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"John... Take care of our children and take care of yourself. I'm sorry, I know that doesn't help or explain anything, but it's true. I can't stand watching you and the kids suffer, knowing what's going to happen to me ... and what I'll become. Better to save you that pain. I love you more than anything, Sophie. (sic)"
—Michonne reading Sophia's suicide note (Determinant)[src]

Sophia Fairbanks[1] is a character mentioned in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Michonne. She is the wife of John and mother of four children: Greg, Samantha, Alex and James.


Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

Sophia had a loving family, consisting of her husband, three sons, and a daughter. Her heart disease, which would become the main motivation for her suicide later in life, was present prior to the outbreak, seen by a family photo where she had been connected to a nasogastric tube or similar piece of medical equipment.


In the early days of the apocalypse, Sophia and her family, alongside her eldest child Samantha's friend Paige, fortified their house into a shelter. About two years into the apocalypse, Sophia ended her own life by shooting herself in the head, believing that her heart condition would soon end her life anyway. She left her husband John a suicide note explaining that she did not wish to come back as a zombie and risk hurting the rest of them. Sophia was buried by John and Samantha in the front yard of their home. John chose to lie to their two youngest children, James and Alex, about how their mother died. He told them that her heart condition was the cause, and that she passed away in her sleep, not wanting them to know the tragic details of her suicide. Though Paige was aware of the true circumstances, whether Greg, the couple's second eldest child, knew the truth about his mother's death was never fully clarified.


"What We Deserve"

Michonne sees a picture of Sophia with her husband. If Michonne chooses to read Sophie's suicide note, she will learn how she loved her family before tragically taking her life. When John was killed, his corpse was buried beside her by their daughter Samantha. (Determinant)


Killed By
  • Heart Disease (Caused)
  • Herself (Suicide, Confirmed Fate)

Due to Sophia developing a heart condition, even before the outbreak, she realised that she would not live much longer. To make sure she didn't reanimate and hurt her own family, she killed herself, via a self inflicted gunshot to the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Sophia has killed:

  • Herself (Suicide)
  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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