. Tyler previously directed an episode in the sixth season.[6] In December 2021, it was confirmed that Kim Dickens would reprise her role as Madison Clark in this season and the eighth season.[7]


Cast members Lennie James, Colman Domingo and Alycia Debnam-Carey each directed episodes in the seventh season. James and Domingo previously directed episodes in prior seasons and Debnam-Carey made her directorial debut this season. Domingo is also credited as a producer beginning with this season.[8][9][10]


Showrunner Ian Goldberg described the seventh season as a "nuclear zombie apocalypse western story", stating:

"The world has changed. The landscape has now changed. We have multiple nuclear warheads that have detonated, so that's gonna change everything. That's gonna change the walkers, that's gonna change the living conditions, that's gonna change everything about how our characters navigate this world. Just when they got a handle on how to deal with the apocalypse, now we have another apocalypse on top of the one they've been living in."[11]


The season premiered on October 17, 2021, on AMC, with each episode available a week early via AMC+.[12]