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Sportman's Deer Cooler is a minor location where Michonne and Andrea are seen resting in the Season 3 premiere, "Seed" of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Rural Georgia

Before the outbreak, the Deer Cooler was a meat and butcher shop which served the local public different types of meat from different types of animals. The store had a front porch patio area and the inside of the store had a register next to the meat freezer with a large metal garage door at the back of the store for large deliveries. Once the outbreak started, it seems that the owner(s) abandon the store and evacuated out of that area.


Season 3


Andrea and Michonne are seen resting in the meat freezer. With Andrea running a fever and being exhausted, Michonne scouted around the store to assess their situation and the number of walkers in the area. Once she got some medicine from another nearby store, she returned back to Andrea, gave her the aspirin, and told her what she saw. Andrea, who tried to convince Michonne that she can look after herself and that she's just slowing them down, insists that she leaves without her however, Michonne refuses and helps her leave the store.



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TV Series

Season 3


  • On the meat freezer door there is a sign that reads "The buck stops here" with a target aimed at a deer.