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Sedalia is a small town just outside Cabot Ridge in the state of Georgia. It is the first location visited by Daryl in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Town History

Sedalia, Georgia was known as "The Gateway to the Hills". It is known as the last chance supply stop for hunters before they headed into the mountains. It had a trailer park called "Dreamaway Groves" and was near Lucky Les' Gas Station. It had a supermarket and the Sedalia Sheriff's Office.


Looking For Gas

The town was soon overrun after all but one of the deputies were killed. Lucky Les's nephew, Warren, barricaded himself in his uncle's gas station. Deputy Kessler locked himself in a cell inside the station to guard the weapons cache while Jimmy hid on a roof. Daryl comes through town with his Uncle Jess looking for gas for Jess's truck.




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