Season 9 of AMC's The Walking Dead consists of sixteen episodes; it premiered on October 7, 2018. On January 13, 2018, AMC announced the show was renewed for a ninth season with Angela Kang replacing Scott Gimple as showrunner.[1]

This season adapts material from Issue #127 onward of the Comic Series.


"A New Beginning"

A year and a half has passed since the end of the War. In a rebuilt and thriving Alexandria, Rick, now with shorter and grayer hair, happily watches Michonne paint with Judith. They go outside the walls to see a flock of birds in the field.

At the Sanctuary, the walker-filled yard has been replaced by crops. Rosita helps Eugene with an experiment, while Laura reports to Daryl, who's now in charge. He goes to the yard and notices Arat and Justin trying to use a walker as a scarecrow, like they used to do. Daryl puts it down.

On the road, Tara is scouting when Eugene radios her, informing her that Daryl will soon meet the rest of the group so they can go to Washington D.C. in search of farming materials.

Elsewhere, Jesus and Aaron kill some walkers. Aaron asks Jesus if he can teach him some of his skills. Jesus agrees to lead a class at the Hilltop.

Daryl rides off to meet Rick, Michonne, Carol, Maggie and others in downtown Washington D.C.

Rick and the group break into the Smithsonian Institute to search for a covered wagon and farming equipment. As they walk over a fragile glass floor, they notice a group of walkers under it. Suddenly, a walker drops from a balcony onto it, cracking a pane of the glass. Rick tells everyone to be safe, and the group separates.

In the basement, Siddiq gets attacked by a walker whose head is full of spiders. He barely manages to kill it, and admits to Rick he is more scared of the spiders.

In a hallway, Gabriel drives a machete into a walker's head and leaves it hanging on a human evolution display. He and Anne smile at the irony of this.

By the stairs, Cyndie sees an old canoe, and remembers a pleasant childhood experience with her brother. Daryl relates to this, and the two of them take the canoe with them

Back in the basement, Rick's group finds packages of seeds and beans. Rick thanks Anne for the lead. She tells him that she knew of the location because she once brought her class there when she was a teacher.

While returning to the stairs, Maggie tells Michonne and Carol that Gregory called for an election at the Hilltop, but lost. Maggie is now the rightful leader. Michonne stops and looks at a political display, showing how the different American colonies were united.

The entire group reunites, and gingerly uses ropes to drag an old covered wagon down the stairs and over the glass floor. The glass finally gives way, and Ezekiel falls through, dangling by one of the ropes. Before the walkers can bite him, Daryl shoots one, and then Rick and the others pull Ezekiel to safety. Carol joyfully kisses him to celebrate.

The group leaves D.C. and prepares to head back to their separate communities.

On the road, Alden talks to Ken and Marco about blacksmithing at the Hilltop. At the back of the convoy, Ezekiel proposes to Carol. She tells him to put his ring away, and reminds him that she'd previously said that she doesn't want to be asked yet. She especially doesn't want to be asked while riding a horse. Ezekiel smiles, and tells her he still loves her.

Rosita and Daryl catch up with everyone, and inform the group that the main bridge is out due to a storm. Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron and Anne to head back to Alexandria. The rest plan to take an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary.

In the woods, the wagon gets caught in the mud. As the group struggle to pull it out, walkers appear from the bushes. The wagon finally budges, and everyone rushes to gather the supplies. The walkers are too numerous, and the groups is forced to flee. Ken turns back, and is bitten on the arm by a walker, and then kicked in the ribs by a horse. Siddiq tries to save him, but the boy succumbs to blood loss. A saddened Maggie sobs by his side.

That night, back at the Hilltop, Maggie breaks the news of Ken's death to his parents, Tammy and Earl. Tammy refuses to accept that Ken's death was an unavoidable accident, caused by the boy's rash behavior. She reminds Maggie that she voted for her in the election. Although Earl tries to calm her, Tammy doesn't listen, going onto criticize Maggie's decision to help supply the Saviors. A shocked Maggie offers to help with the funeral, but Tammy declines. She also forbids Maggie from being present for the service.

Later, the Hilltop gathers for Ken's funeral. Alden sings, and Gregory gives a eulogy. Maggie holds Hershel and watches from the balcony.

At the Sanctuary, Rick and the group arrive to deliver supplies. Michonne points out graffiti that proclaims, "Saviors save us!", and Daryl demands that Justin clean it up. Rick promises to the Saviors that he’ll continue to support them so they can get back on their feet. Everyone applauds him, treating him like a celebrity.

Daryl pulls Rick aside to tell him that he no longer wants to lead the place, because he doesn't belong there. He is also worried about the Sanctuary's future. Since it's factory land, it doesn't efficiently produce crops. Daryl wants to return to Hilltop to check on Maggie and Hershel, but Rick argues he should return to Alexandria. "Things have changed," Rick says, but Daryl says it’s because Rick changed them.

Outside, Carol follows Daryl and offers to take over the Sanctuary for him. She tells him about Zeke's proposal, and says she needs some time to think. Daryl is surprised, and asks if he should stay with her. She declines, and rests her head on his shoulder.

In their trailer, Tammy mourns her son, while Gregory gets Earl drunk. Gregory slyly suggests that Maggie stole the election, and that she doesn't have to be the leader any more.

At the Sanctuary, Rick and Michonne settle into bed. Michonne asks if they did the right thing by letting Negan live. Rick stands by his choice. Michonne then proposes that they create a charter between the communitie, laying out guidelines and punishments for rule violations. Rick agrees, and tells her how lucky he is to have found her. They kiss and make love.

Back at the Hilltop, Maggie takes Hershel out for a stroll and runs into Gregory, who tells her someone may have defaced Glenn's grave. Upset, she rushes towards the grave and is attacked by a hooded stranger, who also knocks over Hershel's stroller. Enid intervenes, but gets pushed to the ground hard and is knocked out. Alden and Cyndie grab the assailant. Maggie rips off his hood, to reveal a drunken Earl.

Maggie rushes over to Gregory's place and accuses him of trying to get her killed. He angrily reminds her that he built Hilltop, and tries to stab her with a knife. She overpowers him and holds the knife to his neck.

The next day, Carol tells Ezekiel she's staying at Sanctuary, and instructs Jerry to take care of him..

Daryl, Michonne and Rick arrive at the Hilltop to find the workers building gallows. Rick asks Maggie to visit Alexandria, but she says she won't because Negan is there. Rick also asks for her help fixing the bridge. She says she'll only agree if the Saviors agree to provide the labor and fuel. Rick says the Sanctuary simply can't afford to give up anything at the moment, as they are the weakest of the communities. Still, he feels that they are obliged to help. Maggie disagrees. She reminds Rick that once he promised that someday he would wind up following her. That never happened, but now it should.

That night, the Hilltop residents gather around the gallows, as Maggie explains to them that the punishment they're about to witness fits the crime. She looks on at Gregory, who has sitting atop a horse and has a noose around his neck. Gregory pleads for someone to stop the execution, but no one moves. A couple of kids show up, and Michonne yells for Maggie to stop. It's too late, however, as Daryl smacks the horse and sends it riding off, leaving Gregory to hang to death.

The people are shocked. Maggie tells them that she wants this to be the last time they do something like this. Rick and Michonne look on, as Maggie orders that Gregory's corpse be cut down.

"The Bridge"

In Alexandria, Rick goes down a basement to talk to someone. He mentions that it been 35 days since Gregory's execution.

He talks about how everything has changed since the war, and how the communities are working together on fixing a bridge that will be will the link to their future. "We're making a new beginning", Rick says, smiling with hope.

At a camp which the communities have set up in the woods, Ezekiel explains to Henry how vital the bridge will be in connecting the other communities with the Sanctuary.

Eugene and Rosita help Rick plan a detonation that will serve to distract an oncoming herd of walkers. Nearby, Siddiq teaches Enid medicine, as he stitches Cyndie's hand. Rick orders Siddiq to return home with the next crew, and tells Enid he has confidence on her.

At Hilltop, Michonne arrives. She tells Maggie that a planned food supply delivery hasn't arrived at the Sanctuary. Maggie claims that the ethanol they were supposed to receive didn't arrive either.

Jesus confirms they have a surplus of food, but Maggie counters that without a working plow, that may soon change. Michonne suggests they let Earl out to repair the plow, but Maggie scoffs and says she's fine with waiting for the fuel to show up from the Sanctuary.

On the bridge, Aaron shares with Daryl his experience as a father with Gracie, and tells him that someday he'll make a great dad. Meanwhile, Henry arrives to give water to the workers. Justin shoves him down for not giving him extra water, and starts drinking from the jug. Henry gets angry and knocks Justin down with his staff. Jed laughs and mocks Justin. A furious Justin gets up to retaliate, but Daryl stops him, saying that the kid’s just doing his job. Justin swings at Daryl, but Daryl dodges his swing and punches him in the face. They start fighting.

Rick arrives and stops the scuffle. He tells everyone to go back to work. He takes Daryl to his tent to calm him down, reminding him that they need the Saviors to help in building the bridge, especially since some of them have already deserted the repair crew. However, Daryl says that the Saviors won’t fall in line just because he says so. Rick explains that he wants everyone to be on the same side. Daryl questions if they actually are, before leaving. Carol advises Rick to wait until Daryl has calmed down before talking to him again.

Back at Hilltop, Tammy begs Jesus to see Earl, but Jesus says the time isn't right, reminding her that Earl tried to kill Maggie. Tammy grabs a stool and says she’s not moving until Maggie allows her to see him. Michonne overhears, and tells Jesus to consider talking to Maggie about it. Jesus says it's not her concern. Michonne disagrees, and proposes that they need to build something bigger than all of them.

At the camp, Anne draws a picture for Gabriel, based on a description he's given her. She laments that no one trusts her except him and Rick. Gabriel tells her that at first, no one trusted him either. Eventually, Rick made it possible. She strokes his hand and thanks him for staying on her side.

At Hilltop, Maggie plays with Hershel, while Jesus tells her that they should consider implementing official rules to handle situations like those raised by Earl, Negan, and Gregory. She finally agrees.

After the conversation, Tammy is allowed to see her husband. She talks to him about his mistakes and forgives him. Maggie listens in, becoming guardedly emotional. Later, she talks to Earl herself. He mentions how he became an alcoholic, and how he doesn't remember seeing his son for the first time.

In the woods, Rosita and Arat blow up some explosives to lure a horde of walkers in another direction, far from the camp.

Elsewhere, Tara sits on a crane and gives Rick a walkie-talkie update on the walker distraction plan. She then radios Jerry, so he can turn on a siren.

Alden arrives to inform Rick that none of the deserter Saviors made it back to the Sanctuary. Their families are worried. Tara radios Rick again, to warn him that the second siren didn't go off, and the herd is coming.

Suddenly, the walkers arrive at the labor site, causing a commotion. Jed panics and releases a giant logs that was being used in the repair. It falls onto Aaron’s arm, trapping it. Daryl yells to the crew to lift the log, while he double-knives the walkers around him. They lift the log, but Aaron's arm is crushed. Daryl carries Aaron back to the camp, as Rick and the others arrive to hold off the walkers. Rick shoots the log pile, causing it to roll down and crush the remaining walkers.

Daryl rushes Aaron to the infirmary. Enid quickly decides they need to amputate. Aaron reluctantly agrees, as Daryl ties the tourniquet. Enid amputates his arm.

Daryl angrily goes to confront Justin on why the second siren wasn't sounded. Justin claims the radio wasn’t charged. Daryl leaps at him, punching him repeatedly and hitting him with a frying pan. Carol begs for him to stop, as the rest of the camp watches.

Back at Hilltop, Maggie tells Michonne she's open to creating common laws. She explains that her father, like Earl, used to drink. Like him, Earl also deserves a second chance. Gregory, on the other hand, got several chances and didn't change.

In the camp that night, Rick tells Justin to take his things and leave. If he sees the man again, a couple of stitches won't fix what he will do to him. He then goes to Enid and says that she did a good job with Aaron. Rick apologizes to Aaron for what happened. Aaron says that Rick couldn't know, and says that thanks to him, "It's not the end of the world anymore... We start a whole new one.".

Nearby, Anne asks Gabriel who the woman she drew for him was, and he says she was his organist, who he loved and lost. She asks him if he is still afraid, but is cut short when he kisses her. They smile and start to make out, until Gabriel remembers he's supposed to be on watch. Anne replies that he can watch after, as she starts to unbuckle his pants.

In the camp, as everyone talks and laughs, Carol asks Ezekiel for the ring. He gets excited and is about to give a speech, but she tells him that he can save the speech for later. She puts on the ring, and they hug and smile. Rick happily watches them from his tent.

Back in Alexandria, Rick finishes narrating his story. It turns out he was speaking to a locked up Negan.

Negan taunts him with memories of Carl, but an angry Rick shuts him up. He says the man should be quiet and listen, but Negan says, "You're not saving the world, Rick. You're just getting it ready for me".

At the crane guard post, Anne again spots the mysterious helicopter that she once saw at the junkyard. She looks nervous.

In the woods, Justin hears something, and sees someone he recognizes. He asks what they’re doing out there, but then is violently dragged offscreen.

"Warning Signs"

In a field, a group of walkers devours Justin's body. The walkers then leave, as he reanimates and meanders past a building with the words "Final Warning" painted on the side.

The next morning, Rick wakes up and kisses Michonne. He places his hand over Carl's handprint, before taking a stroll through Alexandria. Later, he returns to his house and thanks Michonne for being amazing and for everything she does. He suggests that they could find other ways of building for the future, implying having a baby. Michonne kisses him, and they make love.

On the road, Maggie and Kal are bringing food to the Sanctuary when they are stopped by a small group of Saviors, who question her about their missing people. Jed steals a tomato out of the back and takes a large bite. Maggie says she'll mark him down for it while the other Saviors let her pass. Suddenly, they notice a zombified Justin stumbling onto the road.

Back in Alexandria, Rick and Michonne spend a family day with Judith playing, having a picnic and reading stories. Suddenly, Scott runs up and informs them that Maggie found Justin as a walker, but it doesn't look like an accident.

At the camp, the Saviors are furious with the news of Justin's death. Alden promises they'll get to the bottom of it, but is punched in the face by Jed, who claims he isn't one of them anymore. Carol steps in with her gun at her hip, stopping Jed.

The Saviors start accusing Daryl and Anne of being the culprits. They grab axes to retaliate, when Rick rides in the middle of the group with his gun drawn and warns everyone to back off. Arat and Laura help to disarm the Saviors.

After the crowd disperses, Rick questions Gabriel on where Anne was last night when Justin disappeared. Gabe vouches for her, but Rick instructs him to keep an eye out for her.

Alden asks Rick if some of the Saviors can have guns, but Rick says they need to figure out what happened first. Maggie asks Rick who he thinks killed Rick, and he looks at Daryl.

Inside a tent, Gabriel tells Anne about Rick's suspicions, and asks if she knows anything about Justin's disappearance. She says she didn't do anything, then, hurt, asks him if he thinks she is hiding something. She then leaves.

Meanwhile, Rick confronts Daryl about Justin, suggesting he might have been shot with an arrow or bolt. "If I was going to kill him, I'd a done it in plain sight," Daryl counters, before saying the Saviors don’t deserve to have a new beginning, Rick and Daryl's many dead friends didn’t get a second chance. Rick ends the conversation by asking Daryl to try. He reminds him that he once spared the man who left his brother on a rooftop to die. Daryl is left in thought.

In the woods, Maggie and Cyndie head to an abandoned house. It has a noisy roof, which has attracted a small group of walkers. Maggie distracts the walkers, as Cyndie investigates. Another group of walkers breaks out of the barred-up front door, and Maggie runs over to kill them. Cyndie nearly gets bitten, but Rick, Daryl and Rosita arrive to save her.

They check on Beatrice over the walkie, but receive no response. The go out to find her, and locate her in the woods, unconscious. When she wakes up, she tells them she was attacked from behind, and that Arat is missing.

Later, at the camp, Rick implores his team to find Arat before the Saviors find out and leave, delaying the bridge construction.

In the woods, Rick and Carol are searching for Arat. Rick says he's constantly tempted to kill Negan, but stops himself by reminding himself to build life, not take it.

Elsewhere, Maggie admits to Daryl that what Rick’s doing is right for the future. They find a walker with a bolt in it, and Daryl says, "I know who took Arat."

At night, Anne returns to the Junkyard and retrieves a walkie. She radios the unknown man from the helicopter. He asks her if she has an "A or a B." She claims she's paid her dues, but the man say for their deal to be on she'll" need an A". She promises him one tomorrow. Suddenly, Gabriel appears behind her and asks who she was talking to, and if she had anything to do with Justin.

Anne admits she's been trading people for supplies. She was planning to trade Gabe and Rick, back when she abducted them. She asks him to leave with her to a new place that is much better and far away, but which they must keep secret. Gabe says he has to tell Rick, but she says, "All this time, I thought you were a B," before knocking him out with her walkie.

Back in the woods, Jed and D.J. ambush Carol and Rick. Jed holds Carol at knifepoint, while Rick points a gun at his head. Jed explains to Rick that this is about getting their guns back for protection before leaving. Carol sneaks a knife out of her sleeve and stabs him in the shoulder. Rick forces D.J. to his knees.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Maggie arrive at the "Final Warning" building, where they find Cyndie and a group from Oceanside holding up Arat. Cyndie emotionally reveals that this was their former settlement, and recalls how Arat and the Saviors wiped out her people. Justin killed Beatrice's husband, while Arat killed Cyndie's brother without mercy.

Cyndie says that they went along with Rick's rules because they thought they had to, until Maggie executed Gregory, "showing them the way". Since that moment, they have been killing the Saviors responsible for wiping out Oceanside.

Arat starts crying. She claims she had no choice, but Cyndie reminds her how she smiled when she killed her brother. Arat begs Daryl and Maggie to help her, but they walk away, as Cyndie stabs her through the back of the head with a spear.

The next morning, the Saviors leave the campsite. On the road, Maggie tells Daryl that they gave Rick's way a chance, but it's time to see Negan.

"The Obliged"

In Alexandria, Michonne spends her days doing various errands around the community, while going out at nights to kill walkers on the woods. One night, she finds a walker hanged on a tree, shocking her. She tears up, and almost gets killed by another walker, but kills it with a bat. She looks at the bat in horror, reminded of Negan.

At Hilltop, Maggie looks from her balcony as she holds Hershel. She then passes him to the babysitter. Later, she grabs a backpack and sneaks a crowbar into it, planning to head to Alexandria to take care of Negan. Jesus tries to convince her not to go, but she instructs him to look after the Hilltop while she is gone.

At the camp, Eugene updates Rick on the status of the rising river in relation to their bridge construction. He apologizes for the bad news, but Rick reminds him how valuable he is, making him smile.

Inside the main tent, Carol tells Rick she's taking her people back to Kingdom while the Sanctuary figures out who they want to be. He tearfully accepts her decision. Suddenly, Jerry arrives to warn Rick about Maggie's march to Alexandria. Rick immediately radios Rachel to warn his people not to let Maggie into the community, but Rachel picks up a magazine and ignores the request. Daryl overhears Rick, and tells him he'll take him to Alexandria himself.

At Alexandria, Nora tells Michonne that Negan has been refusing to eat. Michonne promises to handle it.

On the road, Daryl rides past the correct turn to Alexandria, and Rick angrily tells him to pull over. Rick asks what is he doing, and Daryl reveals that he messed with the relay so Maggie would be allowed into Alexandria to kill Negan. Rick jumps at him, and the two wrestle until they roll into a giant ditch.

Back in Alexandria, Michonne brings Negan a meal. He says he'll only eat if she stays to talk to him. She agrees to stay for an hour.

In the ditch, Rick and Daryl argue over the merits of keeping Negan alive. Daryl reminds Rick how Negan turned him into a slave and how no one agrees with his decision to keep Negan alive. Rick says if they martyr Negan, then Carl will have died for nothing. Daryl tells Rick he'd die for him, and he would have for Carl too, but Rick has to just let him go. Rick says he never asked anyone to follow him. Daryl says, "Maybe you should have."

In Alexandria, Negan tells Michonne he's not meant to be in the cell, just as she's not meant to be doing random chores and looking after kids. Michonne shoots back that she's helping rebuild civilization. Negan admits he's happy his wife never got to see him like this. He reveals that he wished they'd had a kid like Carl, but his wife got cancer and then the world changed. Michonne says she sees Carl everywhere, and when Negan asks about her own kid, she angrily says Andre didn't make it. Negan says it’s better this way, because his wife wasn't made for the apocalypse. "We were built for more," he says. Michonne reacts in anger and storms off.

At the junkyard, Anne kisses a tied up Father Gabriel before rolling up one of her Walker experiments to kill him. He wakes up and begs her to stop, and tells her he forgives her. She leans the Walker over him and then stops, before putting another chloroform rag over Gabriel's mouth to knock him out.

At the camp, Carol packs up to leave for the Kingdom, as an armed Jed and several Saviors return. He reveals he knows that Oceanside's been killing the Saviors. He needs her to step aside so he can enact his revenge. Carol attacks him again, but more Saviors show up and a shoot-out ensues.

Rick and Daryl hear the shots from the ditch, and are forced to help each other escape.

In Alexandria, Michonne returns to Negan's cell and acknowledges that they're similar, but distinguishes that her worldview is a lot more positive than his. She finally gets him to eat, and as she leaves he asks to see Lucille. Michonne tells him they don’t have the bat anymore, which causes him to violently bang his head against the wall.

In the ditch, walkers slip in as Rick and Daryl struggle to climb out. Rick finally crawls out and uses a tree branch to get Daryl out as well. With a horde building near the camp, Rick concocts a plan to lead them away, while Daryl heads for the river.

Back in the junkyard, Gabriel wakes up untied and alone. He finds a note in his pocket from Anne: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I want to go fast." He breaks down in tears.

In her house, Michonne reads to Judith about baseball, and gets triggered by a picture of a bat. On the way to Alexandria, Maggie notices the several Walkers that were earlier killed by Michonne.

Elsewhere, as Rick is leading the Walker horde away, he gets surrounded by another. Rick's horse panics and throws him into a pile of rebar, which stabs him through his side. Rick cries in pain, then loses consciousness as the walkers close in.

"What Comes After"

In a dream state, Rick talks to his past self in his hospital room from when he was in a coma. He tells his old self to “wake up, it’s time to go.” Suddenly, Rick sees a flock of birds outside transform into helicopters, and then looks down to find his abdomen covered in blood. His past jokingly reverses the dynamic, telling HIM to wake up.

Back in the real world, Rick wakes up, still pinned to the rebar. With walkers closing in, Rick uses his belt to painfully lift himself off of the bar. He miraculously crawls back onto his horse, and barely escapes the herd.

Elsewhere, Anne’s van breaks down on the road. Her helicopter contact radios to see if she has the “A.” She lies and confirms she does, saying that they’re ready for transport. 

On the horse, Rick tells himself he needs to keep the horde close in order to lead them away. He goes in and out of consciousness, and briefly dreams up an image of Hershel’s farm. He then comes out of his stupor, rides to an old shack, and finds a tablecloth that he uses as a tourniquet. He passes out again. 

Back in Alexandria, Michonne is spending time with Judith when Scott arrives to inform her that Maggie has arrived. 

In another dream, Rick rides on horseback to Atlanta, where he finds Shane in their old patrol car. Suddenly he’s inside with Shane, and they’re back at the field from the day he was shot. They sit and eat talk, while eating burgers. Rick tells Shane that he’s looking for his family. Shane jokes that it’s technically his family, and asks if Rick is taking care of his daughter. Rick jokingly calls him an asshole. Shane compliments him for killing him, and for biting Joe’s throat out, but asks why he let Negan live. He encourages Rick to find his rage and “get it done.”

 Rick looks down at the burgers, which have turned to dust. He apologizes to Shane for what he did to him. Shane forgives him, and furiously tells him to wake up. Rick comes back to consciousness in time to avoid several walkers breaking into the shack. Rick barely escapes out the back. He gets back on the horse and leaves. 

In Alexandria, Maggie approaches Negan’s cell with a crowbar, before getting stopped by Michonne. She tells Michonne that Negan should have died on the day the war ended. Michonne asks if this is what Glenn would have wanted. “I don’t know what he would want, because I never got to say goodbye,” Maggie says. Michonne relents, giving her the keys to Negan's cell.  

Maggie walks into the basement where Negan is being held. Negan chuckles at her, as she demands he get on his knees. Negan taunts her about killing Glenn, and begs her to kill him. She opens the cell and slams him against the wall, as he continues to beg for death. He sobs, and admits he wants to be reunited with his wife Lucille. Maggie tells him to get back to his cell, because he’s already worse than dead.  

Maggie walks outside. Michonne seems pleased that her friend didn’t kill Negan. Suddenly, they get word about the shooting at the camp. 

On the road, Rick clings to life as the herd continue to follow him. He hallucinates again. This time he’s back at the farm. Hershel greets him and boasts about how he has his leg back. Rick embraces him, and apologizes for what happened to him and his family. Hershel forgives Rick, reminding him that Maggie is strong. Rick tells him he has to find his family, but Hershel tells him he doesn't. All he needs to do is wake up.

Rick wakes up, before hallucinating again. He’s back in the hospital, and sees a door that reads, “Don’t Open, Dead Outside.” He walks through it and finds a pile of dead bodies of all his friends; ones who truly died in the past, as well as ones who are still in reality alive. Rick walks among them until he sees Sasha. She tells him that none of this is real. Like the others, she urges Rick to wake up. “When you put all of us together, your family, you’re not going to find them because they’re not lost. And you’re not lost,” she tells him.

Rick wakes up, and is again thrown off the horse, this time near the now-abandoned, camp. The horse runs off, leaving Rick to fend for himself.

Rick finds a revolver, and shoots at a reanimated Norris and Kathy. The noise attracts the nearby. Rick summons the strength to limp away, before collapsing near the bridge. Suddenly, Maggie, Carol, Ezekiel, and others rush past him to kill the walkers. Michonne approaches rick, seeing his wound. She reminds him that she fell in love with him because he’s a fighter. After killing the walkers, everyone stops to watch Rick and Michonne as they continue to talk. Michonne tells Rick how much she loves him. He tells her, “This isn’t real.” Michonne tells him to wake up. He does, now alone on the bridge.

The walkers approach as Rick hobbles away. He makes it across the bridge and turns around, hoping to see the walkers fall through the weakened structure. Unfortunately, the bridge holds. One of the walkers get to within inches of Rick, before getting shot in the head by a crossbow bolt. Rick watches as Daryl, Michonne, Maggie, and the rest arrive nearby, this time for real.

Maggie and Michonne quickly hatch a plan to divert the walkers, but Rick won’t allow it. He notices the dynamite on the bridge, takes aim, and says to himself “I found them." He then shoots, igniting the dynamite. The bridge explodes, as Michonne and the rest can only watch in horror. Michonne screams out, while Maggie and Carol comfort her. Daryl weeps and then walks away.

Nearby, the helicopter arrives to pick up Anne and her supposed “A.” She pulls out her gun, but suddenly spots Rick on the riverbank, still alive. Seeing that he is severely wounded, she quickly radios that she has a "B" but he’s strong, and needs help immediately. She promises it’s not a trick, and explains she’s trying to save a friend who once saved her. The mysterious group agrees to her deal. Rick wakes up in the helicopter, hooked up to medical equipment. Anne assures him that he’ll be fine, and that “they” will save him. The helicopter flies away, as a moment of time lapse shows the trees in the clearing below growing considerably.

Sometime in the future, Magna’s group takes on a herd of walkers. They quickly get overwhelmed, but are saved when the walkers around them are suddenly shot by someone in the nearby trees. Magna and her group escape into the woods, where they find a 9-year-old girl who asks for their names. They introduce themselves, and ask what her name is. The girl picks up Carl’s hat, and introduces herself as Judith Grimes.

"Who Are You Now?"

Near the destroyed bridge, Michonne talks to Rick's memory, speaking of the future; how life continues and time passes by. Elsewhere, an older Daryl spearfishes in a lake, and watches as nature continues its growth even in the presence of walkers. At the Kingdom, a longer-haired Carol wakes up next to Ezekiel, and watches in admiration as everyone works together in the community. Michonne sorts through an abandoned car, and finds a toy sheriff figure that reminds her of Rick. She takes it with her.

Meanwhile, Rosita, Eugene, Laura, and Aaron find Judith in the woods, along with Magna’s group. Wanting to take the newcomers in, Judith declares she won’t go return to Alexandria until her friends accept them. Rosita and the others reluctantly agree.

At the Kingdom, Carol and Jerry find a now-teenage Henry trying to fix the pipes. Ezekiel arrives, and Henry sasses him about their deteriorating community. Ezekiel warns him to watch his tone. Shortly after, Carol tells Ezekiel that Henry isn’t wrong. She says the boy could benefit by moving to Hilltop and becoming Earl's apprentice.

In Alexandria, Magna’s group arrives at the gates, where Judith assures them they’ll be safe. They get escorted inside, where young Gracie runs over to Aaron. Rosita updates Siddiq on Yumiko’s condition, and he escorts her to the infirmary. Magna tries to tag along, but is stopped by D.J.

Michonne arrives on horseback, and isn't pleased to see the new arrivals. She frisks Magna, and asks Eugene why they’re here. Aaron says he made the call, but Michonne tells him it wasn't his decision to make. “I decided,” Judith tells her. Michonne scolds her. Aaron says that however they got here, "they’re here now", and the community should decide their fate together. Gabriel suggests they vote tomorrow. Michonne agrees, and instructs her people to put them in holding. As she leaves, her sheriff figurine falls out of her pocket, and Judith picks it up. 

Back at the Kingdom, Ezekiel bids farewell to Henry. The boy and Carol prepare to trek to Hilltop. Henry assures Ezekiel that they’ll see each other before the fair. Carol tells him that Henry inherited the dreamer part from him, and Ezekiel mentions that the fair is his way to reunite the communities.

The next day, Magna’s group stands before the Alexandria council for questioning. They are asked who their leader is, and Magna claims they’re a team. Luke explains that their group used to be bigger. Gabriel asks about their former professions: Luke was a music teacher, Magna was a truck stop waitress, Connie was a journalist and Kelly was a high school student. Luke says the community should trust them, but Michonne isn’t done with questions. She stands up and asks Magna to see her left hand, which has a prison tattoo. Michonne then calls her out for a hidden knife in her belt buckle, which she puts on the table. Michonne storms out, saying she’ll second any motion the council makes. Magna tries to question her, but is shut down.

Gabriel tests out aradio he found in the woods, and tells Rosita he thinks there could still be more survivors out there they could help. He suggests they set up a remote amplifier to boost the signal and find new communities. Rosita instructs him to stay in town while she and Eugene set it up. Rosita then kisses Gabe, and he tells her she’s amazing.

In their house, Judith overhears Michonne pretending to talk to Rick. Michonne catches her and tells her to do her homework, and that they will train later.

On the road, Carol tells Henry they have to take a detour before going to Hilltop. Suddenly, they hear a woman scream and Henry runs over to help. He finds Regina with a group of former Saviors, who have tricked the boy into becoming cornered. Carol runs over with a bow and arrow, as Jed walks up with a gun and smiles.

On the way to set up the amplifier, Eugene questions Rosita about her fling with Gabe. He then reminds her that some men prefer facts over fairy tales, implying he has feelings for her. 

Back in Alexandria, Siddiq updates Magna’s group on Yumiko’s condition. Luke asks him if he was there from the start. Siddiq confesses that he was also found in the woods, but he says things were different in the past.

Elsewhere, Jed tells Carol and Henry that since the Sanctuary was abandoned they’ve had to get more desperate. He says that since Carol spared his life back in the day, he’s going to let them go. But he wants all of their supplies, including Carol's wedding ring. This angers Henry, who kicks up his staff and knocks Jed down. Jed throws Henry to the ground, and Carol jumps in and intervenes, giving Jed her ring. Jed thanks her, and leaves with his people.

Outside of Negan’s cell, Judith reads a math problem to him involving two planes on a collision course. He stops her and asks if she’s ever seen a plane. She says no, so Negan suggests she worry about problems that apply to the real world. Judith then tells him that Michonne wants to make Magna’s group leave, but she doesn’t want them to. Negan tells her an anecdote from his childhood, about a seemingly nice stray dog that turned violent; just because someone looks nice doesn’t mean they are. Judith brushes it off. He then asks: if she doesn't care about his opinion, why did she ask him for help with her math problem? She replies that numbers don't care if someone's good or bad on the inside. Negan smiles as the girl leaves.

On top of a water tower, Eugene places the radio amplifier and begins to climb down, before seeing a walker herd approaching. Rosita screams for him to climb down, as his pack falls and the horses get spooked. Part of the ladder falls, so Eugene jumps down, injuring his knee. Rosita runs over with a makeshift crutch. The pair run off into the woods.

That night in Alexandria, Magna is scolded by her group for ruining their chance to stay. Luke asks Magna to hand over her necklace, which also doubles as a knife. She is reluctant. Magna says they should fight their way through Alexandria, to take supplies before heading out. Connie tells her to leave Michonne and Judith out of it. Luke says they save the fighting for people who deserve it, and Magna finally surrenders the necklace. 

In the woods, Carol and Henry camp inside an abandoned vehicle. Henry scolds Carol for not defending herself, but she says that she couldn't risk him getting hurt. However, a while later Carol returns to the Savior camp. She lights a match, then reminds Jed that they hurt her son. She drops the match, which ignites and kills all of the Saviors, who she had previously poured gasoline on.

Back in Alexandria, Magna sneaks outside of Michonne’s house with another knife. She opens the door slightly, but sees Michonne hug a toddler, and leaves. A moment later, Magna goes over to the door and hands Michonne her knife, telling her that she was right about her. Michonne tells her they all have done things to survive. She closes the door and then turns around to find Judith on the staircase, with her father’s gun. Judith says her dad would have wanted her to do what she did, and Michonne agrees.  

Michonne says that someday Judith will understand why she’s making Magna’s group leave. Judith reveals she knows that Michonne still talks to Rick and Carl. Judith says that she is beginning to forget their voices, which saddens Michonne. As Judith leaves, the toddler, who is Rick’s son, runs up to Michonne and asks for food. 

In the woods, Eugene slows down as he and Rosita keep running from the walkers. He suggests he stay behind to distract the herd, and reveals that he has something to tell Rosita. She tells him not to make it weird, and forces him to keep going. 

Elsewhere, Carol and Henry find Daryl. They ask him to come along with them. 

In Alexandria, Michonne put on one of Rick's old shirts, and enjoys the familiar smell. Outside, Magna’s group prepares to leave, thanking everyone for their hospitality. Michonne rides up and says she’s going to instead escort them to Hilltop. Siddiq will come along to watch over the recovering Yumiko. 

Back in the woods, Rosita and Eugene slide down a ditch and cover themselves in mud, as the walkers get closer. The pair stay still, but are shocked and horrified as the walkers pass by, whispering to themselves: “Where are they? ... They must be close... Don’t let them get away.”


In the woods, Rosita runs from the walkers, alone and scared. She keeps hearing whispers, throwing her into a panic. As she rests against on a tree, she gets tired and collapses.

Elsewhere, Daryl escorts Carol and Henry to his camp. As he feeds his dog, Carol asks him when was the last time he ate. “Dog ate yesterday,” he says, and walks off.

On the road to Hilltop, Siddiq tells Michonne that she should have let Magna’s group stay in Alexandria. She says she still doesn’t trust them, and is only doing this for her daughter. In the horse-drawn cart, Magna complains to her group that Michonne has her knives. Magna wants them back. Yumiko tells Michonne that the woman is just upset about their lost friend, Bernie.

In a thriving Hilltop, residents tend to their crops, while Enid conducts check-ups in the infirmary. Meanwhile inside Barrington house, Tara asks Jesus if he's received any news about Maggie. He reveals that she and Hershel are with Georgie. She has sent another letter, in which she says that she is happy.

Tara updates Jesus on some minor problems at their community, and congratulates him on being reelected as the leader. He reminds her he ran unopposed. Tara suggests he should take Maggie’s office. He refuses.

Back at Daryl’s camp, Carol asks why he’s been living in the woods so long. He says it’s quiet there. She updates him on Henry moving to Hilltop. Daryl asks why she wanted to come to his camp, and she reveals that she wants him to come with them. “Want me to babysit your boy?” Daryl growls. Carol admits Henry could use a mentor to toughen him up. Daryl says he’ll have to learn on his own.

Michonne and the others arrive at Magna’s previously-abandoned crate of supplies, which has been strewn about by walkers. Magna’s upset at the sight of Bernie’s things. Michonne instructs D.J. to gather the weapons at the site, instead of letting Magna's group have them. This angers the group. Michonne also announces she’s returning to Alexandria in the morning. Siddiq and D.J. will help them finish the journey. Magna and Luke start to get riled up, but Yumiko calms them down, and reluctantly agrees to Michonne's terms. They decide to find shelter for the night.

On a road near Hilltop, Jesus rides on horseback, when he is suddenly jumped by a man. It turns out to be Aaron, who is only fighting him playfully. As they become worn out from the struggle, they sit on a nearby stump and catch up on recent developments. Jesus asks if Michonne has reconsidered joining the upcoming fair. Aaron says that she wouldn't even put it to a re-vote. Suddenly, a flare is fired in the air nearby, and the men rush over to investigate. They find the wounded Rosita, who tells them she left Eugene in a barn. Before some Walkers get close, Jesus and Aaron get Rosita to safety, promising her they'll look for Eugene tomorrow.

In his camp, Daryl skins a snake and throws it onto the fire for dinner. Henry asks Carol if she brought him there so Daryl could be his chaperone. Later that night, Carol gives Daryl a haircut. He reveals that he never found Rick’s body. After that, he simply got used to being in the woods. Carol suggests he should let things go. As they have dinner, Henry asks Daryl how he got a scar on his eye, but Daryl ignores him and leaves to find his dog. 

Inside a factory where Michonne and Magna's group are settled in for the night, Michonne hears a noise. She investigates, and finds Luke holding something. She thinks it's a weapon, and tells him to drop it and turn around. Luke turns, only to have Michonne slice his Stradivarius in half, waking up the rest of the group. 

Meanwhile, Henry tails Daryl, and finds a Walker instead. Daryl shows up and asks if he was following him. Suddenly, Daryl hears his dog barking wildly nearby. He rushes over to find it stuck in a trap and surrounded by Walkers. Daryl picks off the Walkers to save his dog, but is pulled down. Before a Walker can bite the man, Henry jumps in and saves him. Daryl then returns the favor. “I told you to stay back,” Daryl scolds. From the bushes, Carol secretly lowers her bow and arrow.

Back at Hilltop, Tara updates Jesus on Rosita’s condition, and asks what he and Aaron were doing in that area. Jesus confesses that he was training Aaron, while also trying to get Alexandria on board with the fair. She scolds him, and tells him that people are noticing his constant absences from Hilltop. She reveals she’s leaving tomorrow to look for Eugene, and says that he needs to stay.

At the camp, Henry notices an x-shaped scar on Daryl's back while the man changes his shirt. Daryl sits next to him and tells him that this is the first time the dog got caught in his trap, which was left for Walkers, not animals. Henry thanks him for the save, and tells him Carol misses and worries about him. “She knows how to find me,” Daryl says. Henry suggests he should come to Hilltop with them. Daryl asks if it’s so he can watch over him, but Henry says, “It isn’t just about me.”

Back at the factory, Luke gawks at his broken Stradivarius in disbelief. He explains to Michonne how old and rare it was. Yumiko lays her head on Magna’s leg and playfully recalls the mansion they found it in. Luke says the Stradivarius is the one thing that separates them from the animals. He relates how musical instruments helped bring humans together in the past. Michonne considers his words.

In the morning, Siddiq tries again to convince Michonne to come with them. She says she can’t take the risk with Maggie. Siddiq then reveals that Maggie and Hershel have been gone since last fall. Michonne is shocked, but before she can get an explanation, D.J. announces that there are Walkers outside. The group goes out to find several Walkers blocking the path to their horses.

Michonne kills several Walkers, as Magna demands that she let them have their weapons back so they can help. Michonne finally relents and orders DJ to return. As Magna’s group splits up and takes out several Walkers, an undead Bernie appears, The group is heartbroken, and Magna can't bear to put her old friend down. Michonne takes care of it for her. The group then opens a clear path and leaves.

Back at the camp, Daryl loads up his bike for Hilltop. Carol seems overjoyed that she convinced him to come. 

On the road, Michonne empathizes with Yumiko and Magna, saying that she understands the pain of losing a friend that is considered family. Siddiq apologizes for not telling her about Maggie sooner, explaining that she and Hershel left with Georgie to help build a new community, far away. 

Suddenly, two Hilltop soldiers ride up to them to the wagon. They inform Michonne that Rosita is injured, and is being cared for at Hilltop. Michonne instructs them to tell Hilltop they’re on their way. Connie notices something nearby, confusing the group. She tells them it's nothing. As they leave, someone watches from the bushes.

In Hilltop, Daryl, Carol and Henry arrive. Tara hugs them in greeting. Carol tells Jesus that Henry wants to learn how to be a blacksmith. Aaron greets Daryl, and tells him they could use his help locating Eugene. Henry tries to tag along, but Carol says he needs to stay while she helps him find a home.

The rescue group gears up, as Jesus tells Tara he will go instead of her. He promises that next time he will stay. She reluctantly agrees, and says that she'll keep things running while he's gone. With the dog leading the way, Daryl, Aaron and Jesus head out to find Eugene.


In the woods, Daryl, Aaron, and Jesus discover a herd milling about in the middle of a field. As they leave, an odd-looking walker watches them from the herd.

In Alexandria, Gabriel helps Negan meditate in his cell. Negan compliments him on Rosita, and brags that he’s heard some interesting things about her from the gossip outside his cell. Gabe ignores the taunts and leaves. Outside, Barbara informs Gabriel that Rosita has been injured, and is at Hiltop.

At Hilltop, everyone runs inside, as Michonne and Siddiq arrive with Magna and her group. From the guard post, Diane makes them all surrender their weapons before entering. 

Inside, Tara coldly greets Michonne and updates her on the situation with Rosita, Eugene, Aaron, and Daryl. She then informs Magna’s group that they’ll have to wait for Jesus to return before any permanent decision can be made. However, they can stay until he gets back. Connie thanks her for everyone. From the Barrington house, Michonne smiles at Carol, but is ignored.

Later, Magna questions Yumiko as to why she thinks Hilltop is led by a guy named Jesus. Connie assures her it’s probably just a nickname. Yumiko suggests they work on proving their worth so they can stay. Michonne then introduces the new group to Carol. Carol happily introduces herself through sign language, which Connie appreciates. 

Carol asks Michonne about Judith and R.J., and then tells her about Henry moving to Hilltop. Carol asks if Michonne can send a delegate from Alexandria to the fair, but Michonne declines. Carol pleads, but Michonne remains defiant. She wishes her, Henry, and Ezekiel well.

In the woods, Jesus tells Aaron that Daryl used to trade with Hilltop before he stopped coming to visit. Aaron encourages him to embrace his new leadership role. Daryl cuts them off, and says he can hear the walkers nearby. As they leave, Jesus looks with suspicion at the approaching herd.  

Back at Hilltop, Henry says goodbye to Carol, promising to make her proud. Diane asks Carol if she can ride back with her to Kingdom, and she agrees. At Earl's blacksmith shop, Enid checks up on Henry and jokes with him. Earl invites him to dinner, but the boy declines, after seeing Enid and Alden kissing. 

In Alexandria, Negan taunts Gabriel for having to clean his bedpan. This time his taunts get through to Gabriel, who becomes visibly angry. When Negan asks what's wrong, Gabe confesses he’s upset that he has to take care of someone like him, while Rosita is recovering at Hilltop. Negan expresses genuine sympathy, but is shut down by Gabriel, who storms off. 

Back in Hilltop, everyone eats at the mess hall except for a solitary Henry. A group of teens notices him and invites him to hang with them in the woods.

At the infirmary, Siddiq apologizes to Michonne for keeping secrets from her. Suddenly, Rosita wakes up in a panic, and tells them she knows where Eugene is. They tell her Daryl and the others are already looking for Eugene. The are confused when Rosita screams that the others don’t know what they’re dealing with.

That night, Daryl, Jesus, and Aaron locate Eugene hiding in a barn cellar. A terrified Eugene warns them a herd of walkers is looking for him. He insists that they need to leave immediately. “This wasn’t a normal herd... They were whispering to each other,” he tells them. They look at him like he’s crazy, as he tries to explain himself. Suddenly the dog barks, warning them of the nearby herd.

Elsewhere, Henry drinks with his new friends in a shed outside of Hilltop. A boy named Gage suggests they have some more fun, and takes them to a covered hole in the ground with a walker inside. A girl named Addy leaves, as they throw rope rings at the walker and Rodney pees on it. Henry jumps in and mercy kills the walker. Gage is pissed at Henry for being a buzzkill, and leaves him there.

Back in the foggy woods, Eugene suggests to the group that the walkers are evolving. Daryl calls bullshit on the theory. Then Aaron notices they’re drawing closer. Jesus demands they split up, but Daryl says that instead, he will guide the herd away while he and Aaron take Eugene to the horses.

In Alexandria, Negan plays with a tennis ball until he notices his cell door moving slightly because of the wind. He touches the door and discovers it has been left unlatched. He considers the situation for a moment, then smiles and leaves.

In Hilltop, Tara takes Earl down to the jail where Henry sits in a cell as punishment for getting caught "drunk and disorderly". Henry refuses to tell Earl why he was found outside the city wall, or who gave him the alcohol. Henry threatens to give up on the boy and send him back to the Kingdom, but Henry explains that his community is counting on him, and begs for another chance. Earl admits that he was once in that very same cell, for very similar reasons. He tells Henry that the minimum punishment for his crime is two days in jail, but promises to talk to Jesus for him when he returns.

Back in the woods, Daryl sets off fireworks to redirect the herd. A group of walkers ignores the noise, the rest follow their lead. Daryl is shocked by this behavior. Meanwhile, Aaron, Jesus and Eugene end up in a foggy cemetery. They quickly get trapped by a locked gate, forcing Jesus and Aaron to go kill the walkers, as whispers are heard all around. 

Suddenly, Michonne, Magna and Yumiko arrive to help them unlock the gate. Jesus tells Aaron and Eugene to get out, while he goes to finish the walkers. Jesus starts taking out several walkers with his sword. He goes to kill the last one, but as he attacks it, the walker dodges him and stabs him from behind. “You are where you do not belong” the walker whispers to a shocked Jesus, before throwing him on the ground, dead.  

Daryl shoots the walker in the head, as several more Whisperers arrive and the rest of the group run in to finish them off. As Aaron goes over to Jesus's body, Daryl notices something on the back of the supposed walker. He cuts along the back of its neck, revealing that it was in fact a normal human wearing a mask made out of walker skin. Before the group can process this info, the whispers get louder, and the group forms a circle and prepares to fight off the approaching enemy.










Title Writer(s) Air Dates U.S. Viewers
1. "A New Beginning" Angela Kang October 7, 2018 (US)
October 8, 2018 (UK)
6.10 million
2. "The Bridge" David Leslie Johnson October 14, 2018 (US)
October 15, 2018 (UK)
4.95 million
3. "Warning Signs" Corey Reed October 21, 2018 (US)
October 22, 2018 (UK)
5.04 million
4. "The Obliged" Geraldine Inoa October 28, 2018 (US)
October 29, 2018 (UK)
5.10 million
5. "What Comes After" Matt Negrete
Scott Gimple
November 4, 2018 (US)
November 5, 2018 (UK)
5.41 million
6. "Who Are You Now?" Eddie Guzelian November 11, 2018 (US)
November 12, 2018 (UK)
5.40 million
7. "Stradivarius" Vivian Tse November 18, 2018 (US)
November 19, 2018 (UK)
4.79 million
8. "Evolution" David Leslie Johnson November 25, 2018 (US)
November 26, 2018 (UK)
5.10 million
9. "Adaptation" Corey Reed February 10, 2019 (US)
February 11, 2019 (UK)
10. "Omega" Channing Powell February 17, 2019 (US)
February 18, 2019 (UK)
11. "Bounty" TBA February 24, 2019 (US)
February 25, 2019 (UK)
12. "Guardians" TBA March 3, 2019 (US)
March 4, 2019 (UK)




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