Sherwood is a town located in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. It appears in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Town History

Sherwood was a town with a shopping mall and pharmacy. The town had a neighborhood called Palmetto Estates. Terry Harrison lived here with his wife and their neighbors Aiden Carroll and Jane Carroll.


Last Ticket Out 

Daryl arrived in Sherwood looking for information on the evacuation. He meets Jane who tells him that Aiden is signaling the evacuation choppers. He also finds Terry Harrison with his wife who has been bitten. Terry asks Daryl to go get antibiotics for her. Daryl reaches the pharmacy only to find it empty. He returns to Terry who shoots his wife in order to prevent her re-animation.

In town, He finds Aiden on the roof of the pharmacy and told that he needs smoke pots from the mechanical shop. When Daryl attempts to get Jane and Terry the choppers come and leave him behind. Daryl then has to choose to either save Terry or Jane, as walkers are closing in on the area due to the noise from the helicopter.




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