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"Sorrowful" is the second episode of The Walking Dead: Red Machete. It is the second episode of the web series overall. It premiered on November 19, 2017. It was written by Nick Bernardone and directed by Avi Youabian.


David carves Alyssa's name into a stone and places at her grave. Mandy watches as David cried in front of the grave. She holds the machete as her and David head to safety with a dead fish.

Later, David teaches Mandy how to gut a fish, and they eat it.

Mandy practices more with her machete.

Mandy sits in the doorway of their new home, as David runs up the steps and hands her the machete, which now has her name carved in the handle.

David pulls a walker trapped in a fishing net as Mandy walks behind with the machete in hand. He ties the walker's hands together and ties another rope around its neck to a fence post. A string tied to the rope is tied to a bell, so if the walker is ever killed, the bell will ring. Mandy ties cans to a rope.

David accidentally gets too close to the walker, and it leans out and bites his arm. His screams notify Mandy and she runs to his aid. When she arrives, David holds his hand over his wound and slowly reveals his bite, as a horrified Mandy looks on.

She carves 'Papa' into a stone and places it above David's grave, which is located next to Alyssa's.

Later, she arrives at the home and passes the walker. She enters the house and places the machete on the table. An unknown man arrives and kills the walker with a crowbar, ringing the bell. Mandy hears this and looks through the window, seeing three men entering the house.

One of the men heads upstairs and enters the room where Mandy is hiding, he walks directly toward her and grabs the machete from above her and walks away.



  • First appearance of Derek.
  • Last appearance of David. (Alive)