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Sophia is a character first mentioned in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor. She is a member of the prison survivors.


Location Unknown

Very little is known about Sophia's life before or as the outbreak began, she presumably lived a normal life.

Main article: Sophia Grimes (Comic Series)


Main article: Sophia Grimes (Comic Series)

The Fall of the Governor

Sophia is one of the children of the prison survivors. After the Governor's first attack, many of the prison's residents are unseen. It is possible she and several others evacuated the prison to an unknown location before the Governor's second attack.

The morning after the Governor's death and fall of the prison, Lilly Caul, Ben Buchholz, Matthew Hennesey and Austin Ballard search the surrounding corridors of the prison. Lilly discovers a prison cell filled with children's toys, books and a paper banner handing from the ceiling spelling out the name SOPHIA. She picks up a music box and begins to cry as it plays.

For the rest of the events of the Novel Series, Sophia's whereabouts remain unknown, until her story picks back up in the Comic Series. For further details see:

Main article: Sophia Grimes (Comic Series)


Novel Series


  • It is stated in The Walking Dead Script Book that Sophia is 6 years old. However, in #109, Maggie states her to be ten years old. With that and the fact that it's been over four years since the dead began to reanimate, Sophia is roughly 12 years old at this point. Her age is one of the many errors encountered within the character's ages.
  • The Survivors' Guide ​incorrectly identifies Sophia as Jim's daughter.
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