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The Southern Baptist Church of Holy Light was a minor location in Season 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead. The survivors attempted to find Sophia Peletier at the church, to no avail.


Rural Georgia

Hardly anything is known about the Southern Baptist Church before the apocalypse apart from that it was a church that would welcome people, as well as bikers. When the outbreak started, it is possible that some people sought refuge and wanted to seek forgiveness from God, however, they became infected and reanimated.


"What Lies Ahead"

This might be the church that the Greene family went to on Sundays, as stated by Maggie that the family used to go to church before the apocalypse. The church cemetery might be the final resting place of Hershel's first wife, Josephine Greene, and possibly his parents and other members of the Greene family. The church held a few zombies and a location that the group thought Sophia was hiding in after she ran away from the Vehicle Jammed Highway. It turned out that Sophia was not there but three zombies were. They were quickly killed with melee weapons. The group then split into two groups, one group containing Lori, Carol, Glenn, Daryl, and Andrea. This group continued to search the woods for Sophia while another group, which contained Rick, Shane, and Carl, would stay at the church for a while to see if Sophia would arrive.



  • None


  • A few unnamed people.


TV Series

Season 2


  • The church has a crucified Christ hanging on a cross at the front of the sanctuary, something dramatically out of place for a Baptist Church. Baptists do not usually have crucifixes in their churches.