A sharpened gun mount acts as Alicia Clark's primary weapon of choice starting from Season 4 to Season 5 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. After Alicia gave up at killing, it was temporarily in the possession of Victor Strand as his primary weapon of choice, until it was stolen by James during the separation of Morgan's Group.


While fighting off walkers with June at Whirlin' Wavez, Alicia Clark arms herself with a gun mount from an abandoned machine gun on the property.[1] She subsequently keeps the weapon, adding a strap to it and using it to replace Jack Kipling's balisong as her primary melee weapon for an unknown reason.

Following the fall of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium and the death of her mother, Alicia sharpens the end as a way to keep both the living and the dead away from her and to keep alive on a day to day basis.[2] During the final battle with the Vultures, Alicia uses the weapon to kill a crippled Melvin in revenge for all of the hurt that he has caused.[3]

While talking with Annie's Group at the Treehouse, Alicia explains why she hangs onto the sharpened gun mount and why she sharpened it in the first place. When a herd attacks, Alicia uses the gun mount to fight them off, but inadvertently gets it stuck in the head of one of the walkers. When Alicia yanks the gun mount free, she is splashed with the walker's blood and to her horror, discovers that the walker is one of the radioactive walkers from a nearby power plant. The fear caused by getting splashed with radioactive blood causes Alicia to lead the walkers away instead of continuing to fight.[2] Alicia is later decontaminated by Grace who is also able to decontaminate the gun mount as it is metal and not porous like Morgan's wooden staff.[4]

After escaping from a second nuclear meltdown, Alicia abandons killing walkers and Victor Strand takes possession of the gun mount instead. With Alicia unable to bring herself to kill again, Strand uses it to protect her from various walkers, including a zombified Ben.[5] Though Alicia begins killing walkers again after encountering Wes,[6] she does not retake possession of the gun mount, using a knife instead while Strand continues using the weapon.[7]

Killed Victims

The following is a list of victims killed with the Sharpened Gun Mount:


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