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I'll find him for you. And I'll prove my usefulness to you. Here, at Maison Mère. (...) Because I won't stop. I won't stop. I promised my parents when they died I'd look after my brother. This American made me a liar.
―Stéphane to Genet.[src]

Stéphane Codron is a main character and a former antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. He is a soldier for Power of the Living and the brother of Michel. He served as the secondary antagonist of Season 1.


Stéphane shows himself to be pragmatic, hardened, and ruthless if need be, best exemplified by how he interrogated and killed Guillaume so that Maribelle can show him where his brother was attacked and killed. Despite his ruthless nature, he does care about those in his squad, especially his brother. Furthermore, he is shown to be merciful, but credulous, as he lets Maribelle go after believing her lie that Daryl killed his brother instead of her. While he intended to kidnap Laurent for Genet, Stéphane appears to be worried when Genet states her intention to eliminate the boy, suggesting that Stéphane isn't comfortable with the idea of harming children. When ordered to kill Laurent, Stéphane chooses instead to kill Capo and the other Guerriers with him instead and let Daryl go despite the personal cost, unwilling to cross the line of harming a child.

Due to years of training and survival, Stéphane has proven to be an extremely skilled combatant and showing himself to be tough and quick to free himself, especially against Daryl Dixon, who is a capable fighter in his own right. He shares similar traits to Daryl, both having lost their brothers and having to put them down as walkers.



Nothing is known about Stéphane's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he had a brother.


Marseille, Provence-Alpes–Côte d'Azur[]

At some point following the outbreak, Stéphane and his brother Michel became "Guerriers" and fought for a political movement known as Power of the Living.

Season 1[]

"L'âme Perdue"

On the road, Maribelle reads American idioms from Daryl's book to her grandfather with amusement. Stéphane drives up with Martin and Phillippe and asks after two men who went out on this road a few days before. Guillaume claims not to have seen them, but Stéphane hits the old man in the face with his spear and tells the two that there's a reward for information. Maribelle pleads that Guillaume is old and weak and wants to stay out of trouble, but Stéphane makes it clear that the other option is punishment for deceit, stomping on Guillaume's hand. Maribelle lies that a man had tried to rob them and two men like Stéphane had come to their aid, but Maribelle and her grandfather ran away without seeing what had happened with Guillaume adding that they were terrified. Stéphane asks where it happened, but Guillaume takes the chance to ask about the reward. Taking a spear, Stéphane stabs Guillaume to death and orders a shocked and horrified Maribelle to take them to where she had encountered his people, leaving Guillaume's body lying on the side of the road.

At the farm, Maribelle claims that she and her grandfather were minding their own business when the man came begging for food. Philippe recognizes Henri, having gone to school with him, and Stéphane demands to know where Michel, who is his brother, is. Stéphane frantically calls for his brother and a zombified Michel emerges from a doorway, the spear still in his chest. Pulling his brother close by the spear, Stéphane stabs Michel in the head with the bayonet on his pistol, putting Michel down. Cradling his brother's body, Stéphane breaks down in tears. Stéphane demands to know who did it, and Maribelle tells him that it was an American while Martin finds tracks of blood and one of Isabelle's God loves you signs. Philippe recognizes it as something that Sister Isabelle at the abbey puts up all around. A vengeful Stéphane decides to pay the abbey a visit and tells Maribelle that her reward is their mercy

Stephane later arrives at The Abbey and asks Véronique about an American at large, but she tells him that they're in afternoon prayers. Stéphane makes it clear they're coming in one way or another and Véronique reluctantly orders two nuns to open the gate, but she instructs Isabelle and Sylvie to hide Laurent and be ready. As the Guerriers are led into the abbey, Isabelle hides Laurent in Père Jean's office, ordering him to stay there and to not come out, telling the boy that they will protect themselves from the Guerriers. Giving him the keys to lock the door behind her and a reminder not to come out, Isabelle leaves and Sylvie and the other nuns begin gathering weapons from the armory.

Stéphane instructs Martin to keep watch while Richard and Philippe go left and the rest come with him. Inside, Stéphane has Jèrèmie come with him as his other two men spread out. Hearing Stéphane and Jèrèmie in the armory, Laurent belatedly locks the door which Stéphane hears. Stéphane prepares to shoot the lock off, but is distracted by shouting from Philippe.

Stéphane, the other men, Isabelle and Véronique join Philippe who has discovered the zombified Père Jean. Véronique explains that they are keeping him because they have certain beliefs about the redemption of souls, even the wicked and the hungry ones. Stéphane orders Philippe to aim his bayonet at Père Jean, but the young man is reluctant as he recognizes the priest. Knowing that Isabelle was there when his men were killed, Stéphane demands that she start talking or the Guerriers will start doing what they do. When Isabelle refuses to answer, Stéphane orders Philippe to finish it. Véronique recognizes the young man as Philippe Poulin whose family worshipped at the abbey, and who was taught the catechism by the Mother Superior and had his confession taken by Père Jean and she pleads with him not to do it. After some hesitation and asking the priest to forgive him, Philippe stabs Père Jean in the right eye with his bayonet, putting him down. Drawn his curiosity and the ongoing commotion, a horrified Laurent runs up, exposing his existence to the Power of the Living. As Isabelle comforts Laurent, Stéphane demands to know who the boy is and where his parents are, and Isabelle explains that Laurent's parents died, and the nuns took him in. Stéphane orders Laurent taken with them to be made a Guerrier for Genet.

After the shootout begins, Stéphane sends Richard, Jèrèmie, and another Guerrier after them and the sisters while the rest go with Stéphane after Daryl. In the courtyard, Sylvie and the eight other nuns confront the three men armed with a variety of weapons. In the battle that follows, Sylvie stabs Jèrèmie to death and attacks the other Guerrier, but most of the nuns are downed by the men's gunfire. Inside, Stéphane, Philippe, and another Guerrier split up to look for Daryl, but Daryl manages to ambush and kill the third man while Stéphane and Philippe are elsewhere. Outside, Isabelle grabs the axe from Martin's back to join the fight after having hidden Laurent away. Seeing the Guerrier fall, Stéphane and Philippe search the room for Daryl, splitting up again. Daryl ambushes Philippe, knocking the young man's rifle from his hands with a morning star and using him as a human shield when Stéphane shoots at him, causing Stéphane to accidentally kill his comrade. Daryl and Stéphane engage in a brief fight that ends with the Guerrier viscously kicking Daryl and retrieving his gun to shoot him. However, Isabelle knocks Stéphane's gun from his hand with the axe and he flees. Grabbing the gun, Daryl shoots at Stéphane, hitting him in the shoulder, and chasing Stéphane despite a mortally wounded Véronique's attempts to stop him. Daryl runs out of bullets before he catches up with Stéphane and can only watch him make an escape in one of the Power of the Living's jeeps.


A limping Stéphane walks through the abandoned abbey, stopping briefly to look at the corpses of his men who were just left lying in the courtyard. Stéphane finds an abandoned gun as well as Daryl's tape recorder and listens to the message that he had recorded on it. Looking through a journal, Stéphane finds a picture of a 2 month old Laurent as well as the wall map showing the group's route to Paris.

"Paris Sera Toujours Paris"

Stéphane, having apparently recovered from the wounds that he had sustained fighting Daryl, arrives at the Power of the Living base at Maison Mère, pausing briefly to observe experiments being performed on one of the test subjects from the ship. Stéphane meets with Genet, introducing himself and revealing that he's from Marseille. Stéphane explains that a few years before, a traveler had come through the village and spoken of a movement in Paris that would make the world right again. The man gave Stéphane the tattoo and told him that he was now a warrior for Genet. Stéphane tells Genet that she can thank him later for getting her what she wants, the American, which she has already been told about. Stéphane plays Daryl's recorded message that he had recovered from the abbey for Genet. Stéphane promises to find Daryl for her and to prove his usefulness to her here at Maison Mère. Stéphane swears to not stop, having promised his parents when they died to look after his brother, only to have Daryl make him a liar. Genet officially hires Stéphane and leads him to the Doctor's lab to observe his progress after two other scientists injected the test subject with something.

Later that night, Stéphane arrives at Demimonde with two armed guerriers and Quinn reminds Stéphane of his arrangement with Genet that leaves the nightclub off limits to her people. Stéphane reveals that they are looking for an American named Daryl Dixon who has been there.

Guerriers led by Stéphane burst in, demanding to know where the American is. Laurent escapes down some scaffolding while Stéphane spots Daryl and chases after him and Daryl orders Isabelle to get Laurent and meet him back at her apartment. Daryl reaches the edge of the roof and pauses after spotting a herd below before jumping across to the next building. As Daryl makes his way across the adjacent rooftop, Stéphane orders his men to track Daryl and follows Daryl across. Daryl ambushes Stéphane, knocking the man's feet out from under him with his morning star and then trying to stab him. The two men engage in a vicious fight that ends with Daryl strangling Stéphane from behind. However, before Daryl can kill the man, the guerriers open fire on him, forcing Daryl to grab his weapons and flee. Isabelle runs through the building, calling for Laurent. As Daryl hides, the roof beneath him suddenly gives way and Daryl falls into the building below.

"La Dame de Fer"

Stéphane will appear in this episode.

"Deux Amours"

In the present, Daryl is led into the fighting pit during Genet's speech and untied. Seeing Daryl, Isabelle and Laurent exchange concerned looks. As the crowd chants Pouvoir at the end of Genet's speech, a man tosses an axe at Daryl's feet and a walker is led into the pit. A Guerrier shoots the walker in the neck with a dart which causes the walker to mutate, developing black eyes and the veins of a burner. The crowd cheers, a horrified Isabelle tells Laurent not to look and Stéphane yells at Daryl that he dies today for his brother. Daryl raises his axe as the walker breaks free of its restraints and charges at him.

"Coming Home"

In the present, the walker test subject mutates into a hybrid variant while Stéphane Codron yells at Daryl that he's going to die today for Stéphane's brother. Daryl dodges the hybrid's first charge, sending it into the wall, and knocks its feet out from under it with his axe when it charges the second time, but the hybrid gets back up both times. The third time it charges, Daryl impales it with his axe and traps it against a pillar, but he is forced to let go as the hybrid's acidic blood burns his hands. Genet is pleased with these events while Isabelle prays for Daryl while she holds Laurent. Laurent reassures his aunt that Daryl will win, having confidence in his friend's skills. The hybrid is able to pull itself off the axe and charges Daryl again who grabs a French flag while dodging the hybrid's attacks. Using the flag as a makeshift spear, Daryl impales the hybrid mid-charge, flips it to the ground and finally finishes it off by planting the flagpole in the hybrid variant's head.

With Daryl's group escaping from Maison Mere, Daryl works on a car. When Isabelle doesn't respond to his request for a big wrench, Daryl emerges from under the truck to find Stéphane holding it and he hits Daryl in the face with the wrench and throws him onto the ground next to the truck where Capo and three other Guerriers gather up Isabelle, Sylvie and Laurent. Daryl pleads with Stéphane to not do this, promising to go with him, but Capo tells Daryl that Genet has ordered for them all to die today, Laurent first. When Isabelle tries to resist, a Guerrier stabs her in the right shoulder and Capo hands Stéphane his gun, telling Stéphane to do it for his brother, letting the death of his friends be the last thing that Daryl sees. Daryl pleads with a visibly conflicted Stéphane to not go through with it as Stéphane takes aim at Laurent and Capo orders him to hurry up. Laurent tells Stéphane that God loves him, and Stéphane suddenly shoots Capo and the three Guerriers dead instead. Stéphane takes aim at Daryl as he, Sylvie and Laurent hover protectively over Isabelle, but lowers his gun after a moment, deciding to let Daryl go and get his revenge the next time.

At Maison Mère, Stéphane claims to Genet that it was a lack of vigilance on Stéphane and his men's part that allowed Daryl's group to get away, that they were too confident, and the group came out of nowhere and outnumbered the Guerriers in an ambush. Genet gives Stéphane a cigarette that she's just hand rolled and notes that Stéphane has returned completely unharmed. Stéphane claims that Laurent escaped and he went after him, going back too late to help after he heard the gunshots. Stating that Stéphane did his best, Genet reveals that, before the world ended, she worked nights in a museum, night after night just her and the art, thousands of eyes following Genet from room to room. It taught Genet how to tell which eyes tell the truth and which eyes lie. Genet realizes that Stéphane killed her men himself and, after taking a drag on his cigarette, Stéphane explains that they had told him to kill the boy which is a line that he couldn't cross. Genet tells Stéphane that it means that he's not the man that she thought that he was, and the Union offers fairy tales. Every person who joins the Union makes her group weaker which is why they must be snuffed out, because the Power of the Living is building the future, not for themselves but for who comes after them. They have to do the hard, unspeakable things so that those who come after them won't have to. Genet asks where the Nest is, but Stéphane just shrugs. The two Guerriers in the room with them knock Stéphane to the ground and disarm him. Genet warns Stéphane that it's only going to get more painful and the Guerriers drag him away.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Stéphane has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Stéphane's relationships, read here; Stéphane Codron (Daryl Series)/Relationships




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  • Stéphane was described by Romain Levi as "There are things he won't do. For Codron, I know he's the bad guy, but I don't see him like that. This guy wants to take revenge for his brother's death. He really loved his brother, and he will never be the same after that, so he needs to find a way to get justice. That's all. But he will not do everything to get what he wants. In his way, he is aware of what's good and what's not good."
  • Stéphane is the only antagonist in Season 1 to reform his antagonistic ways.
  • Stéphane shares similar traits with Perlie Armstrong from Dead City. Both lost their brothers and both were secondary antagonists who redeemed themselves at the end of Season 1. They both were after the protagonists but eventually let them go.