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This article is about Southern Train Yard in the TV Series. You may be looking for its counterpart in the Comic Series.

Southern Train Yard is a location seen in The Walking Dead. It is a train yard in Charleston, West Virginia, located south of the Kanawa River that has been occupied by the Commonwealth.


Southern Train Yard was a standard train yard located in Charleston, West Virginia.


Season 10

"Morning Star"

Stephanie sets up an in-person rendezvous with Eugene at the Southern Train Yard in Charleston, West Virginia.

"A Certain Doom"

Eugene's group has finally reached the Southern Train Yard which was designated as the meeting spot between him and Stephanie. Eugene announces their presence, but gets no response. After a while, Ezekiel suggests they stay in one of the train cars until morning, but Eugene mournfully concludes that Stephanie isn't there anymore, if she ever was. Yumiko tries to cheer him up, but Eugene announces that they're not going back, since they know that there are people in the area, including Stephanie. He says that they will keep trekking until they find them, since they came there to assimilate with like-minded survivors, so that's what they will do. Princess jokes that Eugene is one very horny dude. Just then, lights flash all around them, and they are quickly surrounded by heavily armed and armored soldiers, who order them to drop their weapons and surrender.


Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess surrender to soldiers at the rendezvous point that Eugene had arranged with Stephanie. A soldier beats up Yumiko for resisting.

A soldier throws Princess into a train car. Princess hears soldiers putting her friends into other train cars. She huddles in a corner.

Princess hears soldiers outside and pounds on the door. She has flashbacks to Yumiko's violent clash with the soldiers and calms herself by counting in Spanish and reciting state capitals. She gets a splinter while chipping away at the wall. She hears Yumiko in a nearby train car and asks how she's feeling. Princess offers to summon the soldiers to check on Yumiko's wounds, but Yumiko implores Princess to remain calm and obey the soldiers. Princess urges Yumiko to stay awake and describes how her stepfather beat her as a teenager. She hears Yumiko collapse. Soldiers open Yumiko's door and tell Princess to be quiet.

In the morning, Princess calls Yumiko's name and gets no answer. She notices a large board nailed to the wall. She pries off the board and finds a hole in the wall. She sneaks out through the hole and spots Eugene in the adjacent car. Eugene urges her to return to her car and guesses that the soldiers are treating Yumiko's wounds. He says they must earn the soldiers' trust if they want the soldiers to help his community. Princess returns to her train car and puts the board back over the hole. A soldier summons her to come with him.

Princess stands naked in a shower room with her hands in the air. A soldier checks her body for bite marks.

A soldier interrogates Princess about her group. Princess refuses to cooperate unless he lets her see Yumiko. The soldier slaps her and knocks her to the ground.

Princess wakes up with a sore jaw. Despite Yumiko's absence, she tells Yumiko that she did as she was told and did not reveal anything about their group to the soldiers. She hears soldiers open the door to Eugene's train car. She sneaks out and sees that Eugene's train car is now empty. She goes back to her car and panics. Ezekiel opens a hatch in the roof and jumps down. He suggests they run, but Princess refuses to abandon the others. Ezekiel says they can't trust the soldiers, then hides as a soldier enters the car with a tray of food. Ezekiel ambushes the soldier and knocks him unconscious.

Ezekiel takes the soldier's gun and handcuffs him. He demands to know what the soldier did with their friends. The soldier says Yumiko is probably with a medic and insists his people can help Ezekiel's group. He explains that he's merely a grunt tasked with delivering Princess' food. Ezekiel chokes the soldier and punches his face. Princess screams at Ezekiel to stop. She then notices blood on her hands and realizes that Ezekiel, Eugene and Yumiko were all in her head, and that she was the one who was beating the soldier.

Princess flees the train yard, then changes her mind. As she turns back to save her friends, she hallucinates Ezekiel hanging out with a couple of walkers. Ezekiel assumes the character of her stepfather and tries to convince her to flee. Princess ignores his advice and goes back to help her friends.

Princess returns to the beaten soldier and agrees to unlock his handcuffs. The soldier acknowledges that he'll be punished for letting her escape, then asks for his gun back. Princess keeps the gun but offers to answer his boss' questions in exchange for seeing her friends. The soldier agrees. Princess reveals the names of her friends and explains that she had known them for just one week. The soldier thanks her and again asks for the gun. Princess gives it to him. The soldier knocks on the door. Someone slides it open. Princess sees Yumiko, Eugene and Ezekiel lined up outside with hoods on their heads, guarded by soldiers. The soldier inside the train car throws a hood over her head.

Season 11

"The Lucky Ones"

After finally meeting Eugene, Max recalls setting up the meeting with him at the train yard. However, before she can sneak out, the Commonwealth becomes aware of someone secretly communicating with a rogue community and that she has set up a meeting at the train yard. Mercer, after discovering his sister's actions, warns her against her plans and that Lance Hornsby is on the prowl searching for the culprit. As a result, it was too dangerous for Max to sneak out to meet Eugene which is why she wasn't present at the train yard when he arrived.


TV Series

Season 10