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Sophia Kidder is an actress who served as a double for Madison Lintz's character, Sophia Peletier.

Sophia first portrayed a school girl in the Season Two episode "Bloodletting". In Season Three, she portrayed a girl living in Woodbury and in Season Four was a refugee from Woodbury living at the prison. She created a name for her character, Anna Marie Rivers.

Despite appearing in only two episodes in Season Four, her character is considered dead as all of the prison extras who survived the flu were either killed in the prison assault or died on the bus.

She has appeared in the following episodes: 

Season 2
Season 3
  • "Walk With Me" - Checks out newly acquired military vehicles.
  • "Say the Word" - Playing with older girl at barbeque, listens to Governor's speech, cheers at gladiator fight.
  • "Hounded" - Seen walking around town.
  • "When the Dead Come Knocking" - Walks around town with another woman.
  • "Made to Suffer" - Seen at the arena with other residents. (recycled footage from "Say the Word")
  • "Welcome to the Tombs" - Stayed behind in Woodbury, brought to the prison to live with Rick's group.
Season 4
  • "30 Days Without An Accident"- Seen walking in prison yard with another resident. 
  • "Infected"- Fled into cell with Karen, David, Luke, and Molly during the chaos in Cell Block D.


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