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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Sebastian

"He turned his office into a panic room. That's where he kept all his good shit like whiskey, weed, E, coke. He also kept cash there. Lots of it. And that is what I need you to get for me. [...] All right, look, my bitch mother has cut off my line of credit so I need to come up with creative ways to support my lifestyle."
—Sebastian attempting to persuade Daryl Dixon and Rosita Espinosa to pull off the heist for him.[src]

Sebastian Milton is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Commonwealth and the son of Pamela Milton, the Governor of the community.


Sebastian conveys many of the same personal traits of a typical spoiled brat. He is self-absorbed, rude, quick to anger, arbitrary, judgmental, ungrateful, overconfident and self-righteous. He displays several sociopathic tendencies, including a seeming inability to empathize with anyone besides himself, an aggressive if not compulsive need to control and belittle others, impulsive and rash decision making, and lying for his own benefit.

Despite this, Sebastian shows some "strengths", albeit inadequate and second-rate ones. He is a somewhat capable fighter, showing little fear when faced with the undead despite his privileged status in the Commonwealth, and is stubborn enough to engage in combat with them without asking for others to help him.

Sebastian is shown to have no care for the lives of others. It is revealed that he has sent 30-40 people to their deaths just so they could get him money. When Mercer tells him about Alves and Castle's deaths, he gives little reaction.

It is implied that Sebastian is the way he is due to being spoiled and neglected his whole life. It appears his relationship with his mother is distant at best. When Sebastian says that his allowance has been cutoff, he refers to his mother as a "bitch." At one point, a drunken Sebastian reveals that he is trying to get ahold of mother but is getting no response.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Sebastian's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that he came from a political dynasty family, similar to the Kennedy family and the Bush family with his grandfather serving as President of the United States at some point in time.



At some point during the outbreak, Sebastian lived along with his mother in the community in Ohio that she presumably founded.

Season 11

"Promises Broken"

Sebastian is first seen with his girlfriend Kayla being escorted by Mercer through the area Eugene's group is clearing walkers. He comments on the 'putrid' smell of the area, looking at the workers.

Later, as Eugene and Stephanie are moving on to the next area to clear, they notice several walkers approaching a distracted Sebastian and Kayla. After the two defend the couple from the walkers, Sebastian yells at Eugene for 'ruining their date', causing the two to argue. When Stephanie accidentally splatters Kayla with blood while defending her from another walker, causing her to scream in horror, Sebastian becomes more aggravated with the two, provoking Eugene into punching him in the nose. Mercer, Lance Hornsby, and a group of Commonwealth soldiers quickly arrive at the scene. Sebastian claims Eugene "attacked" them, and berates Mercer for being absent during the situation as the soldiers take Eugene into custody.

"New Haunts"

Sebastian is seen undertaking "advanced military training" alongside Mercer, with Daryl and Rosita brought along by the Commonwealth General to assist. The two soldiers-in-training are bothered when they find their weapons, many of which hold great sentimental value, have been brought along for Sebastian to use, without their permission. Mercer explains that this is because Sebastian always receives the newest weapons for his training, due to his status as the Governor's son. As Sebastian examines and tests out the weaponry in various disrespectful and juvenile ways, including calling Judith's katana a "toothpick" and throwing it aside, he selects his equipment and orders them to let walkers out of a nearby container for him to kill.

Sebastian manages to take out the first walker with relative ease, but fails to properly drive a knife into the second one's skull, resulting in a struggle with the still-active target. After several seconds of watching, Daryl grabs his crossbow and shoots the walker in the head, much to Sebastian's anger. He then complains to Mercer, beginning to insult Daryl, until he notices Pamela watching him disapprovingly before moving on with her armed escort. Sebastian's smug facade fades, and he walks off to join his mother without another word.

Later, at the formal Halloween cocktail party back in the walls of the Commonwealth, Sebastian arrives as a guest of honor. As Daryl and Rosita watch him silently from behind the velvet ropes leading into the event, Sebastian stops and sardonically fixes Daryl's collar, giving him what Rosita describes as a "hate smile."

As the festivities progress, the party is interrupted when Tyler Davis begins accosting Pamela's leadership, declaring that the Commonwealth elites do not actually care for the welfare of its citizens. Sebastian watches in silence as Tyler supports this claim by telling the room he tried endlessly to talk with Pamela one on one, only to be routinely ignored, and that he lost his job as a trooper and place of residence after making one "mistake": being overpowered and beaten by a prisoner. After Tyler manages to escape the party, Sebastian furiously orders Mercer to go after him.

Later on, after Daryl manages to find Tyler in the now-empty Halloween fair's haunted house, convince him not to kill himself, and apprehend him, Sebastian shows up, Sebastian walks in, sarcastically Daryl for having captured him. Daryl, however, hands Tyler over to Sebastian, and bitterly tells him that 'he' did it himself, and follows the two back to the party. Upon arrival, Sebastian is applauded for his apparent arrest of Tyler, and is congratulated by his mother. Sebastian watches as Tyler is taken away and declares that there are thousands like him who want fair and reasonable treatment amongst the Commonwealth's workforce.

"The Rotten Core"

Sebastian stops by the trooper station with his girlfriend. Sebastian brags to troopers about fighting walkers and invites Daryl to comment on his abilities. Daryl half-heartedly claps, eliciting chuckles from troopers. Alves and Castle take Daryl and Rosita to the northern perimeter. Sebastian joins them and orders Daryl and Rosita to retrieve a stash of cash hidden in a house on the other side of the herd. He says he needs money because Pamela cut off his line of credit.

He can't send in Alves and Castle because the military tracks when rounds are fired. If the troopers use their guns, it will raise questions. When Daryl refuses and begins to leave, Sebastian threatens their kids. Daryl draws his knife and holds it to Sebastian's throat. Alves and Crowe pull their guns. Daryl warns Sebastian not to threaten the kids again, or he will cut him down. Sebastian states he never said anything about hurting the kids, but that he make them both orphans if Daryl does not agree to his mission. Daryl and Rosita begrudgingly agree to help.

Daryl's group meets up with Alves and Castle and learns that Sebastian has already sent 30 or 40 people to look for the cash. Mercer shoots Alves and Castle dead, then instructs Rosita and Daryl to give the cash to Sebastian or else he'll come after them, as they can't win a fight against him. Daryl and Rosita deliver the cash to Sebastian at the trooper station. Sebastian praises them for their effort and asks what happened to Alves and Castle. Mercer nonchalantly reveals that they didn't make it back alive. He brushes that off and gives a small cut of the cash to them and leaves.

"Acts of God"

After Pamela leaves, Max looks through files to find evidence to expose Sebastian. Just then Sebastian enters the room and appears to be drunk. He asks Max if Pamela is mad at him because he's been asking for her but is getting no response. Max tells Sebastian she can get word to her for him, to which he gets angry saying it's bullshit. Sebastian tells Max that she doesn't stop working and knocks down the files she is holding. Both of them grab hold of it and after a few seconds Sebastian let's go and leaves.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Sebastian has killed:


Pamela Milton

Pamela and Sebastian seem to have a distant relationship. They are rarely seen interacting and it's implied that Pamela has neglected Sebastian. Pamela seems aware of Sebastian's bratty behavior as she can be seen disappointed in him as he bashes Daryl and cuts off his allowance. Later Sebastian refers to his mother as a "bitch." Sebastian later reveals he has been trying to get ahold of his mother but is getting no response.

Daryl Dixon

Sebastian and Daryl first meet during one of Sebastian's training exercises where the two immediately grow a hatred for each other. When Daryl saves Sebastian from a walker, Sebastian ungratefully berates him. After Daryl takes Mercer's advice, he begins to suck-up to Sebastian to get an easier life such as when Daryl catches Tyler Davis, he gives him to Sebastian and allows him to take the credit. Later Sebastian is bragging about fighting walkers and invites Daryl to comment on his abilities to which he sarcastically claps for him. Their relationship briefly turns hostile when Sebastian threatens Daryl and Rosita's kids. After they get his money for him, Sebastian gives Daryl a small cut and says that he is glad he and Daryl are friends again.


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