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"Why didn't we do this sooner? We could have had a place like this. Or a life like this. I mean, we could have tried. We found each other... We found each other! After everything... that doesn't just happen. But I couldn't get past the past. I wasted so much time. I wasted so much time just being pissed off, trying to fight the bad guys. But the bad guys always win. You and I have seen that, every time. Nothing that I did was going to change that. And all it did was cost me time with you."
—Sherry regretting her choice to push Dwight away.[src]

Sherry, affectionately referred to as Honey by Dwight, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, as well as a crossover character coming from The Walking Dead. She is the ex-wife of Dwight, and a former member of the Saviors where she served as one of Negan's "wives". After escaping the Saviors, she fled across the country, chased by some bad people and searched for by Dwight following the Saviors' defeat. She was a member of the Outcasts.

Eventually, Dwight reunited with Sherry while on a recon mission. During Virginia's downfall, Sherry and the Outcasts became part of the North Texas Alliance. Following Teddy's launching of the nuclear warheads, Sherry and Dwight took shelter from the devastation with a family of survivors and became the ethical outlaws known as the Dark Horses.


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Washington, D.C.

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TV Series

Main article: Sherry (TV Series)

Season 5

"Humbug's Gulch"

At a walker roadblock, Dwight attacks June and John Dorie, believing that they have done something with Sherry as the car they are driving matches the registration her last note had been on. After a brief skirmish at Humbug's Gulch, the two subdue Dwight and find his notes from Sherry which indicate that she's running from someone. Dwight later risks his life to search the car for another note, but finds nothing, becoming suicidal at the thought that Sherry is gone and he will never find her. Having found the car at Camp Cackleberry where all the residents died, the two avoid telling Dwight where they got it and encourage him not to give up and to continue searching.

That night, after taking out an entire herd of walkers alongside John and June, Dwight inscribes a note to Sherry on a wall that he is "Still Looking." Using his training as a former police officer, John discovers that the VIN on the car Dwight searched does not match the registration that Sherry left for him, meaning that Dwight found the wrong car. John suggests that this is further proof that Sherry might still be alive somewhere and possibly left him her next note in the correct vehicle. When Morgan Jones arrives shortly thereafter, Dwight tells him about his search and states that after Sherry hit Georgia, everything seemed to drive her further west.

"The Little Prince"

Dwight continues his search for Sherry with the help of John Dorie, telling him some of the events that caused their separation. Dwight credits his survival and reason for living to Sherry.

While at a diner where a man committed suicide after being shot by someone who stole his food, John spots another note from Sherry on a piece of order paper. On the note, Sherry reveals that she had to leave Route 30, meaning that Dwight has been searching the wrong road for her the whole time.

Following Sherry's note, the two men finally locate the vehicle the registration pointed to outside of a house. As Dwight searches the house, John searches the car and finds another note from Sherry. In the note, Sherry reveals that she was the one who shot the man in self-defense and she no longer wishes for Dwight to search for her as she can't bear for him to get hurt on her account. Dwight finds no sign of Sherry in the house, but his hope is reignited. Rather than reveal the truth to him, John lies that he found nothing in the car.

"Channel 5"

Virginia reveals to Dwight that she had looked for Sherry as she promised at Tank Town. Virginia was able to find an engineer at the Super Lanes who had broken bread with Sherry just a few months before and Sherry was really worried about Dwight. When Dwight shows disbelief at Virginia's story, Virginia points out that she knows Sherry's name which Dwight didn't mention in the documentary Morgan's group left behind.

"End of the Line"

Dwight hallucinates hearing Sherry's voice over the radio before finding a group of horses. Dwight later gives his and Sherry's wedding rings to John and June, stating that he will find Sherry his own way someday and when it happens, it will be a fresh start. As a result, they won't need the rings anymore.

Season 6


As Al turns on the radio to check in with the Pioneers, she and Dwight hear a voice on the radio asking if they need help as she has seen Al's signal flare. Recognizing the voice as Sherry, Dwight takes the radio and asks if its her, surprising Sherry.

Rushing out into the street, Dwight finds Sherry nearby and they race into each other's arms and embrace.


Sherry is lying on and looking over the letters Dwight collected, and is soon joined by her husband, who prepared scrambled eggs for her. He jokes that even the bubonic plague couldn't keep them apart. They start making out, when Dwight notices the letters Sherry took out. Sherry says that she can't remember many of the places in the letters, and Dwight adds that her letters kept him going, even if they were one-sided. He observes the first one, where Sherry claimed Dwight was no longer the man she fell in love with and how she was sorry for this. He tells Sherry that he always kept this in mind in order to be the man Sherry once loved when he met her again, so she wouldn't need to be sorry about anything, and claims that this is why he kept all of the letters. They start making out again, but are interrupted by Hill, who radios Dwight via his walkie and asks why he and Al missed the check-in. Dwight lies that they ran into a herd, an excuse which Hill accepts but demands that they head back immediately, as per Ginny's request. Dwight says that they wanted to check out some off-map spots, and that it will be worth it. Hill gives them 48 hours to do so. Dwight supposes Al, who was supposed to cover for him, must have gone out of range. Sherry asks if they should look for her, but he says he will go in the morning and doesn't want her mixed up in his mess. Sherry points out she already is, until they can figure out how to get out of it. Dwight reveals his plan of faking his death and running away together, but Sherry asserts that she can't run away, before heading to the kitchen to fetch a fork.

When Dwight tries to look for her, masked members surround the pool and hold Dwight at gunpoint in turn. Before the situation can escalate further, Sherry arrives to calm Dwight down, revealing herself to be a member of the mysterious group. Dwight is understandably confused, Sherry explains that the group is made up of outcasts that Virginia didn't think were good enough to join the Pioneers. Dwight asks why Sherry didn't tell him about the group, but she replies that she didn't believe Dwight wanted to be a part of their effort, which is to bring Virginia down. Dwight realizes that this is the reason Sherry didn't want to run away, and she confirms, since not all of them could get away. Sherry, Dwight and Al and the outcasts wait for the S.W.A.T. van near the road. The S.W.A.T. van rolls by, en route to Lawton after a refueling. The outcasts chase the van on horseback. Dwight hops onto the moving van and sneaks inside. He kicks the driver out of the van and gains control of the steering wheel.

Sherry and the outcasts start searching for the driver. Morgan shows up on horseback with the captured driver in tow. Morgan tells everyone that he's building a community where Virginia won't find them and invites them all to join him. Sherry says that her group is intent on killing Virginia. Morgan warns that it's too early to strike against Virginia and that any botched attempts would endanger the lives of loved ones who still work for Virginia. Dwight asks Sherry to delay the attack on Virginia and instead join him in Morgan's community. Sherry refuses to abandon the mission to kill Virginia. Sherry suggests that Dwight lure Virginia out to them. Dwight shows Sherry how to operate the gun in the S.W.A.T. van. Sherry observes that Dwight's dark side is reemerging and suggests he sit out the ambush. Dwight instead vows to kill Virginia himself. Dwight locks up Morgan and Al. Sherry tells the outcasts to lock up Dwight, too, so that he can sit out the ambush.

Sherry and Rollie park the S.W.A.T. van near the meeting spot with Virginia. An outcast radios Rollie to report that Virginia's caravan is ten minutes away. Dwight admits to Al and Morgan that they were right about delaying the attack on Virginia. He starts cutting the ties around his wrists and vows to stop the outcasts from ambushing Virginia. Rollie radios Sherry to alert her that Virginia's crew has arrived. Sherry reaches for the gun lever.

Dwight escapes and jumps into the S.W.A.T. van with Sherry. Rollie alerts Sherry that Hill came without Virginia. Rollie tells Sherry to gun down Hill's crew. Dwight warns Sherry that Virginia will probably kill their loved ones. After receiving no response from Dwight or Al, Hill and his crew get back in their cars and drive away. Sherry reluctantly lets them go, but screams at Dwight for changing her mind. Dwight tries to console Sherry. Sherry explains that she wants to kill Virginia because of all the missed opportunities she had to kill Negan. She tells Dwight to leave her as she needs this and that she can't change who she is. Dwight leaves a clue for Sherry where she can locate him.

"Things Left to Do"

Sherry and her group arrive in the SWAT truck, where they pursue Morgan and Virginia. Sherry corners Virginia, but Morgan stops her from killing her, and warns her that his friends will die if she kills Virginia. She ignores this and Morgan overpowers Sherry and escapes with Virginia. Sherry's group, along with Strand's group arrive at Morgan's community, where everyone outside wants to get their hands on Virginia, demanding justice. Morgan announces that he wants the killing to stop, despite Sherry's demand that they hand Virginia over.

It is decided that Virginia would be executed in front of the three communities as a means of ending her reign of brutality on everyone. However, Morgan has a change of heart and brings Virginia back into the dam community, much to the anger of Sherry, Strand and their followers. Morgan tells the whole group that killing Virginia would not stop this and that there are better options, but Sherry once again omits Morgan and Dwight manages to calm her down and he asks her to join the community, but Sherry says she wouldn't find what she is looking for with his people. She leaves with her group in the SWAT truck.

"Handle With Care"

Sherry and Rollie arrive at Valley Town to discuss how to deal with the threat of a group that Virginia had been dealing with in the past. She is still distrustful of Dakota and Morgan's methods but help secure the wall after Walkers enter the settlement. Before she leaves, Dwight tells her to be careful and she, in turn, tells him the same.

"In Dreams"

In Grace’s dream, Sherry is seen living in Valley Town with her husband Dwight and two kids, John and Tina. She is carrying her infant daughter Tina when approaching her husband speaking with Grace and Morgan. She introduces her family and Grace to their settlement before proceeding to the vegetable gardens to plant seeds with the family.


Sherry joins June and Dwight searching the cars for fuel. June suggests they look for Ranger Hill to find out more about the group behind the spray-painted messages. Someone shoots at them. June looks for the sniper while Dwight and Sherry kill walkers. Sherry rides her horse down the road at a furious pace. Dwight tries to keep up and worries they are working the horses too hard. He asks Sherry why she's out here. Sherry just keeps riding.

Sherry and Dwight race down the road. Dwight later finds Sherry on the ground, the horse dying near her. Sherry shoots the horse dead and finally reveals she is looking for fuel so that she can drive back to Virginia and kill Negan. Dwight agrees to help her find fuel if she helps him find June. Sherry and Dwight ride together and find June's jacket hanging off a tree. Sherry and Dwight search the RV and find a note from June that she's heading to the cabin. They guess that Hill will have a truck that Sherry can drive to Virginia.

Sherry and Dwight reminisce about their relationship, then hear June thumping in the bait shop nearby. They rescue June and they kill Hill before he can kill J.D. and they help J.D. up. Sherry, June, Dwight and J.D. stand by John's grave and they listen as June reads John's letter out loud.

Sherry tells Dwight that she's been using Negan as an excuse for breaking up, when in fact she's just afraid that she won't be able to change back to who she used to be. Dwight says that she doesn't have to be the same person as before. They hug and agree to start over. June gives her wedding rings back to Dwight and thanks him for letting her and John borrow them. Sherry and Dwight get on their horse.

"USS Pennsylvania"

Sherry will appear in this episode.

"The Beginning"

Sherry will appear in this episode.

Season 7

"Till Death"

Sherry will appear in this episode.

"The Portrait"

Sherry will appear in this episode.


Sherry will appear in this episode.

"Follow Me"

Sherry will appear in this episode.


Sherry will appear in this episode.

"The Raft"

Sherry will appear in this episode.

"Divine Providence"

Sherry will appear in this episode.


Sherry will appear in this episode.

Season 8

Sherry will appear in this season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Sherry has killed:


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