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"Um, which one of you is Eugene? Hi. I'm Stephanie."
—Shira to Eugene's group[src]

Shira, also known by the alias "Stephanie Vega", is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is a resident and spy for the Commonwealth.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Shira's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 11

"Acheron: Part II"

Shira pretending to be "Stephanie" enters the train car and meets Eugene Porter for the first time. Eugene, believing Shira is the companion he had befriended over the radio, is excited to see her as she asks which one of the new arrivals he is and introduces herself accordingly.

"Out of the Ashes"

Shira is seen walking with Eugene, while he gets familiar with the Commonwealth. They both get ice cream at an ice cream truck. Eugene asks Shira for advice on how to leave the Commonwealth. She offers to help him radio his people but says it could take a couple of weeks to get him access. Ezekiel and Princess inform Eugene that they won't be able to speak to the case supervisor for five weeks. Eugene asks Shira if she can get him unofficial access to the radio. Mercer suspiciously watches them from afar.

Shira brings Eugene, Ezekiel and Princess to the train station, which now serves as headquarters for various Commonwealth agencies. Princess distracts Mercer while Eugene and Shira contact Rosita and Judith back at Alexandria, although the connection dies as Eugene and Shira are arrested by Mercer and his fellow troopers.

Eugene, Princess and Ezekiel are threatened with deportation from the Commonwealth. Shira and Hornsby enter the room. Hornsby orders the supervisor to release Eugene's group. Shira tells them that Hornsby can protect them from banishment but that they'll still have to pay for their crimes.

"Promises Broken"

Shira and Eugene clear walkers in an abandoned building as part of their punishment for breaking the law. Eugene asks Shira if Hornsby is trustworthy. Shira assures Eugene that Hornsby can help them. Ezekiel coughs and doubles over in pain. Shira seeks Hornsby for medical help. They see Mercer escorting a young well-groomed couple across the grounds. Hornsby assigns Eugene and Shira to a new location.

Shira and Eugene see walkers approaching the well-groomed man and woman they saw earlier with Mercer; they're busy making out in a gazebo. Eugene and Shira kill the walkers. The man, Sebastian, yells at them for interrupting his date, and says he has private security to protect them from walkers. Shira kills another walker, splattering blood on Kayla. Sebastian screams at her for that and Eugene punches him, which a shock Shira questions what he has done. Hornsby and Mercer race over as troopers surround Eugene.

"Rogue Element"

Stephanie has entered a relationship with Eugene and he tells her he loves her; shortly after she says she loves him too, she mysteriously disappears. Eugene becomes obsessed with finding Stephanie and breaks into a man's house looking for evidence, but fails and Princess insists that she must have broken up with and abandoned him. Eugene soon finds Stephanie again colluding with Lance for an unknown task, and gets Lance to confess "Stephanie" was a plant named Shira who was used to get Eugene to confess the location of Alexandria due to too many inconsistencies during the group's auditing. Hornsby apologizes for the deception, but points out that Eugene's group is now thriving at the Commonwealth.

"The Lucky Ones"

In a flashback, Shira, posing as "Stephanie" purchases ice cream from the Taste of Tradition ice cream truck for her and Eugene as a forlorn Max watches on.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Shira has killed:


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  • This character is credited as Decoy Stephanie for "Acheron: Part II" and "Out of the Ashes".
    • Shortly after the promo photos for "Out of the Ashes" were released, AMC re-credited this character as Stephanie in an attempt to avoid giving away any plotline spoilers.
  • Shira (aka Decoy Stephanie) being Caucasian is most likely a joke reference to the comic series drawing error of Stephanie - in which her skin tone was off when introduced Issue 176, appearing as Caucasian, but later fixed in Issue 178, appearing as African-American.