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The Smith family home is a location that appears in AMC's The Walking Dead.


Little is known about this place or the location it is in before the outbreak occurred. It was once a house where Negan and Lucille Smith lived.


Season 10

"Here's Negan"

As a walker growls outside of his house, Negan removes a chemotherapy treatment from his fridge and sets it up for Lucille who is trying to determine which James Bond movie she wants to watch. Negan refuses as it will make too much noise, but Lucille states that they will have to kill the walker. Negan wants to just turn the generator off a bit which will cause the walker to lose interest as he sees no point in killing the walkers. Negan moves the remaining chemo drugs into the freezer and sets up a thermometer to keep track of the temperature before going outside and shutting off the generator. Negan reads to Lucille, but finds the book boring. As the walker breaks through their gate, Lucille tells Negan that he has to take care of it and, wearing goggles and wielding a hammer and a butcher knife, Negan tries to kill the walker but fails even when he stabs it in the eye, much to Negan's frustration. Negan is saved by Lucille who shoots the walker through the head and notes that she just used their last bullet. Lucille brushes off her husband's concerns and orders him to turn the generator back on so that she can watch a movie.

Later, Negan brings the drugs back to Lucille to help with her nausea, but she knows that he has to go further and further every time which he confirms as their generator needs gas and the local area has been picked over. However, Negan thinks that that is what's keeping them safe: there's nothing that anyone wants. Lucille insists that her husband can't keep it up and they need to leave and find other people. However, Negan wants to finish his wife's last three treatments and get her strength back up before they leave on his motorcycle to wherever Lucille can dream of. Cuddling, Negan sings "You Are So Beautiful" to Lucille while, in a montage, the two enjoy happier times, Negan trying on his wife's wigs, playing darts and giving Lucille her treatments.

As Lucille opens a can of dog food, Negan is dismayed to hear yet another walker outside and Lucille insists that it's not like killing a person or even an animal and Negan can't keep letting it bother him. Negan states that it doesn't bother him, he is just worried that he will get used to it which Lucille accepts and has him turn the generator off. Negan and Lucille enjoy their dinner and Lucille hands him a bag containing an anniversary gift even though she doesn't know what day it is. To his surprise and pleasure, Negan pulls out his signature leather jacket which Lucille admits to having kept in the crawlspace, angry that she couldn't return it to the store. Negan is ecstatic and Lucille apologizes for making such a big deal out of the credit card bill for the jacket, stating that she wouldn't have made such a big deal out of it if she'd known that the world was going to end. Negan insists that he doesn't deserve anything from her and it should be him apologizing to his wife, not the other way around. "The man that I was... the pain that I put you through.... You know, uh, you know I lay awake at night... just wondering how I got so lucky that you stuck with me." Sitting in her husband's lap, Lucille tells him that she stuck with him because she could always see the man he is right now "even when you weren't" and that "that asshole really had it coming." Lucille convinces her husband to smoke the pot with her.

The next morning, the ice in the freezer has melted in the sunlight coming in through the window and Negan discovers that the remaining chemotherapy drugs have been ruined. Making a plan, Negan reminds Lucille about a family that had come through the area awhile back looking for doctors traveling around in a mobile clinic and is confident that he can find the doctors and get more drugs from them for Lucille. Lucille is unconvinced, reminding Negan that they might not exist and even if he can find them, he has nothing to barter with. Lucille orders him to stop and admits that she has something to tell Negan.

Seven months earlier, Negan plays Gears of War 2 in the basement and trash talks the teenagers that he is playing with, much to Lucille's anger and frustration. Lucille confronts her husband about spending six hundred dollars buying his leather jacket, but he insists that he has two leads on a new job and is just celebrating a little early. Lucille demands to know more, reminding Negan that he can't be a gym teacher anymore with a misdemeanor assault on his record and he refuses to go back to school. When Negan can't respond, she recognizes that he's lying and states that she's returning the leather jacket. Negan yells that he threw out the receipt before returning to his video game. At dinner, Lucille reminds her husband that she has an MRI the next day at 2:15 PM and needs him to drive her home, but Negan claims that he has a meeting with his probation officer at that time and is convinced that everything will be fine anyways.

When Negan returns home, Lucille is waiting for him with their gun in one hand and cancer brochures in the other. Negan instantly realizes that something is wrong and Lucille reveals her cancer diagnosis to him, forgoing using the gun.

Lucille reveals that she knew about the affair the whole time and an emotional Negan promises that he had ended the affair as soon as she was diagnosed and never saw or even talked to Janine again. Lucille knows that too and Negan asks why his wife is telling him this now. Lucille tells Negan that he made up for it and he can stop and if Negan really wants to help her, he can just stay with her. Negan refuses to give up hope and insists that the chemo can work if they can finish it, but Lucille knows that they went down swinging and that it's time for Negan to go on without her and "do my fighting for me". Lucille begs Negan to stay, but he refuses to give up and wants to see it through. Negan promises to find the doctors and bring back the drugs that she needs and beat the cancer.

Returning to his house, Negan finds a message on the basement door reading "please don't leave me like this" and is heartbroken to find a reanimated Lucille who had tied herself to the bed before committing suicide by ingesting a drug overdose and suffocating herself with a plastic bag, having presumably lost hope that Negan would ever return. Raising his bat, Negan is unable to bring himself to put Lucille down and instead rips off the bag, crying as his wife growls at him. Depressed, Negan sits at Lucille's bedside, drinking and that night goes out to his fence where he removes some barbed wire and wraps it around the baseball bat, creating his signature weapon. Pouring gasoline on the basement floor, Negan dons his leather jacket and, looking at his zombified wife, sets his house on fire. As Lucille and his house are engulfed in flames, Negan smashes his way out of the front door with his baseball bat and destroys his mailbox as he drives off on his motorcycle.





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