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Sophia Peletier is an unseen character introduced in Chapter 3 of The Walking Dead Social Game, "Fight or Flight".


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Sophia's life prior to or as the outbreak began. Because the game follows the continuity of the TV Series, it is possible that her mother is Carol Peletier, and her father is Ed Peletier.


"Fight or Flight"

Sophia is first introduced upon the hero character's completion of Chapter 3, Mission 8: Find Food for Dave and Tony. When he or she returns to the camp, Kara approaches them, saying she heard several people calling out for a "Sophia". The hero character then joins her on a mission to look for Sophia on the highway. Towards the end of the map, they come upon a car with food and water sitting on its hood and writing painted on its windshield which reads, "SOPHIA STAY HERE, WE WILL COME BACK EVERY DAY." They inspect the car and, not finding any trace of Sophia, decide to return to camp. Kara and the rest of the survivors subsequently express grief and sadness that Sophia had not been recovered.


Spencer Andrea

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