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Slade County Retirement Home is a location in Image Comics' The Walking Dead, first mentioned in Issue 128. It is a retirement home located close to Washington, D.C.


Before the outbreak, this building was a nursing home for the elderly.


After the outbreak, the retirement home was settled by numerous survivors, among them Magna's group. It was a good community to live in at first, with fences to keep the zombies out and glass houses that enabled the survivors to grow food year-round. As more and more people showed up, however, the community became overcrowded. When conditions took a turn for the worse, Magna and her group left, seven months before encountering the Alexandria survivors.


  • Numerous unnamed residents

Former Residents


  • Possibly numerous unnamed residents


Comic Series

Volume 22: A New Beginning


  • This is the sixth known survivor community in the D.C. area, although it's unknown if they're still active.
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