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A Slingshot is a weapon that can shoot a small projectile at a target.

It is the preferred weapon of Connie and her sister Kelly in the TV Series and Hailey in All-Stars


Slingshots were a semi-popular device before the outbreak.


Following the outbreak, handheld slingshots became the favored weapons of Connie and her sister Kelly who would use them to shoot rocks with great force at their enemies. Despite not being as flashy as Magna's knives or Yumiko's Bow and Arrow, the slingshots proved to be highly effective against zombies, shooting projectiles with enough force into their heads even from a great distance to put them down.

When Magna's Rig was destroyed a massive herd, Magna's group left most of their primary weapons behind, including the slingshots. When the group returned with Michonne, Siddiq and D.J., Michonne had D.J. collect all of the group's weapons, much to their frustration. Later, under attack by what turned out to be the same herd that had attacked the rig, Michonne finally allowed D.J. to return the group's weapons to them permanently. During the battle that followed, Connie and Kelly made good use of their slingshots to put down several walkers, Connie saving Luke's life at one point.

During a battle with several Whisperers, Connie uses her slingshot to kill a Whisperer that is chasing Henry, but misses when she fires at a second Whisperer that tries to ambush Connie from behind. After the battle, Connie uses her slingshot to shoot out the windows of two nearby cars in order to draw away the herd that is blocking their exit from the building. During the destruction of the Hilltop, Kelly uses her slingshot against the walkers and the Whisperers, killing at least one Whisperer that she tackles off of a Coalition defender.

While searching for her missing sister, Kelly finds Connie's abandoned camp and her bag containing Connie's slingshot. Kelly later uses her own slingshot to take out two Ferals, saving her sister and Virgil's lives.

Later, while saving the Commonwealth from a massive herd, Kelly uses her slingshot to fight walkers alongside the rest of the Coalition and the Commonwealth Army.

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