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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for the Comic Series character, the TV Series character, or his Road to Survival character.

"Listen up, y'all! I need y'all to pay attention because it's story time! This is for the children. It's for the children because I love them, and my mama used to read to me when I was just a little tyke, so here goes. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen who lived in a beautiful land. The countryside was green and lush and filled with beautiful flowers. There were flowers of all species, there was bougainvillea that climbed up the walls of every castle, and orchids dipped in every color of the rainbow and daylilies of all shapes and varieties. The lovely tobacco fields of the south of the kingdom were sumptuous and healthy with crops that the people of the kingdom sold to the buyers around the world. In the heart of this kingdom, there was a dashing, handsome king who ran things with fairness and love, and the people of the kingdom were happy. The king made the kingdom run on time like a perfect, flawless match, and he loved his fair queen with all his heart. But the queen was sad because she could not have children. She cried sometimes, late at night, alone in her bedchamber. But then, the great tribulations came. The scourge of a great plague turned the ones who had passed away into demons, cannibals, flesh-eating monsters who-"
—Spencer-Lee's bed time story to the children as well as last words before being shot.[src]

Spencer-Lee Dryden, also known as Spence or simply Dryden, is main character and an antagonist in The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury. He served as the primary antagonist of Return to Woodbury.


Birgmingham, Alabama

Spencer-Lee came from a loving family consisting from a father, a mother and a brother named Willy. His father used to teach him how to hunt. During his early years, his whole family died in a housefire which made him hate fire in general.

Spencer-Lee played in Crimson Tide as a left-side linebacker during his freshman and sophomore years.

After growing up, Spencer-Lee took a keen interest in politics and became a politician. He also was a former city council member who had a skeleton key to all available agency offices in the town.

At some point of his life, he got married to a woman named Sally. They unfortunately could not have children of their own, which made Spencer-Lee most likely obsessed with other people's children during the outbreak.


Sometime after the apocalypse, Spencer-Lee established a camp for families. He would then bring married couples with children inside, imprisoning them in campers. If they resist, Spencer-Lee kills the adults, and claims the children for him. One of the families in their campers were Jamie Quinn's children and his girlfriend, Ash.

Ash plans on escaping the camp, and attacks Spencer-Lee during the night. She manages to burn his face badly, kill several of his men and escape with most of the prisoners. Later on, Spencer-Lee starts an assault on Ash's fellow survivors, his plan to kill the adults and take the children. He succeeds in killing most of the adults, such as Musolino and Jamie. He tortures Frank Steuben and demands him to reveal Lilly's home location, who finally reveals it. Spencer-Lee enters Woodbury, who is inhabitated by David, Norma and Rafael, and who soon kills Rafael and takes the two remaining survivors hostage.


Killed By

After trapping Lilly and her crew on a pit, Spencer-Lee promises to "protect them". During his speech, Tommy who was left behind, shoots him in the neck, leaving Spencer-Lee hanging on to the edge of the pit.

Moments later he turns in to a walker, falls into the pit and bites Lilly to the leg. Spencer-Lee then attacks David, who is saved by Bethany who drives a machete into his head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Spencer-Lee has killed:


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Rise of the Governor
The Road to Woodbury
The Fall of the Governor
Search and Destroy
Return to Woodbury
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  • Spencer-Lee is one of the few celebrities encountered in The Walking Dead franchise.
    • He is one of four professional athletes encountered in Comic Universe, with the other three being Tyreese, Beta, and Javier Garcia.
    • He is also one of the few politicians encountered.