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"I know. I know. I haven't been scared , really scared in... I can't even remember. Do you think there was ever a time when people appreciated what they have more than they do now? [...] I love you, Carl Grimes."
—Sophia to her husband Carl.[src]

Sophia Grimes (née unknown) is a main character first encountered in Issue 2 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead, as well as the deuteragonist of the final issue. She is the daughter of Carol and the only surviving member of her family. After her mother's death, Sophia was adopted by Glenn and Maggie.

Several years after Rick Grimes' death, Sophia got married to Carl Grimes and gave birth to their daughter.


Sophia is first shown to be a very sweet and shy young girl who relies on her mother at the start of the outbreak. After her mother, Carol, dies, she decides to forget about her completely, and acts like Glenn and Maggie were always her real parents. A lot of the group members had thought she was mentally unstable, but really she was just blocking her mothers memory out so she wouldn't be sad. After the events of All Out War, Sophia had matured greatly, and had become much more independent. She is shown to still care for others, but it can be seen that she wants people to know that she isn't just a little girl.

Sophia's biggest weakness however, would be not being loved. Sophia confesses to Maggie that she feels like Maggie might abandon her because she had moved on from Glenn, and she also confesses to Carl that she's sick of being alone and is looking for a relationship. This shows that Sophia holds on to the ones she loves, and cares for them deeply, but can't deal with losing them.


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Sophia's life prior to or as the outbreak began. She was born in 1995 to her father and Carol. She presumably lived a normal life; she was frequently doted upon by her mother. As the outbreak occurred, she lost her father to suicide and was in the process of being driven to her aunt's house in Atlanta.


Days Gone Bye

Sophia and her mother Carol could not make it into the city, so they stayed at Dale's camp that he, Andrea, and Amy had set up. Also at the camp was a man named Glenn, and a family of four with twin sons that were Sophia's age. Sophia spent most of her time at the camp playing with the twin boys, Ben and Billy, until a woman named Lori Grimes showed up at camp with her son, and a family friend. Sophia made friends with Carl, and survived the zombie attack that took Amy's life.

Miles Behind Us

Sophia settles into Hershel's farm, when he lets the group stay for a while. Sophia is relieved that Carl survived the attack on the Atlanta camp, and pecks him on the cheek. Sophia is forced to leave the farm with the group after Hershel kicks them out.

Safety Behind Bars

The group find a prison and decide to seek refuge in it. During the time of clearing out the prison, Sophia, Carl, Ben, and Billy are babysat by Tyreese's daughter and her boyfriend Chris. Chris starts complaining and swearing about babysitting and is told by Carl he shouldn't curse because he is still not an adult, but Carl only receives a rude answer. Carl and Sophia go back to playing cards, and Sophia asks Carl if he would be her boyfriend, to which he says no and that girls are gross.

The Heart's Desire

Sophia is horrified by witnessing Carol attempt to kill herself by slitting her wrists. The group try their best to look after Sophia and comfort her until Carol heals, which she eventually does.

The Best Defense

Carol states to Lori that the thing that has her worried most during her suicide attempt recovery is that Sophia acts as if nothing ever happened. Later on, Lori and Carol get in a heated argument where Lori asks Carol "if she even cares for Sophia anymore?", which offends Carol. After this incident, Carl sees Sophia sitting alone in her cell. Carl asks Lori if he can play with her, but Lori says no.

This Sorrowful Life

Sophia starts to live a normal life at the prison. After Rick's return from Woodbury, Sophia asks Carl if Rick's hand could grow back. Carl responds that it's impossible. They have a little fight, but Carl apologizes to her.

The Calm Before

During Lori's childbirth, Carl is being babysat by Carol, which results in him spending lots of time with Sophia. Later on, Carol asks Lori if she would take care of Sophia if she were to die. Lori tells her to not think like that, but says that she would raise her like her own. After Carol's unexpected suicide, Carl tries to comfort a shocked Sophia, who is too stunned to speak or move. Lori and Rick tell Carl that Sophia doesn't want to play right now, and Carl says that he understands, and tells Sophia that he still likes her. Sometime later Carl wants to play with Sophia, but again, Lori says that she probably doesn't want to. Carl says its okay, and kisses her on the cheek.

Made To Suffer

When Woodbury invades the prison and begins to attack, Dale says that he is going to save someone's life. He says that he is taking Sophia, whether Lori agrees or not. Dale collects Sophia and takes her away in the RV back to Hershel's farm, along with Ben, Billy, Glenn, Maggie and Andrea.

Here We Remain

After having come across Maggie and Glenn, Rick, Carl, and Michonne all meet up with the other survivors who left the prison prior to the Woodbury assault. Carl sees Sophia and tells her that he knows how she feels about not having a mother, since he now has lost his. Sophia says that her mom isn't dead, and is crying in the next room. Sophia had apparently repressed all memories of Carol as her mother, and now believed Maggie to be her actual biological mother. She still, however, remembers Carl and the other members of the group she had met before.

What We Become

Maggie attempts to commit suicide after the events of the prison, which shocks Sophia, much like it did earlier with Carol. Andrea tells Dale that she feels sorry for Sophia as she treats Maggie as her actual mother, rather than Carol. Maggie survives her suicide attempt, and says she wants to spend more time with Glenn and Sophia, knowing that this is all they get.

Fear The Hunters

Maggie shows signs that she treats Sophia like her own, by protecting her when Gabriel joins the group, and wanting to take her away to an island with no zombies. Sophia and Maggie discover a legless Dale and rush to get help. Sophia is kept away from a dying Dale, as it would be too much of a sight for her to handle.

Life Among Them

Along with Carl, Sophia is one of the two remaining children of the group to reach the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She appears to adapt well, as she eagerly participated in a Halloween event for the kids and enjoyed some candy for the first time. She has even taken to calling Glenn her father, though its unknown if she's repressed her memories of her true father or she truly is bonding with him.

Too Far Gone

Sophia is usually seen with Maggie and Glenn, living a normal life in the safe-zone. When the DC Scavengers attack, Sophia stays holed up in their house.

No Way Out

When a horde of zombies break into the Safe Zone, Maggie and Sophia take shelter in Rick's house with Rick, Carl, Michonne, Denise, and Morgan. When Rick hatches a plan to leave and make an escape, Sophia and Maggie stay behind in his house. They do this mainly because both Maggie and Sophia are slow runners and would never make it. Maggie, wanting to protect Sophia, chooses to stay behind.

We Find Ourselves

After Carl woke up from his coma, she is seen with him, reading and asked him about his eye. He tells her that it doesn't hurt as much now. She says that it's unfair that nothing bad happens to her, Carl then snaps at her that both her mom and dad are dead and Glenn and Maggie are just two people who took her in; he then apologies for what he had said. She says it's okay and tells him that she knows Glenn and Maggie aren't her real mother and father and that she is just pretending.

A Larger World

Sophia is seen running up to Glenn and Maggie when they return, telling them that she is just pretending that they are her mother and father and that she isn't scared anymore about the fact that her real mom and dad are dead. Glenn tells her that he is proud of her and will always treat her like his real daughter.

Something To Fear

Sophia is among those in Rick's group when they travel to the Hilltop Colony. On the way there, Negan intrudes and picks someone to kill. He goes over Sophia and Maggie, to Glenn. He brutally kills Glenn with his baseball bat, Lucille After he leaves, Maggie begins swinging at Rick and hits him. Carl aims his gun at Maggie to get her to stop and Sophia bites Carl on the arm. She gets pulled off by Heath and the others pack up to leave. Sophia walks away from the others as they prepare Glenn's body and Carl walks up to talk to her. She wonders why everyone in her family dies and wonders if it's her fault. Carl reassures Sophia that it isn't because of her; "it's just the way it is." Maggie tells Rick that she still wants to go live at the Hilltop with Sophia and that Glenn should be buried there. Sophia is later seen saying a tearful goodbye to Carl as he and the others journey from the Hilltop back to the Safe-Zone.

March To War

At first, Sophia claims to not like living at the Hilltop and tells Maggie that she wants to go back to Alexandria. Maggie tells her that the Hilltop is their home now and she'll soon make new friends here. Eventually, Sophia does so as she is later seen playing with Brianna's son and gradually views Hilltop to be her home.

All Out War - Part One

Sophia is seen safe and alive at the Hilltop in the midst of the war, being protected by Maggie. When Maggie stands up to Gregory, She is seen standing there in shock.

All Out War - Part Two

When Rick brings the members of Alexandria to the Hilltop, she goes over to see Carl. She asks if he remembers her, and Carl bitterly says yes, adding that he does not choose to forget people, reminding of how she blocked Carol out of her mind. Taken back by his demeanor, Sophia says that he's always too mean around her and leaves, going to eat with her new friends, finishing off saying she doesn't want to talk to him anymore.

During the final battle, Andrea tells both her and Maggie to stay inside the house for safety along with the other Hilltop residents. She is later seen outside in the aftermath.

A New Beginning

Sophia survived the events of previous war, and two years later, now at the age of 12, she continues living in Hilltop Colony, along with Maggie and her new adoptive-brother Hershel Greene. Apparently, she has acquired fist-fighting skills, as she beats two bullies up after they went after her friend. Sophia has also forgiven Carl for being unfriendly to her in the past, and is happy to see him when he comes to visit Hilltop. After spending the day catching up with Carl, he informs her that hes going to move to Hilltop, she smiles and tells him that its cool that he will be.

Whispers Into Screams

After Carl is finished working with Earl, Sophia goes to visit him and lightly teases him about how he smells, they laugh together and walk to get cleaned up for dinner. Once at dinner, Sophia tells Carl that he takes to long to pretty himself up, they stand in line and wait to get food. Brianna and Maggie watch from a distance and discuss if there will ever be a "Grimes/Greene reunion". Later on while Sophia and Carl eat, they discuss their past and how they used to be scared of walkers but are not that scared of them anymore, suddenly the two of them are attacked by two boys in retaliation for Sophia's interference in their bullying of Brian. Carl runs off, leaving Sophia to defend herself. They grab Sophia and begin to beat her with the brick, they tell her that they would like to kill her but they would like to look like they were just defending them self's from "her" beatings. Carl then comes up from behind and defends Sophia by attacking them with a shovel, presumably killing them. Sophia is shown to be in extremely bad shape and is walked over to Maggie for medical assistance. Sophia then passes out due to her condition and is taken to the hospital. Alex examines her and says she is going to be just fine, but she might have a concussion. Carl and Maggie stand there, waiting for her to wake up. Later on, Sophia wakes up and confirms Carl's story, but demands her mother to keep the door locked to protect her from the two boys who attacked her. Sophia is later on visited by Carl, she thanks him for protecting her and hands him his glasses. The two of them hug but are interrupted by Maggie.

Life and Death

Sophia is told by her mother to grab Carl from his room, only to find that he has run off. Sophia is later seen at the groups meeting, they all discuss what to do with the situation since he was their responsibility. Sophia mentions that because hes a Grimes hes bound to do stupid things. Later during Gregory's execution, Sophia is seen in the front along with Maggie and Jesus, she watches as Gregory takes his last breaths.

When the Hilltop residents arrive to Alexandria for the fair, Maggie, Hershel, and Sophia are shown to where they will be staying. Sophia mentions that she isn't a fan of fish but is told that she will be eating it anyways by her mother. Shes told to go spend some quality time with her younger brother, and Sophia agrees. saying that she needs to hang out more with her brother.

No Turning Back

Sophia can be seen in the crowd during Rick's speech acclaiming: "RICK GRIMES!".

Call To Arms

Sophia is seen walking along side Maggie and Carl, Maggie tells her to take Hershel back to the house.

The Whisperer War

Sophia is seen watching a brooding Carl at the Guard Post following his break up with Lydia. She is then requested by her mother to head to dinner. When the Whisperers attack the Hilltop, their house is set ablaze with Sophia and baby Hershel inside. Sophia tells her brother that he's going to be okay and covers him up in a blanket. Maggie rushes in to rescue them, only to find that Sophia has already grabbed Hershel and is beginning to leave. When they escape the burning house, Sophia shoots a walker right in front of Maggie, making her mother see that Sophia isn't a little girl anymore. She is then seen fighting along side the other Hilltop residents take down the herd of zombies and Whisperers.

A Certain Doom

When Andrea was bitten and goes to Alexandria, Sophia, Hershel and Maggie said goodbye to their longtime friend, Sophia stands there silently while Maggie speaks. She is then seen supporting Rick alongside his friends.

Lines We Cross

Sophia observes Carl and Lydia from a distance as they hug. After Lydia falls asleep, Carl goes for a walk and finds Sophia. She tells Carl that she's seen him rapidly mature since he moved to the Hilltop and states that she misses her best friend; when asked about this, Sophia says she misses being with him. Carl agrees that he does still have some lingering feelings for her but due to being with Lydia right now, he doesn't want to go behind her back. Both agree they should talk again soon and go back to their tents on good terms. Later, Sophia assists in rebuilding the Hilltop. When she loses her grip on some of the wood she is carrying, Carl runs over to help her. As he helps her carry the wood, Lydia eyes them both suspiciously.

New World Order

Sophia discovers Dante and Maggie's relationship. She is mad and upset at both Maggie being with Dante and the fact that Maggie never told her. She runs crying to her room fearing that Maggie has forgotten about Glenn and will not love her anymore. Maggie consoles her reassuring that she loves her and that she and Dante may just be a fling. This makes Sophia feel better.

The Rotten Core

Sophia runs into Carl in the hallway of the Barrington House while he is sneaking out of Lydia's room. He tries to make excuses, but Sophia sees through them. She is annoyed that Carl is having so much sex, while Carl grins that it isn't so bad for him. Sophia expresses frustration that all the boys at the Hilltop suck and that she's never going to lose her virginity. Carl suggests she try her luck with Rolland, as he likes her. Sophia points out that every boy at the Hilltop "likes" her, as there aren't a lot of girls in her age bracket, adding that she doesn't like Rolland anyway. Carl suggests Mikey, but Sophia thinks Mikey lives too far away, and needs someone close. She mournfully exclaims that there is no one at the Hilltop to have sex with her. As they awkwardly look at each other, Carl makes his excuses and the two wish each other goodnight. The next day, Sophia is having lunch when Joshua approaches her and introduces himself. He asks to sit with her, and she begrudgingly agrees. She sees Carl encouraging her from a distance, to which she rolls her eyes.

Rest In Peace

Sophia and Joshua seem to be dating. Sophia tells him about how Maggie isn't actually her biological mother, but she can barley remember her biological mother. She then tells him that she can, but she blocks out the memories of her because it makes her really sad. Joshua tells her about how his family was alone for almost 2 years, and they even became desperate enough to wear walker skin to survive. Sophia tells him that she's sorry for bringing up her sad memories, and jokes about how they are not ideal date conversations, but he tells her that its okay to talk about the sad memories because there is nothing else to really talk about. She smiles at him and tells him its the truth, and they go about their date.

After the survivors return from the Commonwealth, Sophia presumably learns from Carl that Rick was assassinated. She mourns the man who helped keep her alive for so many years and witnesses Maggie take up his cause, eventually becoming the next president of the Commonwealth.

During the next twenty-five years, Sophia would see Maggie spend more and more time trying to reform the Commonwealth and as a result, becomes distant with Hershel. Sophia becomes slightly perturbed by Hershel's decision to start living off his family's name and run a traveling carnival that features walkers but keeps a neutral stance. Sophia would eventually reconnect with Carl and enter a relationship with him. They soon marry and settle in a house located near the outskirts of the newly reformed Commonwealth. Sophia would later become pregnant and gives birth to a daughter who they name Andrea after Carl's stepmother.

One day, she notices Carl kill a walker on their property and admonishes him for using Michonne's old sword. After assuring her husband that Andrea is still asleep and did not witness the event, she believes the walker could have escaped from Hershel's circus cart. Appearing with Carl at a court hearing the next day, Sophia takes a neutral stance but privately agrees with Carl that Hershel's business is dangerous; she also stands up to Maggie and tells her adoptive mother that she should have said no to Hershel a few times while growing up.

When Carl rides out for the next few days, Sophia learns from her half brother that the rest of his walkers have been killed and accuses Carl of the act. Recalling that Carl went out for awhile the previous night, she confronts him when he returns home. She has a change of heart and rides out to see Carl before leaving to the Commonwealth capital, apologizing for her comments and hopes that with Michonne presiding, Carl will get a fair deal. After the hearing (and Carl is acquitted of the charges), Sophia stops with Carl and spends some time gazing at a statue erected of Rick by the Commonwealth citizens. Returning home, Carl and Sophia reflect on how much Rick sacrificed to have everyone living in the present. After telling her husband she loves him, Sophia smiles and watches Carl take Andrea inside to read her a bed time story.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Sophia has killed:


Carl Grimes

"Your sons hurt Sophia... and if I hadn't stepped in they would have hurt her much worse than they did. You want me to apologize for saving my friend? You fucking fuckwads can go fuck yourselves."
—Carl defending his actions to protect Sophia.[src]

Being his childhood "girlfriend", Carl and Sophia seem to get along pretty well. Being the only two their age they spend lots of time together. They are often seen kissing and holding hands, and pretty much together having fun. Carl usually protected her from zombies. When she sees Carl again for the first time in several months, he accidentally insults her, causing her to realize that her other friends are much nicer to her and she leaves him. Years after the event, they have since mended their relationship and seem to be good friends again. Sophia seems especially happy when she learns that he'll be moving to Hilltop. Carl went into great lengths to protect her, beating two boys almost to death just to defend her, and is visibly worried about her state after being attacked. He vehemently defends what he did in order to protect her.

Because of Carl's relationship with Lydia he becomes more distant towards Sophia, something that disappoints Sophia. After Andrea's death, she feels like Carl doesn't want anything to do with her. Sophia tells Carl that she misses him and wants him to continue talking to her whether Lydia likes it or not. During the rebuilding effort at the Hilltop, Carl interrupts his conversation with Lydia to help Sophia carry the building supplies, making a pointed effort to joke with and tease her. She jokes with him back, saying she has done at least 20 or more of the loads. Later, after Sophia confronted Maggie and Dante, Carl asks her if they are really together like everyone has said; Sophia answers with a yes, but doesn’t approve. When Carl tells her about how he felt about Rick and Andrea, Sophia tells him that he’s more mature, leading to a little more pushing around and teasing.

Later, Sophia runs into Carl in the middle of the night, she asks him what he was doing. Carl, feeling a bit embarrassed makes up an excuse by saying he was using the bathroom, but Sophia knew he was in there having sex with Lydia. As they walk back to Carl's room, Sophia talks about how she will never loose her virginity because there are no good candidates at the Hilltop Colony. Carl says that she could maybe get with Mikey, But she tells him that she wants someone to be at the Hilltop. As they get to Carl's room, they make it clear to each other that that was a pretty odd conversation and wish each other goodnight.

The next day, Sophia is sitting alone, and Joshua asks if he can sit with her, Carl gives her a thumbs up for encouragement, but she roles her eyes at him. Later that night Sophia and Joshua end up dating, and Carl looks down on them from his window and smiles, Lydia asks what has him smiling, and he tells her its Sophia. Lydia then overreacts and asks if he loves Sophia, and If Sophia makes him happier. He explains that he does love Sophia, because she is his childhood best friend, and that they grew up together. Some of his closest memories are of him and Sophia and that he's just very happy that she isn't lonely anymore, but he could never love Sophia the way he loves Lydia. After Rick Grimes death, society had slowly gone back to normal, and through the next 20-25 years Carl had broken things off with Lydia and had gotten back with Sophia, and eventually married her. The two of them moved out into a farm home and had had a daughter that they agreed to name Andrea, after Carl's Step-Mother. After Carl had killed one of Hershel Greene's Walkers, she was extremely worried about Carl's well being with both the police and the court.

Andrea Grimes

Andrea loves her mother, and they have a normal mother-daughter relationship. Sophia was presumably very happy when she found out she was pregnant with her, and is shown to care for her greatly. Andrea is seen to listen to her mother well. When shes told by Sophia to go get ready for dinner and to pick out a nice dress, Andrea listens right away and goes off to her bedroom.


Carol was her previous and biological mother whom Sophia loved very much. Carol would be seen often caring for Sophia as any mother would do. After Carol was rejected by Rick and Lori, she strayed away from everyone, even her own daughter. The day of her suicide she asked Lori if she would take care of Sophia if anything were to happen to her, showing that, though Carol had been going downhill, mental health wise, she still cared about what would happen with her daughter after her death.

After she committed suicide like her father, Sophia didn't talk for months, she was traumatized from the event. Shortly after leaving the prison, Sophia pretended that Maggie was her biological mother, in order to repress all her memories of Carol. Later, she admits to Carl, and then Maggie and Glenn that she has been pretending that they were her biological parents. She admits that she does remember Carol and her father as her biological parents.

Years after Carol's suicide, Sophia admits that she barely remembers her mother, or rather chooses not to, as most of Sophia's memories of her are associated with traumatic events.

Maggie Greene

"I know you weren't my real parents. But you felt like my parents, and I thought you loved Glenn. If you don't love him anymore... What does that mean? Were you ever really in love. Did you ever really love me? And even if you did.. Will you stop like you stopped loving him?"
—Sophia to Maggie about her relationship with Dante.[src]

Maggie unofficially adopted Sophia (or she sees Maggie as her mother) after they and everyone else escaped from the prison. They develop a close bond as the series continues. Sophia knows that Maggie is not her biological mother, but likes to pretend she is. In Issue 101, Sophia bites Carl's arm when he raises his gun at Maggie for punching Rick. She later apologized for biting Carl, and she told him she did it because she believed that Carl was going to shoot Maggie.

It's clear that after the time jump Sophia and Maggie are still on good terms as any mother and daughter would be. After Sophia is viciously attacked, it's clear Maggie is extremely worried about losing Sophia, going as far as two reprimand her assailants with death threats despite being residents of her community. Maggie remained near to Sophia's side as she recovered from her injuries, expressing great concern for her health.

During the Whisperers' invasion of the Hilltop, Maggie's house is set ablaze with Sophia and Hershel inside. Maggie is seen looking for her children frantically. When she finally spots Sophia and Hershel, she is relieved to have found them alive, making sure that they are safe as she goes to fight off the walkers and enemy force. are later seen fighting with the other survivors. Sophia ultimately shoots a few walkers to protect Hershel, impressing Maggie and making her decide that Sophia was indeed capable of caring for Hershel despite her recent attack.

Later, after the war is over and the building of the Hilltop has begun, Sophia mistakenly walks in on Maggie and Dante flirting, leading to Sophia screaming that Maggie is a "fucking whore", so she runs off to her room crying, Maggie chases after Sophia, leading to a conversation about how Sophia believes Maggie doesn't love Glenn anymore and that she's afraid that she will stop loving, or has stopped loving her, they quickly make up with a hug. After the Trials and the reformation of the Commonwealth, Sophia's attitude toward her adoptive mother has slightly changed due to her coddling Hershel his entire life and never refusing a request of his. She yells at Maggie about how if Hershel was told "no" every now and then that he would have turned out to be a better person, Sophia storms off and rides off to catch up with her husband.


"And you know, it doesn't mean we love you any less than a real mommy and daddy."
—Glenn to Sophia.[src]

Since Glenn is married to Maggie, Sophia sees Glenn as her father. Their relationship wasn't necessarily as strong as Sophia and Maggie's, but, even so, Sophia saw him as a father, and Glenn seemed to care for her as any father would his daughter. When Negan beat Glenn to death with his baseball bat, Sophia was absolutely devastated and clung to Maggie, crying.

Later on in the series, Sophia walks in on Maggie and Dante kissing, and doesn’t approve, saying he's nothing like Glenn, showing that she misses and cares about her former adoptive father.

Hershel Greene

""I have you, I have you, We're going to be okay...""
—Sophia while protecting Hershel jr[src]

Sophia is fond of her adopted baby brother. When Maggie asked her to look after him for a while at the fair in Issue 142, she calls him a 'little shitter', resulting in a scolding from her adopted mother.

During the whisper war, Maggie, Sophia and Hershel's home was set on fire, with Sophia and Hershel inside. Sophia didn't think twice to grab her baby brother. Once Maggie and Carl had finally found them, Sophia was seen Holding her Brother close, not wanting him to get injured. Maggie, Sophia and Hershel had all gotten out okay.

During the rebuilding of the Hilltop, Sophia is often seen tending to her little brother, since that is her given job. Even though hes her brother, and that she loves him, she says she would rather be doing something more than taking care of him.

It is presumed that, like her thoughts on her adoptive mother Sophia no longer views Hershel as favorably as before. She agrees with Carl that Hershel's decision to incorporate walkers as part of a traveling show is not wise, but usually keeps this to herself in front of her family. She later tells her mother that Hershel is viewed badly throughout the community, and that she thinks if their mother told him "no" every now and then he would turn out to be a better person.

Rick Grimes

Rick and Sophia have been seen a few times together, and it can be assumed that he cares for her. before Carol's suicide, she asked the Grimes family if they would take care of Sophia if something had happened to her, both Rick and Lori said yes, saying they would take care of her as if she were their own child. After Carol's suicide, the Grimes took care of her for awhile, until Dale took her back to Hershel's farm, where she Was adopted by Glenn and Maggie. Though Rick said nothing about the adoption, he still looked over Sophia, always making sure she was safe.

During Issue 101 Sophia is seen devastated after Glenn's death, after Maggie throws a few hits at Rick, it is seen that Sophia might have some anger towards him, but it isn't certain. Years later, when Rick brings Carl to Hilltop, it is seen that their friendship isn't strained, and is on relatively good terms. After she was presumably told about his death by either Carl or Maggie, she mourned the man who kept her alive over the past handful of years.

Lori Grimes

Lori was often seen watching over Sophia, while Carol was busy, it can be assumed that she cared for Sophia, because she agreed to take in Sophia and take care of her if something had happened to Carol. after Sophia's mother's death, both Rick and Lori watched over Sophia until she was taken by Dale to the farm.


Sophia is sitting alone eating her meal, when Joshua comes over and introduces himself to her. he tells her how he does not know anyone at hilltop and would like to sit by her, Sophia tells him its fine and looks back at Carl, who is giving her an encouraging thumbs up, she roles her eyes and sits with Josh.

Later that night, Sophia and Josh are on their first date with one another, Sophia tells him about how Maggie isn't her biological mother, but shes the only mother that she can remember without feeling sad, so she blocks out the memories of her biological mother. She then apologizes for bringing up her sad past, and jokes about how it isn't first date conversation material. He explains to her that his family was alone for almost 2 years, and that they almost started wearing walker flesh. He tells her that its okay to talk about their sad past because its the only thing to talk about. She tells him that he is right and smiles at him, they continue their date. Its unknown how their relationship ended, and Joshua's fate after Rick Grimes death is unknown.


"And I hate Dante. He's stupid... He's nothing like Glenn. He's Gross."
—Sophia telling Maggie how she feels about Dante
Even though they haven't been seen interacting together, they have a very poor relationship. When Dante would make dirty Jokes, or slightly Flirt with Maggie, Sophia would be seen to be uncomfortable. Sophia doesn't like Dante at all and is very upset when she finds out he and Maggie are together. It should be noted that much of Sophia's negative feelings towards Dante stem from her love of Glenn as her "father", as she sees Dante as an interloper and seems to resent him for "replacing" Glenn.


Sophia and Lydia have little to no interaction, but it can be seen that Sophia and Lydia are jealous of each other. During the re-building of the Hilltop, Sophia is seen with a load of something, but ends up accidentally dropping it. Carl quickly runs over to her to help her out, and he chats and laughs a bit with her, Lydia looks at them both in both anger and jealousy. Later, Sophia confesses to Carl that she misses him, and wished that he would spend a little bit more time with her, but he could still date Lydia.

in Issue 187, while Sophia is going on her first date with Joshua. Carl is looking down on them trough his window, Lydia asks what hes smiling about and he tells her its Sophia. They end up getting into a heated argument about if Carl loves Sophia or her. This shows how jealous Lydia actually is towards Sophia. Carl breaks up with Lydia at some point, and its unknown how Lydia or Sophia feels about one another.


After his wife's death, Allen is often delegated to watching Sofia, along with the other children. The two are rarely seen interacting, though Sophia states that she doesn't like him and thinks he's weird.

Ben and Billy

Sophia is seen at the prison several times playing with Carl, Ben and Billy. It can be assumed they had a good relationship. When she saw that Ben had killed Billy, she seemed just as shocked as everyone else. When the group was discussing what they should do with Ben, she seemed to be concerned, but we are unaware of what her thoughts really were. After Ben was found dead, we are unsure of her reaction, but it can be assumed that she was just as sad as anyone.


"You're getting tougher."
—Sophia to Brian, helping him get up after being beaten by two bullies.[src]

Sophia and Brian are show to be good friends, with she even going as far as beating two boys who were bullying him. She tells him that hes getting better at fighting.

Brandon Rose

"Run, you wimps!"
—Sophia to Brandon and his friend[src]

Brandon and Sophia despise each other. The hatred stems from Sophia stepping in to help an otherwise defenseless Brian who was getting beaten by Brandon and his friend, she beats the two bullies with ease and tells them to run away. This angered the pair greatly and Brandon later attacks Sophia and Carl, hitting Carl with a brick and beating Sophia to a state which required medical attention. Whilst doing so he explained that he would convince people that this was in retaliation that got out of hand, Carl then returned with a shovel and beat the two boys almost to death.

After Sophia had woken up after the attack, Sophia frantically asks if Brandon and his friend are still alive, Maggie replies with a yes, leaving Sophia terrified. She asks Maggie if she would keep the door locked and keep them out, showing how scared she really is.


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Volume 24: Life And Death

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  • Sophia is one of the two remaining Atlanta survivors still alive, other being Carl.
    • Sophia is also the sole surviving female member of the Atlanta camp.
    • Sophia is the longest living female survivor in the series.
    • With Rick's death, Sophia is tied with Carl as the longest living character.
  • It is stated in The Walking Dead Script Book that Sophia is 6 years old. However, in #109, Maggie states her to be ten years old. With that and the fact that it's been over four years since the dead began to reanimate, Sophia is roughly 13 years old at the point of issue #192. Her age is one of the many errors encountered within the character's ages.
  • The Survivors' Guide ​incorrectly states Sophia as Jim's daughter.
  • On the comic cover Sophia is shown to have blue eyes, but in "Road to Survival" she is shown to have brown eyes.
  • Sophia appeared on the cover of Issue 140, but didn't appear in the issue itself.
  • Robert Kirkman states in the Letter Hacks of Issue 162 that Sophia definitely deserves more "page time", and that he has a plan for her character.
  • Sophia was one of only four prominent living female children encountered in the Comic Series (the others being Anna, Lydia, and Elodie), and was the only one who appears for the majority of the series' run.
  • Volume 18: What Comes After is the only volume where Sophia does not make an appearance.