Speedway is the ninth main story mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


Garrett, Darius and the player clean up the speedway area close to Woodbury. Garrett talks about possibly using the area as a farm and Darius says they need to clear it out first as it's overrun with walkers.

After killing the walkers, Darius wonders how they could have gotten in as the area was locked down. Without warning, Jeremiah returns, claiming there is always a way, and his men attack them.

When his men are taken down, Jeremiah asks why the player and their companions keep resisting. He states that if they would just surrender, they could all live together. He adds that does not want to destroy Woodbury and gestures to the northeast barricade where a large amount of walkers are trying to break through. He asks how they will handle that, as the barricade breaks and walkers come flooding in. The group kills the walkers, and Mirabelle says they should side with Jeremiah, as they are outnumbered and it may be their only choice. Garrett refuses and says they should fight.

If the player chooses to surrender,

If the player chooses to fight, Jeremiah tells the player they made a fool's choice and that it will be their last. He orders his group to attack.

The group defeats Jeremiah's men, only to be faced with more. including Jeremiah himself. After defeating this group, the men retreat, but Mirabelle says it isn't over, as they have breached the wall and are using one of the passageways inside the arena. Garrett sees them coming back, loaded for bear. Darius states they really need to deal with Jeremiah, as he will never leave them alone. Garrett says one battle at a time, and they fight.

After this, Jeremiah and his remaining people retreat, and a group of walkers enter the speedway. The group is forced to kill them.

After this, Darius states they need to solve this problem before they lose the town. Garrett calls that he found something. Darius comments that it looks like a sewer, and Garrett states that it's a plan, they're going in. The chapter ends with a cutscene of Mirabelle entering the sewer while Darius and Garrett fight off walkers.


Stage Energy Required Waves Enemies Enemy Traits Ally
1 4 6 Walkers Alert Garrett
2 4 6 Survivors Alert Garrett
3 4 6 Walkers Fast Garrett
4 4 6 Survivors Fast, Alert Garrett
5 5 6 Survivors Fast, Alert Darius
6 5 6 Survivors Fast, Alert Garrett
7 5 6 Walkers Fast, Alert Garrett




  • Choosing to fight Jeremiah will grant the player a Cultist Knife after completing the mission; a Rare weapon which gives a large bonus to AP when attacking.
  • Choosing to surrender will grant the player a Prison Crowbar after completing the mission; a Rare weapon which gives +15% Attack and +15 Crit.
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